Overwhelm • August 2017 Monthly Tarot Forecast


Two days in (I'm late wring this) and the month of August is already proving to live up to its theme. We are likely to experience the events that unfold this month through the lens of anxiety, apprehension and overwhelm.   As a consequence, we may find that we are living within the “problem solving” mode.  We may find ourselves disengaged from our bodies and consumed with trying to fix the external circumstances of life by thinking up a solution to the underlying problem.

Entering the Abyss • July 2017 Monthly Tarot Forecast


Shada McKenzie • the Circle and the Dot



The month ahead announces a time of change in our lives.  It can be thought of as a major initiation where we are being “reborn” into a new role.  This is to be fully embraced, yet we are likely to encounter areas of resistance.  Fears may arise.  We will feel the pull to check out at times, becoming fixated on what is secure and comfortable in our lives.  Remember, what we are being called to walk away from is ready to be left behind.  We cannot embrace the mystery of what lies before us while still being shackled to the past.


Surpassing Denial • June 2017 Monthly Tarot Forecast

Surpassing Denial






This month we have the opportunity to experience a surge of momentum in our lives.  However, the potential to stunt this momentum is also very much present.  This is simply because of the propensity to steer this it into dead end directions.   If inappropriately directed, the result will be stunted or misdirected growth.

June is a month where our challenge is to honestly determine what we do and do not have control over in our lives.  If we try to force something to bend to our will that simply cannot be as we wish it to, life will be experienced through the filter of anxiety and frustration.  Our goal is to merge with the flow and work within it in order to make the most of this month ahead.


Abundance Through Self-Discipline • April 2017 Monthly Tarot Forecast

Abundance Through Self-Discipline • April 2017 Monthly Tarot Forecast






April is a month where we may encounter the highest of peaks and the lowest of valleys.  Amidst this swinging pendulum we are responsible for creating conditions in our lives that will stabilize us, ground us and allow us to flourish.  April is a month where we CAN flourish, despite the chaotic circumstances around us.  We have the power to do well through our self-discipline.  



Revisiting and Revising • March 2017 Monthly Tarot Forecast

Revisiting and Revising  March 2017 Monthly Tarot ForecastAs we take our first steps into the month of March, we approach an upcoming Venus retrograde season in the sign of Aries.  Venus is currently stationing and will begin its journey backwards into the celestial terrain it has just traversed by the 5th of March and will continue on its retrograde path through the rest of the month.  

New Chapter

New Chapter • Monthly Tarot Forecast • the Circle adn the Dot


The FoolGeneral Theme for the Month Ahead – The Fool

As we take the first steps into the new year, we encounter a very auspicious card.  It is one that describes an energy that we all welcome, and enables us to feel a growing optimism and hopefulness for positive changes in the upcoming year.

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Oscillations • December 2016 Monthly Tarot Forecast

Oscillations • December 016 Monthly tarot Forecast








I am trying out a slightly different configuration of card positions this month from previous in order to see if I can deliver the most important messages more concisely.  The general theme of the month tells us what is going on in our lives.  It is the main concern that has been percolating and is about to express itself in the month ahead.  It tells us what to expect in the coming weeks.  The other positions tell us how we are individually and collectively prone to responding to this dynamic.  The general theme tells us what it is we are responding to. 

Accepting the Consequences

Facing the Consequences

November is a month where we will begin to see that we must accept the consequences for poor past decisions.  It is a month of adjustment.  With Jupiter now firmly in the sign of Libra, we are collectively looking to create balance in our lives so that we can make our world a finer and more livable place, but in order to achieve this the direction back towards harmony can at times be difficult if we have been making poor life decisions.  Most of us have.  

Therefore, coming to terms with the naked truth about the ways in which we create our own disharmony comes to the forefront for us during this timeframe.  The current aim is to equalize what is out of balance in our lives.  This requires waking up and a willingness accept responsibility for the role we play.


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