Accepting the Consequences

Facing the Consequences

November is a month where we will begin to see that we must accept the consequences for poor past decisions.  It is a month of adjustment.  With Jupiter now firmly in the sign of Libra, we are collectively looking to create balance in our lives so that we can make our world a finer and more livable place, but in order to achieve this the direction back towards harmony can at times be difficult if we have been making poor life decisions.  Most of us have.  

Therefore, coming to terms with the naked truth about the ways in which we create our own disharmony comes to the forefront for us during this timeframe.  The current aim is to equalize what is out of balance in our lives.  This requires waking up and a willingness accept responsibility for the role we play.

Slow Start • October 2016 Monthly Tarot Energy Forecast

Slow Starts • October 2016 monthly tarot energy forecast


For many of us, last month brought about a series of inevitable breakthroughs in our lives that may be quite challenging, yet are serving an underlying greater purpose with the intent to bring us to new stages of personal, emotional and spiritual development. This month, as the current carries us away from past baggage and towards new life experiences, we may find ourselves encountering resistance. A fear of moving forward. A desire to return to old, easier ways of being. A sense of overwhelm as we float in the cloudy soup of uncertainty. Or it may show up as unexpected delays in our progress. The resistance may be coming from within, or it may be situational. It is our job to uncover the reasons for the resistance we face, and commit ourselves to navigate through or around it.


Blessings • September 2016 Monthly Tarot Energy Forecast



As we take our first steps into the month of September, we are immediately met with the new Moon and the partial eclipse of the Sun.  New Moons are always representative of new beginnings, a reset of energy allowing for change.  And with the partial solar eclipse as an additional element thrown into the mix, there is an anticipation that some of the changes that are upcoming are beyond our control.  The changes to be encountered are fated.

In a large sense, the change is good.  We will see from the cards laid out for the month that there is the possibility for a shift towards forging new emotional connections, possibly with people whom we have past histories with.  These emotional breakthroughs allow us to release past baggage, and it can help us to feel more at home within ourselves and within the world at large.  

Opening to Guidance • August 2016 Monthly Tarot Energy Forecast

Opening to Guidance


There is a tremendous energy and potential in the woodwork that has yet to come to the surface of our lives.  August is about sensing into this potential, and making space for it, despite the fact we may not yet be sure of what it even is or when it might start to materialize in our lives.  It is about overcoming doubts that arise simply because we aren't yet seeing the results we would like to see; putting our trust into the hands of a higher power and trusting the timing of goodness as it is ready to unfold.  It is about keeping the faith that potential for manifesting beauty is very much possible, even though the manifested reality as it currently stands feels burdensome.  

Getting Back On Track • July 2016 Monthly Tarot Energy Forecast

July 2016 Montly Tarot card layout

6 of Swords RxGeneral Theme For July – 6 of Swords Rx
As we enter the beginning of this month, there are still some lingering and difficult energies that need to be shaken before we can leave the challenges from the last several months behind.  Therefore, the general theme of the month has to do with problems around leaving something behind that is necessary to move away from in order to embrace the lighter energies that are ahead.  If we don't navigate our way through our troubles we could become stuck within them.

Venus in the Heart of the Sun

Venus Cazimi the Sun

The Sun is the heart of our solar system, as wel as the central planet in astrology.  It has an animating influence, bringing life to all of the other planets.  Just like the heart pumps out fresh, oxygenated blood to all parts of the body and brings back the old, stale blood that is in need of rejuvenation, the Sun has a similar function with the planets that traverse our sky.  

Will, Karma and Transformation • June 2016 Monthly Tarot Energy Forecast

Card Layout • the Circle and the Dot


One of the special and unique things about the deck I used for this month, The Primsa Visions Tarot, is that each of the four suits of the Minor Arcana are meant to be laid out in order to create a single, larger panoramic image.  Placed together, they tell the story of the suit.  This means that context is sometimes needed to fully understand the meaning of the cards.  I have placed additional images showing the preceding cards laid out in order below so that the story taking place will become more clear.  

Impatience, Obstruction and Delays

The Circle and the Dot's monthly tarot energy forecast for April is Impatience, Obstruction and Delays. Written by Shada McKenzie.

March 2016 Energy Forecast • Beneath the Rays of the Exalted Sun

March 2016 Tarot energy forecast by the Circle and the Dot, Shada McKenzie: Beneath the Rays of the Exalted Sun.


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