Tarot Forecast for May 2015: Emergence


Beginning this month, I will be offering a free monthly Tarot forecasts that look at the dominate energies at play each month that affect our lives on the individual and collective levels.  They will be available on the website and my Facebook page on the first day of each month.

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Sacred Site Tarot Readings

Shada's Sacred Sight Tarot readings come out of the heart of the Mayan temples and ruins, in the region where the Circle and the Dot Tarot is located.

Cord Cutting Ritual For Releasing the Past

ballon over bridgeThe cord cutting ritual is very good for breaking ties with another person in the past that you still feel connected to energetically. However, if there is something else from the past that you are still connected to in this way I would think that it would be also effective. But it is typically some "thing" or some "one" in the physical world that this ritual is used for.

With that being said, if it is a thought form that is related to the past that is still connected to you energetically in the present I would think that this ritual could also be useful. What you would need to do is use an image of something physical as a symbolic representation of this thought form in place of it.


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