Tips for Posing a Question

gypsy tarot reader

Avoid questions that offer a yes/no answer.
You will not receive a yes or no answer.  The Tarot is better equipped to go into the details of the energetic patterns the cards represent.  The cards do not determine your fate, rather they give you the opportunity for contemplation and understanding of your situation in a very broad way so that you can better prepare yourself and make changes to optimize your situation.  

Do not look to the Tarot to receive deterministic answers to your questions.
I believe in a dynamic interrelationship of free will with determinism.  Free will is what gives a Tarot reading power because the understanding bestowed to you from the symbols allows you to make the choice to alter your thoughts and actions so that you can better situate yourself for a smoother passage.  Therefore, instead of asking, “will I get the job?” it is better to ask something like “what are things I need to become aware of that will enable me to set myself up optimally for this job?”

Make sure that your question allows for the possibility for beautiful and unexpected things to enter into your world.
The way you are thinking about your issue may be limiting you from seeing something bigger and greater than you currently imagine.  Keep your options open.  

Your question does not necessarily have to be a question.  It can also be a request.
For example, if you are concerned about a relationship “tell me about my relationship” is just as valid of a request as, “Can my relationship be saved?”