Abundance Through Self-Discipline • April 2017 Monthly Tarot Forecast

Abundance Through Self-Discipline • April 2017 Monthly Tarot Forecast






April is a month where we may encounter the highest of peaks and the lowest of valleys.  Amidst this swinging pendulum we are responsible for creating conditions in our lives that will stabilize us, ground us and allow us to flourish.  April is a month where we CAN flourish, despite the chaotic circumstances around us.  We have the power to do well through our self-discipline.  



General Theme for the Month of April – 9 of Pentacles
The 9 of Pentacles represents the ability to achieve, even to thrive.  It also represents the luxury of basking in such an exalted place of living.  The path to this sort of success comes at the result of making concrete goals, hard work and sacrifice.  This month we can expect to gain ground in our lives, despite the challenges the month faces, if we rely on our own talents and resources to get ahead.

If we take a look at the card, we see a well-to-do woman who is leisurely enjoying the luscious garden at her estate.  Her garden is indicative of the fruits of her labor.  Through her hard work and determination she has achieved physical comforts and beauty in her environment.

We don't have to allow the topsy turvy times we are amidst to get the better of us.  If we summon the courage to face the challenges, relying on our own inner strength and resources, there are plenty of opportunities for us create order for ourselves personally, even if the current times are uncertain.  

Keep this in mind.  Take advantage of any opportunity that crosses your path.  Create pockets of comfort and security for yourself.  Allow yourself to ground by spending time in nature.  When the crises in life have been handled, allow yourself time for basking in the comforts of the success you have cultivated with your own efforts.  Enjoy and increased sense of self-confidence and well being from what you are creating in your life.  Find the centered peace in the brewing storm.

Abundance Through Self-Discipline • April 2017 Monthly Tarot ForecastBody – 10 of Swords
The 10 of Swords is calling upon us to admit our defeat so we may start afresh, opening ourselves to new opportunities.  This is giving us a strong message of finality, failure to overcome the mental obstacles that blocked our ability to overcome the difficulties we faced.    It is calling upon us to get out of our heads and return to living from the body.  

The suit of Swords is the suit of our minds, intellect and conflict.  The reason why these are connected to the same suit is because it is often what we THINK about something that determines the amount of conflict we face around it.  It is the representation or our desire for things to be different than what they are and an unwillingness to accept things for what they are.  

This card of failure in our ability to control our thoughts is positioned in the space represented by the theme related to our body and physical surroundings.  It is an indication that we have been living entirely to much in our minds to the detriment of our body and physical surroundings.  The way we have been thinking has been not in balance with our body wisdom that could inspire us to make better choices.  If we had been listening to our bodies all along then we might have been able to avoid this, but now it is too late and we need to let go.

If you take a look at the card you will see the figure has been taken down by the swords, his own thoughts, and has fallen back to the earth.  This is a place of humility – humus. It is actually an opportunity to reground himself back into his surroundings.  It is a reconnection with the earth, where we have all come from and where we will all return.

April has to do with this regrounding of ourselves with our bodies and our environment.  Unfortunately, it has to be done the hard way, through suffering.  But it is nonetheless a great opportunity to start afresh.  It is an opportunity to make more intelligent choices in the future that are made from the place of body wisdom rather than rationality.

It reminds me of those who make dietary choices solely from the advice of “experts.”  Those who do this think in terms of the percentage of macro/micro nutrients, calories we consume and other such factually based knowledge of what entails a “healthy” diet.  Many of us make our dietary choices exclusively from the mind, never allowing out body to communicate its needs to us.  Our bodies know better than our mind what it needs, and if we get our minds out of the way the body wisdom can take over and let us know what it truly needs through the constant, subtle messages it sends.  

Stop trying to think a solution to the problems of the physical world. Instead, make an earnest attempt to integrate the body with the physical surrounds and see if that can lead to a greater balance in the future.  

Abundance Through Self-Discipline • April 2017 Monthly Tarot ForecastMind – The Wheel of Fortune
We have just seen how the mind has led us to a difficult situation in the realm of the physical.  The Wheel of Fortune, occupying the space of the mind, is a wonderful sign that we are ready to start thinking in a more wholistic way.  We are able to achieve higher levels of thought because it is time for our mind to balance with our instinctual and emotional center.  The Wheel of Fortune is a card of the turning point.  The axis point on the wheel of life where things are taking a turn for the better.  

If we go back to the 9 of Pentacles for a moment, we are reminded that this month carries with it the opportunity for success.  Success can be achieved through the integration of lessons learned through our failures, as we see in the 10 of Swords.  Success is also ours to have through the luck of proper timing.  

This is a  month of intellectual movement.  It is a month where we can discard our unhealthy thinking patterns and move towards a healthier way of seeing our lives unfold.  It is a month where past patterns that have been self destructive will come to the surface, giving us a healthier perspective in the way we think about our lives.  

Patterns that have been repeating themselves in our lives can be broken.  Big changes can be the result of breaking apart these cyclic barriers.  It is a new vision that comes to us forcefully and changes the direction of our lives.  

This allows for new goals and new visions for the 9 of Pentacles to follow.  This instills us with a greater determination and commitments to work towards these new goals.  

This card also presents new opportunities to take risks in life.  We have opportunities to be more spontaneous and adventurous because at this time luck is on our side.  

There is also the opportunity to gain a greater perspective on just what it is our purpose is.  What is our vision for the future and how do we connect our actions to this vision in a positive way?

Remember the 9 of Pentacles is an indication of success.  If we seize the opportunities created by the breakthroughs of this card as well as the openings created from the irrevocable endings shown by the 10 of Swords, a lot of ground can be gained this month.  Through success and failure, new favorable circumstances arise.  We are wise to allow ourselves to get sept up by this momentum because it is a favorable turn of events.  

Abundance Through Self-Discipline • April 2017 Monthly Tarot ForecastSpirit – 4 of Wands Rx
The 4 of Wands, when upright, is a celebratory card that has to do with reaching an important milestone.  It is a period where we could expect to see the rewards of our labors being reaped upon us.  To see this card occupying the place of Spirit points to the nearing of a completion of some sort related to our spiritual development.

The challenges we have been undergoing are leading to a reward.  We are approaching a minor graduation of sorts, a time to feel liberated from struggles and feeling the benefits of a greater contentment.  

However, we can see here that the card is reversed, altering the meaning to some extent.  This card, when reversed, typically doesn't nullify the blessings of this card, but it does delay them...or perhaps it indicates that the success of this card will come at a greater cost to us.  

This makes sense, considering the amount of spiritual work we have been undertaking in the last several months.  It could also be alluding to additional obstacles that will need to be overcome before this desired goal is reached.  There is still some work to do.  Success is within our reach, but we have not quite yet reached the milestone.

Remember the 9 of Pentacles is a card of success, having to do with the achievements granted after hard work and dedication.  This could be what we must to in order to enjoy the rest, relaxation and liberation that is on the threshold of being revealed.  Success in spiritual matters will come to us after our continued commitments to achieve in this area this upcoming month.


Shada McKenzie  • the Circle and the Dot Tarot