Accepting the Consequences

Facing the Consequences

November is a month where we will begin to see that we must accept the consequences for poor past decisions.  It is a month of adjustment.  With Jupiter now firmly in the sign of Libra, we are collectively looking to create balance in our lives so that we can make our world a finer and more livable place, but in order to achieve this the direction back towards harmony can at times be difficult if we have been making poor life decisions.  Most of us have.  

Therefore, coming to terms with the naked truth about the ways in which we create our own disharmony comes to the forefront for us during this timeframe.  The current aim is to equalize what is out of balance in our lives.  This requires waking up and a willingness accept responsibility for the role we play.

JudgementGeneral Theme of the Month – Judgement Rx
Judgement is a card that calls upon us to truly and consciously change ourselves.  It is a time for modifying past behaviors and changing the ways in which we view the world that are not serving our highest good.  Through the act of reworking ourselves in this way, we transform ourselves.  

There are parts of our being that have been living in in the shadows of our psyche.  Sometimes these parts are concealed even from ourselves.  Judgement is a powerful force that brings to the surface all we have buried.  Hiding from ourselves or others is no longer a viable option.  With this card, we see we have little choice but to let these darker elements to come to view to be evaluated in order to make the changes required to awaken.

If you take a look at this card you can see that this is freedom.  The figures on the card have risen out of their dark coffins to expose themselves as they truly are without fear.  The weight of shame has been lifted from their bodies.  

This is the only way we can authentically recreate harmony within ourselves.  However, because Judgement is showing up this month in the reversed position, this calling to transform comes with increased difficulties.

This could appear as a health crisis, a break up of a relationship, a breakdown of our emotional equilibrium, a loss of a job or some other upsetting news or event.  It is time to accept the consequences for our past actions and be accountable for what we have co-created.

Perhaps we don't feel ready to face these harsh realities.  Maybe we would prefer to stay blind to the role we play in our own disharmony.  If this is the case, the calling to change is unwelcome and can be excruciatingly uncomfortable.  It is choosing to stay in our coffin rather than allowing ourselves to be cleansed of past wrongdoings.  

If we submit to this process it can be an incredibly freeing and uplifting experience.  However, if we are in avoidance we are actually making our lives much more difficult.  The only way out of this situation is to move through it.  The only way through it is to look at what we have created, admit our responsibility and make the decision to begin to operate from our best self, leaving behind what is clearly no longer of any use to what we are being called upon to become.  This is the way to most efficiently pass through this time of conflict and return to balance.  Delays increase pain and suffering.

4 of SwordsSpiritual Theme – 4 of Swords
In the Judgement card we see Gabriel sounding his horn for us to wake up.  The call is heard and people climb out of their coffins, shedding what is holding them back in their path towards spiritual development.  Yet in we see here in the spiritual theme of the month is the 4 of Swords, the card of hiding away in the tomb, staying asleep and retreating from activity.  

It is showing the desire to escape from these life pressures by avoiding this calling.  Clearly this is not a way of being that is serving us.  What needs to change immediately is delayed due to our lack of desire and participation in this calling to change.  We stay stunted because we ignore what is being asked of us to do.  Refusing to respond to the calling is refusing to face ourselves and accept responsibility for what we have created.  We are being summoned to action and need to be more engaged in the process.

A way to use the 4 of Swords energy in a more productive and meaningful way may be to create a daily ritual for prayer and meditation.  It is not about checking out, but giving yourself a bit of time each day for reflection and recharge.  

Another appropriate use of this energy would be to accept the true limitations of our growth.  It is inadvisable to ignore the calling for change, but if some of the shadow material is just not ready to surface for processing, accepting this rather than berating ourselves for our shortcomings is advisable, and will prevent us from completely draining our batteries dry.

Page of Swords Rx, RWSIntellectual Theme – Page of Swords Rx
The reversed Page of Swords acts as an echo to the reversed horn being sound in the Judgement card.  Again, there is the likeliness that we may be closing ourselves off from thinking about reality as it truly is.  The reversed Page of Swords is about rejecting this call for change.  Staying asleep rather than asking the important questions that could lead us to seeing matters clearly.  It is preventing our mind's natural ability to cut through illusion with rational thinking.  

Just like this month's inclination to avoid spiritual growth, we also are inclined to not really think critically.  There is a likeliness that we may prefer to stay in the dark.  We may reject ideas that could lead to breaking through boundaries.  

We see a pattern of resistance developing.  It interferes with this underlying current of needing to recreate balance that will bring about more fortunate life circumstances.  Instead of rising up from our graves we may be digging the hole deeper unless we are committed to staying alert to what is presenting itself at this time and consciously working through it.

Understand that we are not victims to our circumstances.  Also, create positive shifts with a commitment to staying mentally alert and striving to take a more rational and objective approach to our problems.  

King of Cups Rx, RWSEmotional Theme – King of Cups Rx
When the King of Cups is in the upright position, he is able to feel a full range and depth of emotions without being carried away by them.  He is emotionally mature.  He is able to retain his composure despite whatever emotional storm is brewing around him.

In order to do this he must be able to distance himself from what he is feeling.  He understands the feelings he experiences completely, but he sets them aside so that he can continue to rule his kingdom.  He is sensitive, yet strong.  He is compassionate and supportive of others' needs.  

For the month of November, this King is showing up reversed as well.  Reversed, we see the propensity to become emotionally overwhelmed.  All of the feelings he is connected to rise up to the surface and threaten to capsize his throne.  He is overly sensitive and ineffective at keeping his personal affairs and the affairs of his kingdom in order.  

Translated to our personal lives, We can see that November has the propensity to be an emotionally turbulent month.  We may lack the refinement needed to maintain our composure during this difficult waking up period.

Some of this might be directly related to our refusal to facing the consequences for the bed we have made for ourselves.  Without accepting responsibility for what is ours we are less able to ride the emotional torrents.  It is good for us to allow our feelings to rise to the surface, but if we aren't cleaning up the mess they create we can become overwhelmed by the intensity.

It is a good idea draw on the support of others during this emotionally charged time.  And when we are capable of doing so, it is equally good to support the emotional needs of those we love and can help through their storm.  We need to be present for one another and to accept help when it is offered and to be an anchor for our friends and family when they need our strength.

Queen of Pentacles, RWSPhysical Theme – Queen of Pentacles
In the midst of upheaval we receive the welcome nurturance of the Queen of Pentacles.  Her arms are like a warm security blanket that keep us from losing our shit.  She is our way through this month of difficulty.

Translated to our lives personally, she may show up as incredibly grounding mountain hikes where we are able to process all that is surfacing in our lives.  She is like a good friend who is committed to being your rock, allowing a solid space for us to dissolve and reformulate.  She is our daily rituals, our time of prayer and reflection.  She is a well cooked dinner.   She is our home, our safe haven where we can unwind and process the stress of the day.  She is our pets that love us unconditionally.  She is our mother, our father, our siblings, our lover...anyone who is there for us to help us ground into our reality and completely offer their support.

The Queen of Pentacles is the way for us to manage this month.  Avoiding reality is much less useful than accepting support that is being offered in her.  Take it when it comes to you and allow it to nourish you and to take you into December.

Much love to you all!

Shada McKenzie • the Circle and the Dot