Aligning With Your Greatness – Energy Forecast for August 2015

the Circle and the Dot Energy Forecast

This month we will be grappling with a powerful and intense energy wanting to propel us forward in all areas of our lives, yet at the same time be struggling with beliefs of impotence.  The energy is there in our lives and is wanting to express great thing, yet we are focused on the small, the irrational, feelings of overwhelm.  It is a recipe for feeling defeated by life and stuck in our situations.  The power that is inside of us and wants expression feels deflated.  We feel impotent.

In the general theme for the month we see the Magician, the archetype of mastery, yet he is reversed.  His energy is blocked. How do we begin overcome this situation?  How can we tap into this power in a way that it become practical and grounded in reality?  Until we discover how we can ground this energy we will not be able to utilize it.

We also will look at how this energy affects us on the physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual levels.  I do this because these are the four vital components of wellbeing, and all four require our care and attention for living a healthy life.  If we develop these areas to the fullest extent possible we can be sure of achieving optimal levels of health.  Furthermore, all of these layers of being are connected, and if we give attention to one aspect the other three will naturally operate more harmoniously because of this connection.  Likewise, if we ignore one of these aspects of our nature, it will be our weakest link and be a reason why we fall short in the other areas.  By working through any stagnation or obstacles in these areas we can shift the energy of the Magician back to vigor and vitality.

Th Wild Unkown Tarot Magician ReversedGeneral Theme of the Month – The Magician, Reversed
The Magician is one of the power cards of the Tarot.  It is the card of decisive action that can copetently create change in the outer world.  He is the creator of the physical world we see around us and call “reality.”  

If you take a look at this card you will see him depicted as a leopard – stealthy, strong, alert and fierce.  He locks his eyes upon what he desires and he stalks it, unflinchingly, until he sees his opportunity to strike.  On his chest he proudly wears the ∞ leminscate – the infinity symbol.   His power is without limits because he channels the energies of the Universe in his actions.

At his feet we see the tools of the four suits of the Tarot – the wand, the sword, the cups and the pentacle.  They lay beneath him because he resides over them. They are the source of his power – his ability to manifest reality as he desires.  

Interestingly, these four tools are also the symbols for the four realms that are discussed in the other four cards of these energy forecasts:

Wand = Spirit
Sword = Intellect
Cup = Emotion
Pentacle = Physical

The Magician masterfully controls these elemental forces so that he can create the reality that he wants to see.  Without the full proficiency of each of these layers of being he would be ineffective at creating the change in the world that he wills to see.  This is why we look at the influence that these energies have over us every month.  We do this so that we can be optimally effective in our lives and in  the world around us.  

The Magician seizes opportunities and achieves his goals through the clean and unhindered operations if the physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual parts of his character.  Whatever he places his sharply focused awareness upon, it manifests into reality.  The earth belongs to him because his is the powerful energy that creates it.  

However, for the month of August this powerful energy that promises developments and opportunities is reversed.  There is the potential for struggle this month in terms of what we are capable of creating.  We have all of this immense potential that this energy contains within it, but it is being stalled and stagnated.  There could be many reasons for this, and it all stems from having the wrong attitude.  Look for these tendencies within yourself:

  • Lack of Self-Confidence – Are you unable to see the power that you truly contain within you?  Do you lack the faith in your ability to produce results in the world?  Do you disbelieve you have the power to harness control over your physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual forces?    This weak, ineffective and impotent individual is not who you really are.
  • Overconfidence – Are the expectations and desires of your ego much larger than what you are currently capable of achieving at this time?  You may need to reel it in a bit and take more deliberate and achievable steps.
  • Misuse of Powers and Talents – Do you believe you have the right to use your powers in a way that is only benefitting of yourself?  Do you manipulate others to get what you want?  Do you lie with ease?  Do you keep your motives hidden because they are fundamentally selfish?
  • Clinging to the Past – Look at the leopard on the card.  When he is upright his gaze is directed towards the future realm of possibilities.  Reversed, he faces the past.  Clinging to the past causes stagnation in life.  There is no way to effectively cultivate forward movement.
  • Laziness – Are you still thinking there is time to create what you want for yourself later?  Are you full of desire, yet are unwilling to put forth effort to achieve it?  Are the obstacles standing between you and your desires enough to make quit before even beginning?  Is your willpower weak or completely absent?  Are you not applying yourself?
  • Lacking Direction – Have you still not even worked out in your mind what it is that you would like your reality to be?  Reality cannot be created in the physical until it is made clear within the mind.

Use this month to push through these obstacles once and for all.  Figure out what your greatest inspiration is and take the steps to attract it and manifest it into your reality.  Get clear on what you want and how you need to get it.  If you are still lacking the skills and abilities to live your dream take the steps to learn them.  You cannot master the skills you need without developing them first.  Get focused.  The world is not going to provide you with what you want without your active participation.  Time is ticking, and you are about to miss the boat because  you're allowing some petty hurdles to get in the way.

Next, we will look at the four tools the Magician utilizes and the ways that you can use them to harness your talents and overcome obstacles.  

The Wild Unknown Tarot 4 Pentacles

Physical – 4 of Pentacles
What we see in this card is four pentacles that have been tightly contained and held together by four bands.  Everything is stable, secure and protected.  The energy is contained within the structured space of the bands.  There is no opening for anything new to come in and disrupt this perfect balance.  The structure is nice and orderly just as it is.  

The 4 of Pentacles is about stability and good fortune.  It has to do with the ways in which we achieve security on the physical realm, such as health, financial prosperity and lasting connections we have with others.  It represent the hard earned foundations we have laid down with diligent and steadfast effort, hard work and discipline.  

If you have not yet done so, there is a great potential for you this month to lay the groundwork necessary to create this type of stability in the physical realm.  This could look like maintaining your exercise regimen, beautifying your home or putting in the extra hours towards building your career or business.  

It would seem that the grounded and stable 4 of Pentacles energy is supporting the Magician at this time in creating a foundation upon which to build.  But how might this energy be blocking the Magician's creative power?  What if your foundations have already been laid?  The outward stability this card represents can actually hide a spiritual instability within the person.  The energy of the 4 of Pentacles is that which wants to hold onto how things are in the moment, preventing further change or development.  There is an underlying fear of risking what you have in order to take a risk to evolve further.  Movement needs to be continual or things will stagnate and calcify.

The focus of the energy of this cardis creating stability in the physical realm alone.  There is little concern for spiritual and emotional growth.  Risks will not be taken because it may disrupt this hard earned balance.  The stability of the 4 of Pentacles needs to be expanded upon.  It needs to be used as a strong foundation upon which new developments and growth can emerge.  

The foundations you are creating in your life at this time are meant to be much more than just a one dimensional concrete slab.  Grow upon it.  Build.  Take risks.  Explore other dimension of who you are.  Daydream wild and magnificent goals.  Think of how much more you could be and what you could have if you allowed yourself to do so.  The 4 of Pentacles is showing us this month we will need to go out on a limb in order to grow.  Security is only part of the equation, it is not the ending point.

The Wild Unknown Tarot 6 of Pentacles Reversed

Emotional –  6 of Pentacles, Reversed
The image on the card of the 6 of Pentacles is the image of dispensation.  The image we see is the silhouette of a beautiful and thriving plant with six fully ripe fruits.  Each fruit is at the peak of growth and is just on the verge of bursting forth into the world.  As each one opens, the seeds contained within will be freed and will disperse into the atmosphere to spread the abundance they contain.  It is a card of dispensing wealth and prosperity.

However, this card is showing up for us in the reversed position.  There is some sort of delay or withholding on the emotional level.  We are holding ourselves back from allowing our beauty to burst forth in this way.  In a sense, it is connected with the energy of the 4 of Pentacles because it shows an inherent fear of lack based on the belief that what we have is only just enough to meet our own needs.  There is a fear of sharing and expressing.  The idea is that in order to meet our needs we must conserve our emotional resources because we don't have enough to share with the world.  We withhold.

It is a protective stance that does not serve us.  Look at the image on the card again.  These fruits are perfectly ripe and ready to propagate in the world.  Reversing the energy is holding it back.  It is denying them the pleasure of doing the very thing that their nature intends for them to do.  There is an underlying fear of not having enough, but if we were to open each of these little fruits we would find millions of seeds.  How much do we really need to feel safe and secure?  At what point will we feel comfortable enough to share of ourselves and not hoard our resources.  Continuing to do this is going against our very nature that wants to share our sweet fruits.  There is enough to go around.  We can all partake.  

And remember again the Magician who needs to share who he is with the universe in order to be a creator within it.  His vision is intended to be shared with all of creation.


The Wild Unknown Tarot 4 Swords Reversed

Intellectual – 4 of Swords, Reversed
The energy of the 4 of Swords showed up for us last month in the realm of the physical.  It is a restorative energy that comes about through taking some time to rebuild our reserves and resting quietly away from the chaos of daily living.  Because we see another 4 in the physical realm this month, the 4 of Pentacles, there is further evidence that we could run into stagnation if we do not risk the security we have created.  At some point we need to put ourselves back out into he world and reengage with it as its creator. 

This month the 4 of Swords is showing itself in the domain of the intellectual realm and it is reversed.  It is a call to action.  The time to reengage with life is here.  If you have spent the past several months thinking and planning for the future, the energy now is supporting to take these ideas and carry them out into the world.  If you continue to withhold your intellectual self from the world you could miss opportunities.  Now is the time to reengage with life.

There is a difficult aspect to this card as well.  It is pointing towards an energy of fatigue, overwhelm and scattered thinking.  The time is here to engage with the world, yet your mind may not be quite prepared for the task.  Your mind could be having difficulty catching up to the momentum of movement that is needed at this time.  There are positive opportunities abound, but you will need to utilize caution before making any important decisions.  The Magician is sharp and acts from a place of consciousness.  He is centered and is able to hold a single-minded focus.  It may take time for your intellect to catch up to that speed.  It is another reason why the Magician is begin held back.  

What can you do to help bring the vigor back into your thinking?  What do you need to do for a quick injection of new energy?  When it is time for sleep make the most of it.  Exercise just long enough to feel the effects of its invigoration.  Take a brisk walk.  Stay away from intoxicating substances.



The Wild Unknown Tarot Chariot


Spiritual – The Chariot
Like the 4 of Swords, we also saw the Chariot show up in last month's reading.  The energy portrayed by the card is carrying over another month and is presenting itself in the realm of potential spiritual development.  

Last month's Chariot card was the image of a car pushing forward through a heavy downpour of rain, during the blackest part of the night, with only the headlights creating a dimly lit path before him.  It was about pushing forward despite the odds.

This month's Chariot is much more bold and has a much greater sense of freedom and empowerment about it.   It is a gorgeous card showing the image of a white horse charging forward, mane freely flowing.  It is a card of taking on a challenge and overcoming obstacles with ambition and bravery.  This horse will not allow anything to stop it from achieving its desires.   

The Chariot in the spiritual position is an encouragement to keep going towards your dreams.  Defy the odds.   The reversed Magician points to the difficulties we could face with concentration and utilizing our will.  However, the Chariot will continue to push.  Its determination can overcome the doubts and fears of the ineffectual Magician.  Despite the struggles that will cross our paths this coming month, the Chariot will continue to move ahead.  He will not allow stagnation.  He will take control of the month by harnessing the energy he contains and making a huge push towards achievement.  He is a sign that despite the mayhem we are on the right path.  If we keep pushing through we will reach the other side.  Don't give up.  Harness all the powers that are available to you at this time.  


the Circle and the Dot • Shada McKenzie
deck: the Wild Unknown • Kim Krans