Appreciating the Beauty of the Uncut Gemstone • December 2017 Monthly Tarot Forecast

Attuning to the Beauty of an Uncut Gemstone • December 2017 Monthly Tarot Forecast

This month, we may be required to look beneath surface appearances in order to become aware of the immense value of the timeframe we are in.   On the surface, things may appear to be fraught with difficulties.  It may be a challenge to give value to the events that unfold.  However, in reality, this month has a cache of spiritual riches.  We may need to mine just beneath the outward circumstances and recognize the underlying beauty of the uncut gems that emerge from our explorations. 

Remember this: everything is actually moving forward as it should.  At times it will require our faith to find appreciation in the moment.  It may require us to intentionally place value onto something that seems lackluster at a first glance.  This requires an act of faith.


The Star Rx, RWSGeneral Theme of the Month – The Star Rx
The reversed Star is the symbol of this challenge.  When it is in the upright position, it shows us how we can look to the nighttime sky and easily see the shimmering brilliance of the light against the velvety black backdrop. 

The light we experience during darkness feels so profound.  This is how a tiny pinpoint of light in the night sky can be so enchanting.  We see it and immediately feel the Divine presence.  We trust it to orient us.  We trust its stable, enduring companionship.  We appreciate its refined beauty.

What does it truly mean to appreciate something?  It is to give it value.  It is acknowledging that it has worth.  Because of this recognition, its significance increases in our lives.  We see the shimmering light above and it alludes to the light that resides within our being. It also signifies the light we can experience in our immediate surroundings.

For the month of December, this card has shown itself in the reversed position.  How does that alter the meaning of this exquisite card?  When the light of hope, peace and optimism in our lives disappears, where does it go?  Why does it disappear?

The reversal of this card does not mean the riches in our lives have disappeared.  It is simply a call to return to faith, hope and optimism.  We are in a dark phase, yet the glimmering light still shines beneath the apparent dull surface.  We are not easily attuning to the spiritual riches that surround us because many of these glistening gems are still in their raw state, and we are lacking the foresight to see the potential that exists within our present moment in time.

Pessimism is not the way to unlock the brilliant light contained within these little gemstones.  It is through our conscious appreciation that we will see this moment in time transform.  We need to trust that what is happening is good.  We need to appreciate it, to give it value with an acknowledgment that there are opportunities.

Any arising challenges need to be met with faith in a positive outcome and responsiveness.  This is how to allow the breakthroughs to result.  This is how to make well what is coming to the surface for healing.  This is how to exquisitely cut these gems to reveal the brilliance contained within. 

This month, attune yourself to the Star's grace and luck.


Ace of Swords RWSPhysical – Ace of Swords
The Ace of Swords represents the clarity of truth that springs forth from times of adversity.  Because this card is situated in the position of the physical theme for the month, it can be said that a beginning involving a new level of truth and understanding can be found in areas such as our health and body, our career and work, our art, our home, financial situation or some other terrain that is connected to the physical world we live in. 

The Ace of Swords is a strong intellectual power you can use to be able to overcome obstacles you are experiencing in these life areas.  It is a bold new idea that has the capacity to cut away what is unnecessary, allowing for something positive to surface in your life.

It is the the first cut of your raw gemstone.    If we don't have faith that through the unplesant cutting away of the extraneous we can improve beauty of the stone, we may be reluctant to make such a sacrifice.  However, in order for the gem to achieve its brilliance, some of it has to be sacrificed.  What might you need to sacrifice in order to achieve the brilliance in your life?

It might be a lie you have been telling yourself that you are really attached to believing.  The breakthrough could surface as a moment of intellectual honesty with oneself.  It might be about speaking your truth in a situation which causes a “cutting away” of sorts, such as the loss of a job or a friendship, creating space for revolutionary changes to occur in your life.  Perhaps it is a literal cutting of the body in order to remove something within that is no longer serving your health or wellbeing. 

The initial incision is scary.  Don't be afraid to make these important cuts if it is going to improve the quality of your life.  It is like the pruning of a rosebush.  Instead of seeing it as a loss, a reason for pessimism, see how it is creating the space for your life to blossom and flourish.  See how the brilliance of your gemstone is able to surface with each necessary cut made.


8 of Wands RWSIntellectual – 8 of Wands
December is a month supporting a fiery energy that could allow our plans to take off.  The pace and momentum quicken in regards to ideas that have been percolating in our mind for some time.  What we have been quietly contemplating is given an opportunity to build steam.

The could be related to the influence of the Ace of Swords and its cutting action.  What is unnecessary is discarded.  This frees up space in our lives, and distant goals may now be attainable.

This could manifest in countless ways.  A job loss could lead to a long distance travel opportunity we have plotted in our mind but never had the courage to execute.  A broken relationship opens space to pursue the area of study there never seemed to be enough time for previously.  

The notion is that what is lost is meant to be, and this loss allows a hidden seed of opportunity within it to emerge. With the draining, heavy extraneous removed from life, the fiery excitement comes forth.  Efforts are more likely to lead to success.

Because this card occupies the space of the intellect in this reading, this fast paced inspiration is all related to an idea. The idea that acts as the planted seed.  Our vision of what this seed could become really has the opportunity to make headway during this timeframe. 

However, with the reversal of the Star, the possibility is there for us to extinguish this flame through our lack of faith, our distrust of the process.  We really need to believe in ourselves during this time.  With our clear vision, we can generate enough excitement to see rapid movement and growth in the realm of the mind. 

One more thing to keep in mind is the momentum gained from our thoughts.  We need to be aware of what we are creating in our mind.  We need exactness in our words.  We need to give care to our commitments.  With a pessimistic mind, the rapid movement and momentum this card signifies couldactually help to create misfortune in our lives.  Be aware of what you are creating with your thoughts, and stay in the positive, despite what you may be perceiving as misfortune initially.


6 of Wands, RWSEmotional/Spiritual – 6 of Wands
The 6 of Wands is a card of success and victory.  As we can see in this reading, there is much positivity available to us.  Yet the reversed Star alludes to our disbelief and pessimism.  Why is this?  I ask this because the 6 of Wands shows us a likelihood of ultimate success and fulfillment.  This is a positive omen that the challenges we are facing can be overcome.  We are moving in the direction of our success and fulfillment even if at moments it appears to be otherwise. 

We need to tap into this inner joy in order to overcome the lack of hope that tries to creep into our lives amidst the challenges.  The challenges are meant to be overcome.  They are necessary in order for us to cut away what is unneeded in our lives., revealing the inherent brilliance of our gems.

If we are able to appreciate this moment for what it is, with all of its raw and uncut beauty, this is how we can unlock the greatest benefit from any struggle we face individually and collectively.  This moment matters and has value.  Lift it up to its proper place of exaltation with your mind and appreciation.


Shada McKenzie • the Circle and the Dot