Blessings • September 2016 Monthly Tarot Energy Forecast



As we take our first steps into the month of September, we are immediately met with the new Moon and the partial eclipse of the Sun.  New Moons are always representative of new beginnings, a reset of energy allowing for change.  And with the partial solar eclipse as an additional element thrown into the mix, there is an anticipation that some of the changes that are upcoming are beyond our control.  The changes to be encountered are fated.

In a large sense, the change is good.  We will see from the cards laid out for the month that there is the possibility for a shift towards forging new emotional connections, possibly with people whom we have past histories with.  These emotional breakthroughs allow us to release past baggage, and it can help us to feel more at home within ourselves and within the world at large.  

Allow what unfolds to show itself without resistance.  Some of us may feel emotionally exhausted right now and feel a longing desire to retreat into our private lairs.  However, there is something gained this month through pushing past this internal resistance, reaching out and making the connections.  We will not regret the effort to connect and bond and it may recharge our batteries in a way we were not anticipating.


3 of Cups RWSGeneral Theme of the Month – 3 of Cups
The 3 of Cups indicates that what can be gained from this time of reset and new beginnings is the opportunity for emotional breakthroughs. New levels of warmth, emotional generosity and goodwill can definitely lighten the mood and is seen as a welcome relief from months of difficulties.  

The 3 of Cups shows that through connecting with others, we can be setting the stage for some sort of emotional recovery that may be long overdue.  Allow it to unfold.  Have fun, open your heart to whomever might come into your life, whether it is a new connection or an overdue reunion, of sorts.  Healing can take place and a lightening of the heart can be a result.

Because this card represents the predominant theme of the month, this warm, social, uplifting vibe may color everything encountered on some level.  Even the challenges we face may bring with it greater emotional rewards.


The Sun RWSSpiritual – The Sun
The Sun shines down brightly with a dose of optimism and clarity.  It illuminates.  It is a card that represents a greater self-knowledge and an empowered consciousness that has the ability to lift a huge burdening emotional weight this month.

The Sun brings the dark, shadowy material we have been grappling with to the surface so that it may be understood and shed from our lives, lightening our spiritual body.  The dark material can no longer act in a burdensome way, the restrictions can be freed.

It is an enlightenment, of sorts.  Of course this is not the end of the spiritual journey, but one important moment in a series of endless enlightenments.  A part of the material we have been grappling with for some time may become more clear to us.  We may understand the hidden reason behind our suffering, replacing it with lightness and harmony.  This process seems to be the most important area of focus for the month.  It will renew our faith, increase our levels of happiness and joy.  It will act as a balancing force in our lives.  

It is no wonder why the general theme of the month is one of happiness and emotional harmony, especially when connecting with others.  When our light is able to shine forth brightly is allows us to be able to see the good in the others in our lives.  It allows us to live from a state of gratitude; it allows our experiences to be more rewarding.  

Any challenges we meet this month may be more easily embraced to be worked through.  It may help us to revisit unfinished business from the past in order to more easily be dealt with.  There is also the potential for some harsh truths to be surfaces as well, being the illuminating energy that it is.  However, whatever comes to the surface is meant to be seen.  Ultimately, the purpose is to release whatever surfaces, and to bring about higher states of consciousness.

Wheel of Fortune RxIntellectual – Wheel of Fortune Rx
When the Wheel of Fortune is upright, it speaks of change, usually for the better.  It is a card of luck, opportunity and rapid progress.  It highlights a growth and movement in our lives.  The events it represents can sweep us off our feet and promise excitement and adventure.

However, in the position representing the intellectual influences for the month we see that it is showing up in the reversed position.  The reversal changes the direction of the movement.  Instead of being caught up in the momentum of forward progress we seem to be moving backwards.

September is also a month of the planet Mercury moving in retrograde.  Mercury is a planet closely associated with the intellect, and affects such things as how we think, how we communicate our thoughts and ideas to others and how we perceive the world around us.  

The retrograde movement of Mercury is closely aligned with the reversal of the Wheel of Fortune we see before us taking up the intellectual spot in this reading.  We can expect to be "going backwards" in order to revisit the way we think, communicate and see the world.  We will have the opportunity to correct past mistakes in these areas, and to improve the quality of these intellectual aspects of our lives.  

Sometimes the cycle of forward movement needs to be interrupted for a period of time, allowing for refection.  We can break old patterns that aren't serving our greater good.  Instead of change and forward momentum we have the opportunity to refine and modify the intellectual themes in our lives.  

This seems to be closely aligned with the Sun's theme of enlightenment.  What is unknown and in the shadows can be surfaced and understood with a renewed clarity.  It is going backwards in order to revisit what still needs our attention.

Ultimately, this intellectual material uncovered and processed has the capability of bringing higher states of happiness.  It may be connected to our relationships with others, possibly helping to improve and renew, alternatively opening us to be able to receive new, higher quality emotional connections.  

We may ultimately see improved ways of communicating with others.  Inconsistencies in our thoughts and ideas can be tweaked and become more powerful allowing us to perceive the world from a more authentic lens.

Page of Pentacles, RWSEmotional – Page of Pentacles
Opportunities and likeness for emotional growth and development is what we might expect to see in the coming month ahead.  

The Page of Pentacles has a practical sensibility.  He sees and recognizes potential and is able to turn it into opportunity.  The opportunity we see for the month of September lies in the ability to reach higher states of happiness and wellbeing.  The Page of Pentacles does not allow this opportunity to go to waste.  Instead, he puts himself to work and sees to it that the opportunity before him has all the conditions necessary upon which to thrive.  He recognizes the value of hard work and discipline.  He is willing to put in the work, even if the rewards of his labor aren't immediate.  

We see there is opportunity this month to experience emotional breakthroughs along side the spiritual breakthrough that the Sun is referencing.  This practical Page doesn't mind revisiting the past to make right what needs correcting.  He understands that growth and well being sometimes require work to achieve and he is willing to do what it takes to get there.

This is a month for putting in the work.  The payoff is joy to come.

10 of Pentacles Rx, RWSPhysical – 10 of Pentacles Rx
September is not a month for seeking stability through traditional, tried and tested means.  In fact, there may be a boredom and an underlying desire to shake things up, even if it means to destabilize to some extent.  

This might look like a growing desire to change careers, to sell the house and travel or maybe to leave a marriage that is no longer serving either of you, but will require a time of upheaval in order to accomplish it.  The stability created by these outdated ways of operating in the world may feel more like a burden than anything else.  It may become a threat to future happiness unless the necessary changes are made.  

It may be a month to “lighten the load” by shifting your life in a way where the typical daily responsibilities are no longer at the forefront of your concerns.  

Alternatively, this month could show family problems coming to the surface to be cleared.  Remember that the Sun is here this month to illuminate what needs to be seen in order to be worked through and cleaned out.  This creates moments of difficulty, however,t he ultimate potential of it all is to bring about closer relationships and greater happiness.

Shada McKenzie • The Circle and the Dot