The Challenge to Integrate • February 2016 Monthly Forecast

The Circle and teh Dot

We have been spending the last several months in a period of intensity.  It has been a powerful time, presenting many insights into the true nature of who we are through the challenges we have been encountering.  This period has given us insights and understanding to how we might in the future do things differently in our lives order to achieve greater results.  We have seen how some of our previous ways of navigating through the world are no longer effective.  Changing our outdated habits and beliefs is necessary to live our lives more in alignment with who we are becoming today.

This last bout of intensity has subsided for a moment.  Now one of the main hurdles presented to us is the challenge to integrate the lessons learned, the golden nuggets of wisdom and understanding, that have been contained in these experiences, and weave them into the fabric of our new identity.  How might we use our recent experiences to transform ourselves?  How might we have an affect on how our future unfolds by integrating the wisdom contained within our life lessons?

As soon as the experience of stress subsides, it is our tendency to want to resume our lives back to “normal.”   We got through it and our lives are still intact, so why change?  Actually growing beyond our established routines requires effort.  Typically the stress caused from difficulty is enough to help us grow beyond this, but when if it lets up without effort to change our methods of interacting with our environment we face a choice to either consciously move out of our comfort zone on our own volition or to resume our old and more comfortable patterns.  It takes a certain amount of thoughtfulness and foresight to realize we are only setting ourselves up for a new cycle of difficulty down the road.  This is our challenge this month.  Now that the brunt of the recent difficulty has subsided are we going to stretch ourselves to grow or will we fall back into complacency?  

February is a month for us to make the conscious effort to begin working with these insights in your daily life.  How might we weave these new insights into the the fabric of our being so that we can become grander and fuller versions of who we are already?  This integration is not an automatic consequence of the difficulties we face.  It requires our active participation.


General Theme of the Month – Temperance Rx
Temperance is the card that speaks of this whole process.  Temperance reveals of the quality of integration.  If you take a look at the card you will see the archangel masterfully combining two distinct substances in the cups in order to create something entirely fresh and new.  It is a magical process; as we can see, the liquids seem to be defying the laws of nature ans they fall from the cup at an unnatural angle.  

As we assimilate our recent experiences we have the opportunity to integrate them fully into our lives.  We are learning from them, opening ourselves to beautiful realizations and finding solutions.  Because this card is reversed we are called to recognize the challenges that coincide with this opportunity.  It will require a deliberate effort to see results leading to higher levels of harmony, but it is not an impossible task.  

The recent visions and realizations can be actualized if given the proper care and attention.  What is important for you to work towards at this time? What sort of magical feat would you like to accomplish in your life?   What are the things you are dreaming to achieve?  How might you optimally position yourself to create this new reality, this new and improved identity?  The theme for February calls on you to address these questions so you may overcome the obstacles that are still present and preventing you from progress.  It requires your active participation.  Change comes from your effort.

Physical – 6 of Swords
The 6 of Swords indicates the possibility of some sort of mental breakthrough that has the power to shatter the confusion that has been preventing you from moving forward in your life.  This newfound ability to see your life situation in a clearer and more objective way can truly move you forward in a concrete way.  

Perhaps you will see the need to leave something or someone behind that has been holding you back.  Making the deliberate effort to walk away from this person, place or thing can be just what you need to turn your situation around.  Take the time to recognize what has been spoiled to the point of no repair and make the decision to move away from it for good. 

Trust your insights this month.  If they are calling you to act upon them then do so.  In order to truly create change and progress in life we must take our insights to make real changes.  This will be very helpful for you to work through this problem of integration.  Look for movement.  Address any fundamental and underlying problems in your life in a concrete way.  Take it out of the mental realm and manifest the needed changes physically.

What are the current impediments in your life?  You cannot fully integrate new key insights if you only think about how they are having a negative effect in your life.  Take concrete steps to move away from what is not working for you and you will be taking steps to work towards harmony.

Emotional 5 of Pentacles
The 5 of Pentacles is a card that shows the possibility for emotional stress and tensions manifesting physically within the body.  If your emotional state of being has been primarily focused on survival mode for some time, you many find yourself to be continuing to hold onto this pattern in an automated way, even though there is now room for you to lighten the load of your emotional burden.  It is a version of overfunctioning that will only hurt you in the end.

The emotional strain and anxiety you have been carrying has the potential to manifest as physical trauma within the body.  Make effort to let go of any unnecessary sense of worry, fear or dread.  The strain it is causing has the potential to wreak physical havoc in your body.  The energy has lightened; there is no need to continue to hold these tensions within the body.

Resume your meditation or exercise regime that you may have been neglecting.  Take time to quiet yourself to shed these left over emotions that are still carrying a psychic weight in your system.  Get outside.  Exhale.  Cry out the remnants of the strain your body still carries.  It is no longer helping you to hold them inside.

Intellectual – 6 of Wands
Intellectually speaking, the 6 of Wands reveals some sort of victory or breakthrough that that opens you to the opportunity to intellectually expand yourself in some manner.  We see hints of this in the 6 of Swords as well.  You are being given the chance to leave behind what is no longer serving you and has been holding you back.  It is through your mind that you can win.

It is a energy of pride and optimism.  You can use your mind to help you work through this challenge to integrate your life lessons that have been presenting themselves.  The 6 of Wands iacts as an echo to the 6 of Swords that in order to achieve on this level you must be willing to let something go and leave it behind.  Whatever this is make amends with it.  Acknowledge that it is no longer a useful part of our life and to continue to cling will only prevent you from fully enjoying this triumphant energy.

February  can be a month to truly get ahead if you consciously work around the remaining obstacles in your life.  It has the potential to be a high point in the year if you work through thechallenges.  A period in time where you can be proud of your insights and accomplishments.  

There is no need for self-doubt at this time.  If you boldly push ahead you will not likely fall short of your hopes and expectations.  Push through these insecurities and fears. Feel proud of your accomplishments oyou have made over these last several months.

Spiritual – Queen of Pentacles
In the realm of the spiritual we see a card that is hones in on the more practical and sensible side of things.  The Queen of Pentacles is a card of support and comfort.  She is showing us that after the period of intensity it is ok to seek refuge within the security and safety of our "home" in order to take time to spiritually recharge ourselves for the next round of challenges that life will eventually bring.  

Trust that you can give yourself what you need to take care of your physical, emotional and spiritual comfort and well-being.  Use this month to nurture your spiritual self.  Use this month to also physically ground your spiritual aspirations through a dedication to integrating the golden and glistening insights that have appeared to you.  Nurture them.  Give yourself whatever it is you might support yourself to make the integration happen.  Challenge yourself to grow into your new self while also supporting yourself.  Make a deliberate effort to let go of the residual fears stress.  Move away from whatever it might be that continues to hold you back.  Allow yourself to feel the thrill that comes from of intellectual leaps of insight.  This is a month of action.  It is a month to begin putting your newly earned awareness into practice. 







Shada McKenzie

The Circle and the Dot Tarot