Change • April 2018 Monthly Tarot Forecast


April is a month of change.  Just as we are seeing the last remaining leaves drop from the trees to make way for new buds, a new cycle of life, in April we will see one season of our lives completing, making way for what it to come.

Therefore, April ushers a time of transformation, predominately in the material sense.  This month, we can expect to see the outward effects of change in our lives, and our spiritual practice is to go with the flow of what we see happening in these external events that are unfolding for us at this time.  If we trust the process that is unfolding, this is how we can find harmony and balance in the moment.  We do this by constantly adapting to what is now rather than attempting to preserve what is passing.

Change is the way in which we continually transform.  It is through the expansions and contractions; each round is a new opportunity and an entirely new experience.   Therefore, if we experience the change in April as a misfortune, we can be certain the loss is making way for growth.  If the change comes to us as fortune, we know there was a cost we paid that made way for the fortune, and that our current fortune has its set time and place before it transforms and will be experienced as loss once again.  The goal is to appreciate both and become attached to neither.

General Theme For the Month of April – 2 of Coins
If we take a look at the card, we can see the glyphs for the planet Jupiter and the sign of Capricorn, Jupiter in Capricorn.  Jupiter is a planet associated with growth, abundance and good fortune.  The sign of Capricorn is associated with constriction and reserve.  It is the sign that ushers in the winter season when we must preserve what we have in order to last through the season of darkness.  It is the time of year when we clench our bodies to preserve our warmth and we restrict our activities because the daylight is minimal.

So we have the symbols for expansion and contraction, the permission to receive and the need to restrict. It is abundance followed by limitation. This is the movement associated with the constant motion of matter in the universe.  It can be seen in the cycle of change we experience with each inhalation and exaltation of our breath. 

We don't associate the exhalation of our breath with loss, we see it is a release from the building tension of the inhalation.  We can look at the change from an increase to decrease in a similar way, releasing the old to make way for what is new and fresh to come.  This is the cyclical nature of all things.  If we can learn to go with the flow of this and to trust in the process of change, we will be able to connect with the harmony and balance that is implied in the card. 

The body of the snake devouring its tail is making a lemniscate, the symbol for infinity.  This motion is continual and eternal.  Change in circumstances is the only thing we can depend on.  Therefore, if we become too attached to a certain way of being in our lives, we will quickly become disappointed in the reality that things will never stay the same.  This is the source of struggle.

Therefore, the theme for April could also be called “go with the flow.” The body of the snake reminds us of the infinite nature of change.  There is harmony in this.  If we learn to trust the process of change, this is how we will tap into the harmony and balance that is implied in this card.  Nothing is set in stone.  Suffering is the result of not harmonizing with this truth.

Therefore, April is also a month that calls upon us to reharmonize with the perpetual movement of life.  It is necessary for creation.  It is the continual balance of opposites. We need to get our lives in order if we see that we have become too attached to what was and fall behind. It is a month of doing what we must in order to get things back in balance. 

If we interfere with this perpetual movement of life we are interrupting its infinite nature.  Look for the ways in which change is calling you to act in new and different ways in your life.  Is it time to curb your spending?  Is your relationship up for review?  Are your friendships still serving the person you are becoming?  Is your living environment no longer reflecting your current needs?  Has your spiritual path stopped being a source of inner nourishment and is now turning stale?   What is slipping away from your grasp that you have no control to change?  Go with the flow and allow change to transform what has become tired and outdated.  Make way for the next inhalation.

Physical – Knight of Cups
The Knight of Cups, representing the physical, is showing us that the changes we are seeing take place in our environment have the potential to inspire us to act from our emotional center.  This is a highly idealistic and romantic card; we see the emotionality of the suit of Cups intermingle with the fiery, passionate qualities of the knight. 

What happens when fire and water come together? The fire slowly heats the water.  Our emotional state slowly warms to the new ideas and the new life circumstances we find ourselves in.  We see value in it and we begin setting things in motion that will take us slowly towards new goals and new opportunities. 

The Knight of Cups is the fire behind the water.  He uses the fiery ambition that is contained within himself to push forward into motion the new stirrings in his heart.  He acts on this inspiration, affecting change in his external world so it more closely aligns with the new ideals that are being formed. 

What is set in motion by fire warming water is short-lived, however.  When water heats to a certain temperature it begins to evaporate and disappear.  This period of romantic, idealistic inspiration is meant to act as a catalyst for change only.  We cannot expect to see changes that are profound or deep at this point.  We cannot expect our emotional response to take us to the finish line.  What comes with the Knight of Cups is a great spiritual vision, but at this point is the means aren't there to fully carry it to a point of completion.  Use this intense emotional energy to set new dreams into motion, but we will have to draw upon different resources to translate anything into worldly completion.

Intellectual – The Empress
The Empress is the archetype of universal love, beauty, and creativity.  It is the highest and most special love, and she is capable of manifesting this on the physical plane.  We access her to bring ourselves to these higher states of spiritual evolution.  We call on her to taste the higher dimensions of love.  We embody her love and we are able to elevate our lover selves to higher states of consciousness that resonates with love.

If you look at the card you will see that she positions herself between the waxing and waning moon, but her body is turned towards the waxing moon.  She looks towards growth and the fertility of love.  Something is being created.  Something is growing. The Empress is able to manifest love on the material plane.

The Empress bypasses the mind and resonates straight from the heart, yet she occupies the intellectual position for the month of April.  What can we make of this?

One thing could be that this is not a timeframe that is coming from a strong intellectual center.  This is a month of knowing from the heart rather than utilizing our rational minds to achieve an understanding of the place we currently find ourselves.  Perhaps the understanding can only come later.  Perhaps this is a month with a focus on the direct experience. 

It is only through distancing ourselves from experience through time that will give us the space we need to wrap our minds around what these changes mean for us.  This month we are best to “think” from the heart.  It is the source of our most potent wisdom. 

We do not need to fully understand where we are at with the intellect.  Being too much in our heads can act as a barrier to feeling the fullness of universal love that she represents.  If you see that you are out of touch with love perhaps it is because you are allowing the mind to block this direct channel she offers us.

Don't push yourself for an intellectual understanding of the changes taking place at this time.  A mental understanding could actually inhibit the direct experience.  And we know the Knight of Cups is thinking from his heart as well, and that he is offering the first steps towards manifesting the changes occurring for us.

Spirit – 7 of Wands
The 7 of Wands is occupying the position of the emotional/spiritual theme for the month.  This card is given the title “Valour” in the Thoth deck and it is the representation of aggressively using our will in the face of conflict.

This is the first card that allows us to see that all of this movement and dynamism happening for us this month may not come fully willingly.  There may be an element of resistence and fear that we must contend with in the face of change. 

If you look at the card you will see the glyphs for the planet Mars and the sign Leo.  Mars is a dry and fiery planet and Leo is a dry and fiery sign.  To put them together creates an excess of the qualities that heat and dryness offer.   It is an imbalance of fire, igniting qualties such as aggression, conflict, destruction, and turbulence are brought to the forefront. 

Are you figting to keep your position?  Where is your energy directed?  Is it self-defense or universal love?  Are you hoping to stop the perpetual movement towards change?

If so, your courage is being misdirected and you are fighting a losing battle.  Your time and energy are better spent stepping into the flow to get through a difficult situation rather than using your resources to resist. 

Our spirits may feel tested to the limits at certain moments.  This could come up in our friendships, relationships, money or other problems that create hassles in our daily lives. 

Winning this battle looks much different than we may expect.  In order to win we make room for the new.  We let go of our attachments.  We experience our emotions and allow them to roll away.

Everything has its time and place.  Transformation is possible this month if we do not try to push a certain agenda that is not in alignment with this season of time and experience.  Appreciate life as it offers itself to you.

Shada McKenzie • the Circle and the Dot Tarot