Energy Forecast For July 2015: The Transformative Power of Difficult Truth

Each month I offer a free monthly Tarot forecast that looks at the dominate energies at play each month that affect our lives on the individual and collective levels.  They are available on the website and my Facebook page on the first day of each month.

Primsa Visions Swords

The energy of the suit of Swords dominates this July.  Swords have to do with the capacity to see reality in a clear and intelligent manner.  It is truth in its most raw and naked form.  With this clarity of thought, there will likely be a surfacing of grief or some element of suffering.   We tend to want to hide from reality that is difficult by utilizing various unconscious defense mechanisms that have been assembled to in order to protect ourselves from our own sorrow.  But when defensive walls of protection have been stripped away, if there is no blind will or anything else standing between ourselves and the reality before us, we have no choice but to be confronted with it.  We become awake.  

This conscious awareness is a key element in the process of transformation.  Truth is a powerful force.  Once we are confronted with the truth we cannot return to ignorance.  We must meet it courageously or else it will have its way with us.  We have to face our demons and our fears.  This is how truth enables us to transform.  The challenge is the strife that can surface in the face of truth – only through courage can we make it to the other side.

We have spent the first half of this year really putting in a lot of hard work.  We have been letting go of a lot – both willingly and reluctantly.  We have been humbled.  We have also felt times of encouragement because of the progress that we have noticed from this work.  It's not over yet.  There are still some deeply buried blind spots that need to be uncovered and dealt with.  This is what the energy of the Swords enables us to do when it is working for us.  

We encounter three Swords in July's energy forecast, accompanied by two cards from the Major Arcana.  The energy from the other three suits are conspicuously absent.  This is truly a month for the preponderance of the mental realm.  However, what good is truth if we cannot plant it into the soil to take form?  How can we use truth to spiritually grow if it is separated from our emotional center?  These are some of the challenges that we will need to work through as we travel through the month of July.  We need to consciously work towards taking truth into our hearts and allowing it to take shape in our lives.  

The cards selected for this month's reading are taken from a deck I very recently purchased, The Primsa Visions Tarot.  It is a gorgeous deck and unique in that each of the suits of the Minor Arcana are meant to be placed in order, side by side, so that a larger image is created that unfolds the symbolic story of each of the suits.  At the head of this page I have included the larger image for the suit of Swords in its entirety so that you can better understand the individual cards as I talk about them.  


Primsa Visions Tarot King of Swords

General Theme of the Month – King Of Swords

The King of Swords takes this pristine clarity of thought I have discussed and utilizes it masterfully.  What is happening in this card can better be understood if it is placed into context with the other images in the suit.   There is a battle being waged against these vicious bird-demons. If you look at the cards above, you can see that the page slays one with her Sword.  The knight courageously confronts another.  The queen more ethically captures a third and restrains it.  

The king, however, encounters a nest of hatchlings.  There is a wisdom and understanding that these demons cannot easily be permanently vanquished.  He has the practical awareness that if he were to kill these three there will only be more to to come.  The king will not be defeated, however, so in his practical wisdom he employs mercy.  Instead of using his sword as a weapon to kill the hatchlings he lifts it above his head like a magical wand and showers butterflies down on them in order to transform their nature.  

This month we will be presented with the opportunity to look at ourselves and our external world with this same level of clarity and compassion.  We can look at the harsh truth of our reality for what it really is, with all of the defensive blindfolds removed, and then masterfully transform it to work as a force of good in our lives.  We can face our wounds and allow them to lead us to a place of healing – it is the archetype of the wounded healer.  





Primsa Visions 4 of Swords


Physical – 4 of Swords
Physically speaking, this month is calling for a time of respite.  For many of us, the first half us this year has been stress filled and rather crazy with changes and uncertainties.  We are drained physically and we need a month to withdraw so that we can recuperate.

Not only that, but the very possibility that some of our demons will be surfaced in order to be healed and transformed can be incredibly taxing on our physical system.  We are not going through easy stuff.  All that is difficult is being laid on the table and we are expected to take an honest and authentic look at where we are at.  It is time to drop the excuses and delusions and face the honest truth of where we are at individually and collectively.  

We are to be doing some deep work and the body needs to be supported.  It is wise to use this month to rebuild your reserves.  Takes some days for yourself.  Take measures to de-stress.  Get back into your meditation practice.  Be gentle.  Get out of your head (which will be difficult because this is such a mentally focused month) and relax back into your body.  Breathe.  Support your body in any way that you see fit.  

Additionally, what is occurring this month is taking place in the mental realm.  Do not expect to see too many changes just yet in the way these changes will manifest for us.  The 4 of Swords does not indicate eternal sleep.  The noticeable changes in our lives may not be experienced immediately.  





Primsa Visions Tarot Chariot


Emotional – Chariot
July is the month of the emotional warrior.  The work ahead of us is not easy.  This card is encouraging us to toughen up to the emotional challenges that are required for this sort of growth.

If you look at the card you will see that a car is driving through a nighttime downpour.  Water represents the emotional realm, and this car is purposefully driving into the emotional downpour in the darkest part of the night.  Why is there such an urgency – couldn't he wait for the rain to let up?  Isn't there a more convenient time to undertake such a journey?  The reality is that the conditions will never be perfect to undertake this journey.  Now is the time to stir things up.

We also see a white dove that appears to be leading the chariot.  It gives a sense that there is a higher intelligence that is at the head of this journey.  Just as Noah released the dove to look for dry land after the Biblical flood, this dove is leading the chariot through the emotional storm in search for a place of stability.  

This card is an encouragement to charge through the emotional tests that we are currently facing.  Doing it with courage and strength.  Push past our doubts and our perceived limitations and step into the suffering.  Be committed to this journey.  Pushing beyond the emotional difficulties that arise.  The dove is leading us to our more  empowered selves, but we have to stay on track to get there.





Primsa Visions Ace of Swords


Intellectual – Ace of Swords
In the realm of our intellect we encounter another from the suit of Swords.  The Ace of Swords is a card of pure potential.  The potential it contains is the ability to cut through all illusion in order to see truth.

The Sword in this image is a gift from the Heavens.  It glistens with Divine energy.  Whoever receives this gift has the potential to cut through their circumstances with honesty, clarity and love.  It contains within it the power to cut through problems with precision and determination.  This is an incredibly useful tool as we drive into our emotional wounds as we see in the Chariot.

With this sword comes the ability to take a hard and honest look at all the facets of our lives – all of our beliefs, all of our assumptions that have been passed down to us, all of or judgements, our body of knowledge, our power structure, our culture, all of our ways of operating in the world – both on the personal and collective scale.  We take the precise point of this blade and we slice away anything that is false.  We do this in pursuit of our freedom.  There is no reason to leave anything unquestioned.  Everything is on the table to be dissected and transformed.  






Primsa Visions Hierophant


Spiritual – The Hierophant
The Hierophant is the bridge between the material realm and the higher spiritual realms.  It is the intermediary that has a direct connection to the divine – the ideal.  The Hierophant is of the material realm – it is formed from the stars, but it resides in the celestial realm.  

The Hierophant holds the key to understanding the the higher realms and accessing the ideal within us.  He is our physical connection to the understanding of the non physical.  He is astrology.  He is the Tarot.  He is the counselor.  He is the Pope.  Until we are able to  experience the divine unity of the Heavens first hand, we need this mediator.  We need a tool to help us to comprehend the infinite.  

This card is showing us that we do not have to take this journey alone.  We have tools and teachers along he way that can help us to process and assimilate the changes that have been occurring to us individually and collectively.  

The card is also encouraging us to look at our belief systems that have been passed down.  Are they still serving us?  Could we look to find a newer and better fitting philosophy?  Is it time to create our own?  





Sending love to you all as you step into this month!
Shada McKenzie
the Circle and the Dot