Entering the Abyss • July 2017 Monthly Tarot Forecast


Shada McKenzie • the Circle and the Dot



The month ahead announces a time of change in our lives.  It can be thought of as a major initiation where we are being “reborn” into a new role.  This is to be fully embraced, yet we are likely to encounter areas of resistance.  Fears may arise.  We will feel the pull to check out at times, becoming fixated on what is secure and comfortable in our lives.  Remember, what we are being called to walk away from is ready to be left behind.  We cannot embrace the mystery of what lies before us while still being shackled to the past.


The Fool RWSGeneral Theme for the Month of July – The Fool
Often tarot readers think of the Fool as foolish or naïve.  But for the theme of the month of July the Fool represents the awareness of our inability to fully perceive what we are about to descend into. We know something is happening, but what this exactly entails remains unknown.  It requires our trust in order to be able to take the leap forward.   It isn't an act of foolishness.  It isn't done haphazardly.  It is a deliberate and calculated act, fully aware that we are ignorant and deciding to go for it anyway.

We take this leap anyway because we know there is no other way into this realm, yet we must enter it. There is no back entrance, the is no escalator down.   We have the wisdom to understand that we must take this journey.  There is an intuitive awareness that it will be difficult, but we also understand that it will herald dramatic and important changes for our future selves.  Once we go in there is no turning back.

I'm writing this from a cafe and just as I looked up this instant, a girl in a t-shirt passed.  The message on the shirt read, “great things never come from those who play it safe”  This is what the Fool understands and this is why we need to give him his due credit.  He understand the need to embrace this unknown journey and to take on all challenges and opportunities that await. 

The path to success is not the path well travelled.  This month we have to forge a new path forward.  There is little awareness of what is ahead of us, is is a path of untapped magic and pure potential.  Faith is essential, and trust will grow from this faith as we act upon it.  Cultivating a sense of excitement and a readiness for adventure will help this journey forward.

If we look to the card for inspiration we see he is about to take a step off the ledge.  His arms are wide open and he holds a white flower of purity in his hand.  He has faith he will be taken care of and his heart is pure.  He is holding onto nothing from the past because he knows it will be nothing other than a hinderance on this journey.  He proceeds with a lightness in his heart, no baggage.  It is moving forward with freedom.  It is an initiation; letting go of the old self to be born into something new and still unknown. 

This month ahead, embrace this noble quality.  Be willing to let go of what is familiar and to start afresh.  Repeatedly reorienting yourself to this magical energy is how to make the most of what this month has to offer.  

Queen of Pentacles RxPhysical – Queen of Pentacles Rx
With the Fool we have a great force to working for us this month, for our growth and transformation.  However, the reversed Queen of Pentacles in the position of the physical for the month ahead indicates that we may have issues with letting go of some of the creature comforts that we have become accustomed to.  It is a push/pull struggle.

Looking back to the Fool, he carries with him only a small knapsack that he flings over his shoulder.  He has managed to whittle his possessions down to the bare essentials.  The Queen of Pentacles is the Queen of the physical realm.  She has gained immense wisdom to be able to take this place on the throne.  She enjoys the nicer things in life, yet she has an understanding that these physical things she surrounds herself with have their proper place.  They do not rule her.

When this queen is reversed, however, she has lost sight of what is truly important.  She has lost sight of the spiritual underpinning of all the physical things that surround her.  She has amassed wealth and now is afraid to be without it.  She knows she cannot descend into the abyss with all she has, and this causes doubts.  Should she stay with what is known and secure?  Or shall she let all of this go and embrace the journey?

The thing to keep in mind is that when she is reversed, the Queen of Pentacles has lost the ability to discern what is truly important.  She has lost sight of the spiritual dimension of life and the weight of the material begins to act like a shackle.  Her growth and well being are stunted.  She is afraid of change.  She is afraid of letting go of the comfortable life she has cultivated.  If she does not shift her priorities, as a consequence she risks a life of monotony and unfulfillment, trapped by the weight of the physical.

Taking the leap is bound to make us feel uprooted.  This is the point.  The goal this month is not to feel anchored and secure about what is to come, but to step into the unknown with lightness and trust.  It is a month of initiation into a new version of the Self.  Uprooting our lives in some way or another may be necessary. 

6 of CupsMental – 6 of Cups
The 6 of Cups is a card of nostalgia.  It is about looking into the past with the recollection of the pleasures that it contained.  We must be aware not to be too connected to these sweet past memories or we may have difficulties living in the present moment.  Just the same way we can be too connected to the creature comforts we surround ourselves with, we can become too connected to our fond memories.  A fondness for the emotional abundance received in the past can put us in a state of limbo.  We cannot return to what once was, yet an over-attachment to what has come and gone could keep us from moving ahead.  Remember the Fool takes nothing of the past with him – not physically and not emotionally.

The challenge is to not allow fond memories shackle us.  If there is a sense they are doing just this. Make peace with the past and recover from the hold it has upon you.  If a fondness for what is no more overtakes you, your work is to make peace with it so it does not act like an anchor.  The Fool moves forward with emotional lightness in his heart.  Do not overthink the past, what has come and gone and is no more.  There is no longer a healthy place for it within you.

4 of Swords RxSpiritual/Emotional – 4 of Swords Rx
Emotionally speaking this month, the reversed 4 of Swords indicates a conflicting desire to rest and recuperate from some sort of emotional or spiritual injury, yet there is no time at this moment available for such luxuries.  Remember, July is not a month for regaining a secure footing in body mind or spirit. It is a month for taking risks.  There may be emotional struggles that arise, but to take the time to process at heal is to miss the opportunity of the moment.  Healing can come later.

The emotional struggles must be endured.  We need to engage with the process of life and change.  There is no period of time available for reflection.  The Fool is at the edge of the abyss and that next descending step is a huge one.  Emotional and spiritual trauma may result but it is not a safe at this moment to lick these wounds.  We are at the beginning of a new journey and above all else this needs to be embraced.  Be brave.