Getting Back On Track • July 2016 Monthly Tarot Energy Forecast

July 2016 Montly Tarot card layout

6 of Swords RxGeneral Theme For July – 6 of Swords Rx
As we enter the beginning of this month, there are still some lingering and difficult energies that need to be shaken before we can leave the challenges from the last several months behind.  Therefore, the general theme of the month has to do with problems around leaving something behind that is necessary to move away from in order to embrace the lighter energies that are ahead.  If we don't navigate our way through our troubles we could become stuck within them.

There is a literal and perfect example of this where I currently am residing, in Chiapas, Mexico.  There is a lingering teacher strike here, and last week in Oaxaca the situation erupted into violence when the government decided to randomly machine-gun down a number of school teachers in protest.

In retaliation,  the teachers have been blocking an important oil refinery in Salina Cruz.  Gas supplies are dwindling.  People are waiting hours for a small ration of gas.  Riots are erupting in front of the gas stations.  Fresh food supplies are dwindling.  People are stuck without transportation.  

The country is currently unable to move away from the pain created from last week's violence.  The region is literally moving to a standstill because they are unable to travel freely.  Simultaneously, things are figuratively moving to a standstill because they are unable to embrace a new perspective.  

This is what the reversed 6 of Swords is about.  It is a card of delays, difficulties, a troubled passage that is not yet complete.  Things are at a standstill and the stress has not relented.

In our skies, this is also what the fiery and aggressive planet Mars is mirroring.  It has just ended a 2 ½ month retrograde period, and is now stationing direct.  Similar to those in Mexico, Mars needs to be refueled before it can begin the journey back through the skies.  It will take a while for the planet to pick up steam and begin to progress again over the troubled waters of Scorpio where it currently inhabits.  Right now it is seemingly sitting in a standstill and feeling a lack of progress.  It is as if the hand is placed on the flaming stovetop without the reflexes that are needed to recoil from the harm.

As the month progresses this energy will begin to transform and we are likely to see brighter days ahead.  We can help this along by understanding that there is a higher power within us that is available to guide us through the remaining difficulty this timeframe has brought.  If we can take away the need to control outcomes with our own reasoning faculties and go with the flow, we may find that we are miraculously guided through the remaining difficulties unscathed.  There is a higher intelligence that can lovingly guide us through this passage.

RWS MAgicianSpiritual – The Magician
Despite the difficulty in the beginning, July appears to be a month of spiritual opportunity where many of our spiritual ideas and ideals can be brought down to earth and grounded into our lives.  With the energy of the Magician supporting us, we can use our minds in a sharp and productive way allowing for spiritual growth and development.  

If you look at the card you will see the Magician holds a wand to the Heavens; with his other hand he points to the earth.  He acts as a conductor of energy  He is able to channel the spiritual power in order to manifest it on the plane of action.  Using the power of the mind, we can bridge the world of the spirit and the material realm.  We can call down a new level of enlightenment to be experienced in our everyday reality.

Whether we acknowledge it or not, we are living channels for the spirit.  At this time, we have the increased power to be able to hone and focus this energy, and take positive action for rapid growth and development.  It seems there is a need this month for us to be able to determine when it is necessary to let go of our will and put our lives into the hands of a higher power and when it is appropriate to take the reins of action and make something happen. We can use the events of the last several months as fuel for rapid spiritual development and advancement.  If we hone our focus and attention we can initiate positive changes in our lives.

This is a great month to pick up and resume any spiritual practice you have allowed to fall to the side in recent months, also a time to commit to a new practice or discipline.  The results of your focus and dedication will be noticed.  It is a great month to use the mind to grow your spiritual consciousness.  Pick up a text on Hermetic philosophy.  Read the Tao de Ching.  Commit to study a divination system.  

Also, it is a good time to ask yourself where your spiritual gifts may be found and how you may develop them further.  Look for coincidences and synchronicities which are truly the work of the Magician archetype, altering reality to produce growth in your realm.  What is coming into your life this month?  It is not an accident.  

RWS 7 of Cups RxIntellectual – 7 of Cups Rx
Over the last month or so we were asked to allow our emotions to lead us during a time of intellectual uncertainty.  We can see with the reversed 6 of Wands that we are still in the final stages of this passage and that it may be beneficial for us to release the need to control any outcome by using the faculty of our minds.  

However, to see the reversed 7 of Cups showing up as the theme for the intellectual we can see that this intellectual fog could lift, bringing a return of certainly and decisiveness, and the ability to reason through our issues with accuracy.  We will see the return of good, solid, intellectually productive choices.

To have this card paired with the general theme of the month, shows us we need to use our mental faculties to the extent that we may determine what it is we can control the outcome of using our will and what is best to give over to the higher will.  The clarity of thought has the power to bring decisiveness in action.

Expect an increased ability to think more concretely.  You may find your mental faculties more grounded with an increased ability to trust what you mind is telling you to do.  If you cannot yet do so, remember to give your will to the higher mind to ensure you will make the safe passage.

Also, this card is suggesting that we can make our dreams and desires more concrete by taking action upon them.  The reversal of this card paired with the Magician is a very powerful combination.  We have the power to take action in our lives and see tangible progress because we are more down to earth in our expectations and goals. This makes it a productive month for learning, growing and evolving ourselves.

RWS the HierophantEmotional – The Hierophant
The Hierophant is calling upon us to handle the navigation of this month with a higher level of emotional integrity.  As Mars slowly makes journey through the sky, regaining the ground it has lost and struggling to pick up the pace, there may still be some moments where it feels as though our hand is still resting on the hot stovetop.  Emotional discomfort is a result and Irritations can easily erupt until the speed returns.  

The Hierophant energy is our moral compass through this.  What should our emotional responses be because we know they are correct and higher-minded?  With the energy of the Hierophant, we can reject immature emotional expressions or outbursts because we are ready to take the higher ground.  
The Magician gives form to what is intangible.  It is the Hierophant who is able to direct us in a way that ensures that what we are creating on our lives is of value and worthy of existence.  Without the Hierophant's moral compass we could be led astray by the Magician's strength.

This month we can use our emotional intelligence to lead us to what is right and good.  Our emotions can tell us if we are coming from a place that is humane or good or if we need to shift our actions.  We can feel our way into this.  We can use our emotional center to come into alignment with our higher conscious.  We can use it to overcome petty hostilities and small-mindedness.

RWS 9 of Cups RxPhysical – 9 of Cups Rx
The reversed 9 of Cups is a humbling energy.  There are aspects to our physical environment or health and well being that may have been being actively ignored.  This month may be the time for us to come to terms with some of these things and to properly address them to be taken care of definitively.

When we see this card in the upright position we see a happy figure proudly sitting before a row of Cups.  Each cup represents something for him to feel happy and accomplished about.  Life is good to him and has rewarded him with treasures.

However, the figure acts as sort of a blockade.  We can see what he has behind him but we are not invited to experience these treasures with him.  It may be there is something that is being hidden or ignored.  There is a reason why we have to witness from a distance.

When reversed, these hidden aspects come to the surface and are exposed.  The pride becomes humbled.  There is still work to do and we can plainly see where this needs to occur.  It might be matters of health coming to the surface.  

Perhaps the lack of exercise is becoming noticeable when you find yourself winded after climbing a flight of stars or see a new ring of flab developing in your midsection.  Maybe it is finally acknowledging that the occasional bottle of wine after work is becoming an almost nightly event.  It could be the facade on the surface of your house is literally beginning to crumble revealing the ugly concrete hidden beneath.

It calls upon us to be honest with ourselves and to make important changes in our life that will lead us to a more authentic happiness, health and vitality.  It is about no longer ignoring what has been easy to ignore up until now.  It wishes to see us live more authentically, from a higher center.

Be kind to yourself as you make the last efforts to move away from the difficulties over the last few months and towards a more empowered place.  Maintain your integrity.  Aim to be more authentic with yourself about where you stand and use the power of the Magician to transform to a higher, more loving way of being.

Shada McKenzie • The Circle and the Dot