Holding On • May 2018 Monthly Tarot Forecast

Many of you who follow astrological transits already know that May is a month of high celestial activity.  This time of high activity and change peaks mid-month when Uranus finally makes its ingress into the sign of Taurus after spending seven years in Aries.  On the same day, Mars also ingresses into Aquarius.  The two planets will form a square, creating a lot of dynamism and tension. 

Therefore, the month has a split to it.  Before and after the ingress of Uranus, and the dynamic tension and change that comes with the two planetary ingresses, squaring one another. 

Uranus, the planet of change, upheaval, revolution, eccentricity, innovation, and originality is changing houses with the change in sign.  This means that this sort of chaotic energy is due to affect a new area of your life for the next seven years to come.  This change will undoubtedly be felt, especially so if it ingresses into one of your more active houses. 

Nearly at the same time, Mars, assertive, angry and forceful, ingresses into the sign of Aquarius, causing an immediate square with Uranus, creating a raw and intense urge to break free from what has been stagnant in the houses these two planets are occupying in your chart. 

So how does this celestial event correlate with these cards I have drawn for the month of May, a month that is split by two extremes?  One thing that is immediately noticeable in this reading is that there are 2 tens showing up in this four-card spread.

In the tarot, tens are often thought to be associated with some sort of completion.  In each suit of the Minor Arcana, we begin with the Ace, the raw, pure, undiluted energy of the suit.  It holds the unlimited potential the suit represents.  The ten is the last of the numbered cards of the Minor Arcana.  It exhibits the completion of the suit.  It represents the potential of the Ace in its fully realized state of being.  Since the tens are cards of completion, it marks the readiness for change, a new cycle ready to come into being. 

For the month of May, two tens are showing up, yet they are both reversed.  There is a sense there is a readiness, perhaps a necessity, for change, but there is a holding back or delay.  There may be an obstacle in the way, a need for a breakthrough to occur before the energy is released. 

Therefore, I call the forecast for the month ahead "holding on." But the holding on is for little more than an ineffectual attempt to avoid experiencing the disruptions that are inevitably ahead.  It may be best to allow what is ready for completion to come to its end.  The urge to hold on in order to avoid experiencing disruption could actually create more tension than we would otherwise experience. This holding on may come in our lives in such ways as emotional attachment, fear of letting something go physically, or an attachment to a spiritual belief, a thought or idea that has become outdated and no longer serves who we are becoming.

10 of Swords RxGeneral Theme of the Month – 10 of Swords Rx
The 10 of Swords is the representation of defeat.  Swords, the suit of conflict and struggle, has reached its climax with the ten.  Swords is also the representation of the intellect.  It is the way we THINK about a situation that often brings about the struggle we experience. 

If we take a look at this card, we will see a person who has been stabbed in the back by ten swords.  It is a death, an irrevocable ending.  It is our worst fears coming into realization.

When this happens, the best and only true thing we can do is to move away from what it is that has died.  The worst has come into realization and to attempt to stick it out only prolongs the suffering.  It is like living in a state of perpetual death.

If you look at this card, in the background the hint of a yellow sunrise is beginning to erode the blackness of the night.  A new day is dawning, a new beginning, a new intellectual understanding, that has grown from the lessons learned through our experience. This is what we need to focus on.  We need to understand that by releasing our need to control the outcome of the conflicts in our lives if we let go, we allow the process of completion and transformation to take place. 

Because this card is showing up reversed for the month of May, we can say we will be confronted with this theme in some area of our lives.  We will be confronted with the fear of releasing our control of an outcome.  We see an area where we are trying to desperately hold on to something that is due (or past due) to expire. 

Holding on in this way is blocking our own transformation from happening, it prolongs our suffering, and it is a pointless effort.  

Physical – 9 of Cups9 of Cups
The 9 of Cups in regards tot he physical realm shows us a reason for happiness.  There is something physically present in our lives that is leading to feelings of fulfillment and pride.

If you take a look at this card, you will notice that a figure sits before nine golden cups.  Each cup is filled with a precious substance that provides him feelings of emotional satisfaction and fulfillment.  Indeed, there is much to be happy about.

He sits before them proudly.  He has so much to show off in his life.  There is so much beauty, so many rewards that have been given to him.

This is a month where we may feel a sense of achievement and emotional satisfaction over what we have been able to build in our lives.  Take a look around yourself.  What do you see?  Who do you see?  What are you doing with your life? These blessings are yours to have and bring you pleasure and contentment.  They provide a sense of security amidst times of change.

But it is also important to realize that this card is given the value of nine.  In the tarot, nine is a number of "near completion."  While there are many blessings to appreciate, there is still a bit more emotional work to be done. 

There is something in our physical lives that, while leading us to happiness and pleasure, we need to make final adjustments to our attitudes around them.  We need to make sure that we are not taking for granted the gifts that have been offered to us.  We need to put any complacency and self-righteousness in check and reorient ourselves towards gratitude for the blessings the Divine has bestowed upon us.  All you have in your life is a blessing from the Divine.  Make sure you don't lose sight of this.  

Intellectual – 10 of Cups Rx10 of Cups Rx
Around the theme of the intellectual influences, we may encounter some sort of emotional suffering in the month ahead.  The 10 of Cups is a card of the uncomfortable realization that our hopes of love and emotional fulfillment have failed to come to fruition.  It has to do with the way we think something ought to be that is the cause of this. 

This is the representation of something potentially sweet and satisfying in our lives failing to meet the potential it has to offer, failing to meet our expectations.  It could also mean a delay, perhaps this fruition is coming at its own pace.

Either way, the lack creates conditions for emotional discomfort.  We think things ought to look one way and they simply are not as we wish at this time.

Connecting this to the 10 of Swords, we can see they are both tens and they are both reversed.  There is a holding onto an expectation of a certain outcome when it is best to allow the process to unfold according to the Divine plan.  Remember, tens are cards of completion and indicate a readiness for transformation and a new cycle to emerge from this transformation. 

What sort of idea are you holding ton in your life that is prolonging the difficulties you are experiencing?  What is it you will not let go of that is delaying the opportunity for a new beginning to emerge in your life?

The release of this expectation could feel like the release of ten thousand pounds of internal pressure.

Spiritual – Justice RxJustice Rx
Justice, in the position of the spiritual theme for May, is the representation of the spiritual virtues we possess.  She is the representation of higher truth and a higher authority in our lives. 

If you take a look at the card, you will see in one hand she holds a sword.  The sword is perfectly erect, not tilted either a millimeter to the left or to the right.  In the other hand, she holds the scales of justice.  They maintain a perfect balance, so much so that even the weight of a feather could upset this exact harmony. 

This is the exactness of her virtue, her moral authority, her connection to the higher spiritual truth that she lives by.

This requires dynamism, there are constant micro-adjustments she must make to maintain this exactness.  She is constantly in a state of self-correction.  This is a balance that is maintained by living in truth, living in harmony with the natural order of all that is.

She is in service to this higher order of truth. She understands that we must all be accountable to this truth and we will have to face the consequences of living out of balance at some point.

In May's forecast, we see this card as reversed.  The perfect harmony and balance is off.  It is time to face some consequences.  In some way, we have lost our connection to our true nature.  Undoubtedly, it is connected to holding onto what is ready to be released.  This disconnection to higher truth and authority is the cause of our suffering.  In reality, this theme of holding on is a lapse of integrity because it is out of alignment with the higher authority that rules all things. 

This month we are called to correct this imbalance.  We must trust that by holding on we are only prolonging our suffering, and the release comes with giving up our need to control the outcome.


Shada McKenzie • the Circle and the Dot Tarot