Impatience, Obstruction and Delays

April Tarot Energy Forecast • Circle and the Dot



Impatience, Obstruction and Delays

April is a month which contains within it an exceptional amount of vigor.  Unfortunately, effectively channeling this energy to achieve goals will likely be challenging.  It is a month of delayed starts, obstructed potential.  It is the ungerminated seed that  could lead to moments of impatience and frustration if we are expecting to see fast and immediate results.  

In the first few weeks of April, we are still under the influence of the exalted Aries sun.  However, the cards show tendencies towards the creative beginnings that typically accompanies this energy being thwarted.  This is likely due to the Mars retrograde period that begins mid month.  As I write these words, Mars, the planet of fiery ambition, is already beginning to station, and by the 18th he will be in retrograde until the 29th of June.  This malforms the energetic fire of Aries that we normally would be taking pleasure in right now.  Reversed, it cannot be expressed in its normal manner.  As it builds and builds without a proper creative outlet, all of the vigorous energy that it contains has the potential to disperse in less than ideal ways.  Therefore, frustrated and potentially destructive expressions of the energy are possible.  


Mary-El Tarot, 3 of Wands RxGeneral Theme of the Month – 3 of Wands Rx
The 3 of Wands is a card having to do with understanding and expressing the creative fire within ourselves.  It is the representation of the coiled kundalini energy that unravels itself from the base of the spine, traveling up towards the eye of God.  It is the Aries springtime energy.  It is an energy that is ready to be set into motion and actualized, a tight coil, ready to spring to action.  It demonstrates an increased vitality, giving us the strength needed to push forth our ideas and ambitions out into the world.  It is the knowledge and skill that enables us to manifest desires and set off to tackle challenges with enthusiasm.  It is the energy of setting goals, envisioning possibilities, foresight, planning and acting on our intentions.  

All of this I have just mentioned is the 3 of Wands when it is being expressed in healthy ways.  However, this month we see this card showing up in its reversed position.  

The Kundalini is ready to uncoil but is not allowed to rise.  The creativity is blocked.  We can still feel deep within us the building momentum of energy, and this could feel quite uncomfortable because there is no healthy outlet.  We feel it and we desire to act upon it but the conditions are incorrect to materialize from it.  

How might this look as we attempt to navigate through the month?  

We could encounter difficulties while trying to reach any goals we have laid out.  We may need to scale them back or be more flexible with how and when then unfold.  We may find we are too scattered in our focus to accomplish much of anything.  We may see unexpected setbacks.  It may feel like all of the effort we have been putting towards our plans has been wasted.  Naturally this is a recipe for frustration and outbursts of useless anger as the pent up energy is released like a pressure relief valve.  

Alternatively, this energy may express itself as a lack of desire, a lack of passion or a lack of energy.  There will just be no momentum available to get anything started.  The apathy is fear-based.  Instead of confidently moving forward with our dreams we may be stuck in self-doubt.

However it looks specifically, the reversed 3 of Wands energy will be coloring all we experience throughout the month.  It is a difficult energy to contend with, but it can be managed by understanding that the initiating energy of Mars is best worked with using a different approach.  If we know now that we will likely be pushing against blocks and still struggle to create change an movement in our lives, perhaps we can channel the energy internally.

It is a solid month for inner work.  

We could work on correcting inner imbalances. We could use this time frame for study and solitude.  We could work on our self-image, doing things to help increase our sense of self worth and well-being.  Perhaps we could release this building energy while out in nature with exercise. We could use this time to restrategize our business plan, carefully looking at what is working and what needs to change.  It is a good month for assessment and planning for the future.  

Expecting a lot of external progress this month could very well lead to disappointing results, so if we use it for preparation and self-maintenance we can avoid much of the frustration that might otherwise build to the boiling point.

Spiritual – Ace of Swords Rx
In the position describing the spiritual influences we have another reversal showing up.  

When in its upright position, the Ace of Swords offers us the gift of the seed of the intellect.  It is the beginning of mental understanding.  A brand new, important idea is forming in the mind and beginning to take hold.  This new thought is the kernel of a deeper spiritual understanding that carries with it the potential for deep spiritual growth and development.

The Ace of Swords is showing that something within us has taken hold and would like to develop.  

It may be a revelation that could fundamentally change how we view ourselves and the universe in its entirety.  However, it is reversed.  We have this kernel, this nugget, that has been forming within us.  We are ready for it to take off and lead us into new spiritual territory.  But the energy at this time is being obstructed in some way from fully expressing.  

Instead of being inspired by this all, we may find ourselves confused and overwhelmed.  

We are worn down and tired, and the clarity this Ace contains is more easily clouded by the rush of emotions.  We may also be disturbed by the new idea.  The more attention we give to it the more it opens and the less comfortable it becomes to grapple with.  This little nugget of spiritual truth may be expanding in our minds, but we are unable at this point to grow with the changes it requires.

Again, frustration is a likely result.  The strength this card represents is great and facing the changes that are rising fro within may be too much to bear at times.

When we look at the image on this card and filter it through the meaning of the previous, we can see their emotional "colors" are analogous to each other.  The frustration is very apparent in both.  The desire to burst forth is evident and the inability to do so effectively can create overpowering emotions.

The good news is that we are on the precipice of something great.  We are on the verge of a new level of spiritual awakening.  At this moment it may feel more disturbing than wonderful, but if we don't try to force it we can reach the opening with minimal discomfort.  The faculty of clear thinking will return with time.

Mary-El Tarot, The LoversIntellectual – The Lovers
In the place of the the intellectual we have the Lovers, a card with many spiritual implications. This is in diametric contrast to what we were just looking at –  a very intellectual card showing up in the position of the spiritual.  They are related to each other through their mirroring.

We can see at this time our intellectual and spiritual planes are closely intertwined.  Likely, what we are learning lately is making a deep spiritual impact on us.  Perhaps part of the current struggles have to do with being able to effectively change our outer ways of being so they are more aligned with our intellectual understanding and awareness that is rapidly evolving.  

Taken in context with the predominant energy of the month, the Lovers is to be seen as a card of choice.  The choice has to be made between blissfully merging with the other as an act of love, forcing your current sense of identity to die in the process, or holding onto your current sense of self and missing the experience of union.   It is the struggle to choose between synergy and separation.

Merging the self with the other, is required to make a more complete version of who we are becoming.  The choice made depends on how precious our current identity is to us at this time.  There is always pain involved in losing the self.  

It is very similar to two lovers coming together in marriage.  There is always a certain level of fear and trepidation involved because we know the idea of “I” will be lost.  The reason why we would even contemplate this union is that it is an act of love.  We desire to feel the bliss of merging together in love.  The merged “we” that comes into being is much more perfect and complete than the solitary “I.”  So the sacrifice is ultimately made.

In the realm of the intellectual, the Lovers is showing us that April is a month where we will be working towards uniting our love for particular ideas and intellectual concepts we have been exploring with what we currently identify as the “I” in our lives.  In order to make the union complete further ego death is required.  We have to let go of who we thought we were and how we understood the world before merging with this new way of being in the world.  We have to open ourselves to a deepened integration of these ideas.  In a sense, we have the opportunity to more fully become the concepts we have been recently toying with.  

We have to love the higher truth these thoughts contain more than we love ourselves.  We have to accept that by taking it inside we are becoming more whole.  We are closer to living out our purpose.  As we abandon old ways of being, anxiety and doubt is understandable.  In order for the new ideas being formed in our minds become integrated we have to begin identifying with them.  We have to love wisdom over our established patterns.  

The intellectual energy of the month could feel harmonious for us this month only if we are willing to sacrifice ourselves to it.

Mary-El Tarot, The Magician RxEmotional – The Magician Rx
Another reversed card, the Magician is appearing in the place of the emotional realm.  Again, we see a huge amount of creative potential that is being blocked from fully manifesting at this time.

The Magician is a card of self-mastery.  It is transformation that can occur through the sheer act of will to make changes desired in life.  It is great creative potential and opportunities.  It is a card of inspiration, vision and action.

On the emotional plan we see another huge potential for change and development that is wanting to come forth.  But again, the reversal is indicating an inability for this potential to materialize at this time.  When upright, the Magician is bold.  Reversed, he is ineffective and unable to focus his will.  

This month in the emotional realm it is more of the same: blocked potential and delay.

Keep in mind, however, that this is a Major Arcana.  It is a force that is strong and cannot stay confined forever.  We are looking at major emotional growth and development...eventually.  It is not time as of yet to see this change com forth.  The planetary influences are not working towards leaps and bounds manifestation.  

It is a time to get in touch with the inner self.  The emotional roller coaster that this month could contain within it can be quelled with a healthy commitment to staying grounded through meditation, exercise, and time for solitary activities, such as reading and contemplation.  Look for a place of calm, especially when things become emotionally charged.  

Mary-El Tarot, 4 of SwordsPhysical – 4 of Swords
The 4 of Swords is encouraging us to take this month to rest and recover as much as possible.  It is not a time to throw ourselves into the chaotic mix of life.  The ambient energy is chaotic enough.  Again, do what we have to to stay grounded and to ride out this time in a meditative, quiet place.  

Lay low.  Cancel your appointments and any major plans that require a big push to succeed.  Stay out of the drama of the month as much as possible.  Initiating anything could likely lead to frustration.  What out for extroverted expressions of hostility and anger that may arise and make an effort to calm yourself.  Accept disruptions.  You know they are coming and there is no need to act as though you are surprised by them.  Let go of petty annoyances.  Step away from the fire and you will be more likely to make it to the other side and then begin to successfully work with these incredible energies that are laying dormant again.  

Shada Mckenzie • The Circle and the Dot
Deck: The Mary-El Tarot