March 2016 Energy Forecast • Beneath the Rays of the Exalted Sun

March 2016 Monthly Energy Forecast, the Circle and the Dot

March, the month that introduces of the sign of energetic Aries and the vernal equinox, is the time of year when the sun passes over the equator and reclaims its position of strength and radiance in our northern skies, creating new power, life and energy on the planet and in our lives.  It is an auspicious time filled with new spiritual vitality, new ambitions and new creative energy.   

This month we will be honoring the return of the solar energy by working with it its attributes, using them to shape our vision for the future.  The solar fire gives us the vigor needed to work constructively and with a radiance on the projects in our lives.    It is a timeframe for setting things right and taking on new challenges with a rekindled sense of commitment and enthusiasm.  It is also a month for trimming out the energy leaks, repairing the areas in our lives that have been spoiled by our old and outdated ways of relating with ourselves and with others, securing our loving foundations and restoring new hope for what we may create for the future.  It is a month for embracing what is new, fresh and currently developing in our lives.  

Make hay while the sun shines, as the saying goes.  March is the month to put on our work boots and engage in making constructive progress towards fulfilling our dreams.  It has all of the ingredients required to be quite productive and successful.  The energy it contains allows for us to efficiently overcome difficulties and optimally harness our strengths.  The sun will be shining brightly upon us again this month.


General Theme of the Month – The Sun
For the reasons I have mentioned, it's very appropriate to have the Sun card show up as the general theme.  The Sun is a card that speaks of transformation, warmth, optimism and clarity.  It is a highly creative energy that leads us to fulfillment in our lives.

What we see in the image of this card is the personification of the moment of the equinox, the exact point when the darkness meets the light at the equatorial threshold.  They are united, and join as one in a harmonious embrace.  

The lunar Moon, the feminine symbol for the depths of the soul meets the sun the image of the fiery expansiveness of spirit.  Soul and spirit meet at the midpoint between the two extremes, in a recovered state after their time apart.  Here they recombine, recreating the balance that was lost during their time apart.  Lightness and darkness, day and night, masculine and feminine come together and are transformed.  It is a time of health and well being where we can be in balance and harmony the the divine light that guides us.  

During the month of March, there is the opportunity to achieve our goals while within the window of this state of balance and equilibrium.  It is a timeframe for self-empowerment, seeing things clearly and using enthusiasm to overcomes the obstacles that have been keeping us apart from the success we seek.  The wisdom gained from past mistakes can allow us to create more effective approaches because we will have the clarity and the wisdom of the Sun working with us, gaining a lot of ground in our plans and ambitions.  

What tasks or projects are currently on your agenda?  What doubts or insecurities have been holding you back that could use a fresh batch of optimistic energy?  How would you like to see yourself thrive?  These are questions to ask yourself this month as you decide what is most worthy of light and vitality you have to offer.

Spiritual – 5 of Swords

5 of Swords, ALchemical Tarot, The Circle adn the DotOn the spiritual level, March is a month where we will find we have the energy required to further repair the damaged areas of our spirit.  With the higher levels of balance and harmony this month provides, we have an increased amount of strength to be able to vulnerably explore these spoiled areas within ourselves.  

Where is negativity holding you back?  What are the current limitations of your spirit?  Where are the areas where you still “can't go?”  Alternatively, where are the areas that seem to be more malleable and can be stretched towards growth by your focus and determination to see improvements?  How might you make adjustments in this area so you may shine with a greater level of integrity?  A greater level of vitality is highly possible with your thoughtfulness and willingness to fix the areas that are not working for your highest good.  

If you take a look at the card you will see the metalsmith is doing just the same.  On the wall he has two swords in need of repair.  Above them there are two others that have already been brought back to a state of integrity.  We see him repairing a fifth as he hammers it bak into shape while in its hot and malleable state.

Swords are symbolic of our thinking patterns.  There are areas of negativity that can be improved during this malleable time.  If we strike while the metal is hot we have a great chance to break apart some of our rigid thought patterns and restructure them.  What changes in lifestyle are necessary to bring yourself to a greater level of spiritual satisfaction and wellbeing?  Do the work this month and you could see much progress in this realm.  

This may require revisiting old wounds and giving them the space to reopen and bleed anew.  It brings up the possibility for some unpleasant moments in the process.  However, messiness is a part of reparation.

In addition to this card and Sun, we have two cards from the suit of Staffs showing up, adding further levels of heat and brightness to this time.  Clearly, its a fiery month.  Staffs are also representative of the time of spring.  It is the archetype of newness, creativity and inspiration.  This is beautiful and uplifting, but like the impetuousness of fire we can go to extremes, and the control can slip away from our fingers.

Intellectual – 8 of Staffs

8 of Staffs, Alchemical Tarot, the Circle and the DotThe 8 of Staffs has to do with the type of impetuous fire that I speak of.  It is symbolic of a burning hot inspiration, filled with bold new ideas and plans and a fierce desire to make headway within them.  On an intellectual level, it shows the will to gain ground and set fires to a myriad of new projects.  The inspiration is wonderful, however, there is a point when there is too much of our energy being directed at too many different areas of focus. Not enough attention can be given to all of them.  Something needs to be shifted in order to hone in on what is most important.  

If you take a look at this card you will see there are eight staffs that have been set ablaze.  Each one represents a different area of intellectual inspiration.  They are all huddled together, burning brightly and in danger of spreading violently out of control.  

The woodcutter understands the potential for chaos, therefore he has made the decision to cut back on some of the staffs so they can be more suitably managed.  One has already been chopped to the stump.  A second is about to fall.  

The image is showing our need to cut back on some of our projects and hone in on what is most important to us at this time.  This will lead to more controlled and effective growth.  It also indicates that we should look to where we may be giving our energy away to what is not truly important.  Where are you wasting your energy?  Do you need to throw away the television?  Do you need to deactivate Facebook?  Might you need to cut yourself off from the political rhetoric that feels like a misdirection of energy that would be better spent on something creative?  Cut back on the less important demands of your time so that your fire can channeled in a more constructive way.  Where does your fire feel like its out of your control?  What's important to you and deserves more of your time and attention?  Tend to the correct fires.  

Progress could be actually be hampered by an overeagerness because the release of energy could be too great.  In this period of high creativity and optimism it may be tempting to take on more than what we are able to handle.  We may have to scale back so we can hone in on and really develop what is truly the most important to us.  What do you realistically have the time and energy to accomplish?  Make sure that you are not biting off more than you can chew.  The alternative is to risk spreading ourselves too thin, setting ourselves up for an eventual burnout.  

Emotional – 4 of Staffs

4 of Staffs, ALchemical Taort, the Circle and the DotSimilar to the image on the Sun card, the 4 of Staffs also shows the pairing of opposites, creating balance and harmony.  In this card we see a commitment to maintaining a glowing fire that is fueled by love.  Unlike the 8 of Staffs, this card shows the stabilizing and harmonizing quality that occurs when passion is contained and energies harmonize.  There is a stability that is created from the unity, which allows for new developments to occur.  

Emotionally speaking, what we see here is a deepening and strengthening of relationships.  This could be referring to love relationships, friendships, family or business partnerships – any relationship that has an emotional component to it.  This deepening establishes greater security.  It is a grounding of the fiery energy into something that is more lasting and permanent.  While we may have the tendency to want to take on too much, intellectually speaking, we have the opportunity to ground ourselves emotionally through our loving relationships.

There is the opportunity to work through old oppositional conflicts with others that will lead to a greater sense of emotional stability.  It has to do with recognizing and merging with the individuality of the other.  This is likely working in alignment with the 5 of Swords energy – making improvements in the areas of our lives that have spoiled.  Emotional harmony and balance can be regained.  From this place you can support one another in your continued emotional growth.  

Physical – The Star

The Star, Alchemical Tarot, the Circle and the DotThis energy all leads us to the Star.  The Star is another illuminating object found in the Sky.  Here we see it taking up residence in the realm of the physical.  Here, the light emitting from the furthest reaches of  the sky is reaching to earth and making contact with us here in our physical reality.  

The light of the Star contains hope in the ability to achieve high ideals.  It is about allowing ourselves to be guided by something greater than ourselves.  There is a divine element at work and if we give our power over to this divinity we can be assured that we are being lead to the greatest good.

The Star is a card of healing.  It offers an inner healing that will have an effect on the physical body.  If we focus on our physical restoration and renewal at this time we can expect to see regenerative gains.  There is an understanding that it is not entirely through our works, but also is an element of being blessed with an infinite supply of help.  

It is a very promising time for what we can accomplish in the physical world.  This includes everything from higher states of healthy and wellness within our bodies to the beauty we can create around ourselves in our lives.  It is another card indicating a return to a period of equilibrium.    

What are you currently in the process of healing?  The inspiration from this will come from above and manifest in the world around you.  

March, with the lit fires springing forth from near and far sources, has enough heat contained within it to produce measurable positive changes in our lives.  Make the most of this month by working alongside it.



Shada McKenzie • The Circle and the Dot

Tarot Deck Used: Alchemical Tarot, 4th Edition