May 2016 Tarot Energy Forecast • Intellectual Ambiguity/Emotional Clarity

May 2016 Monthly Tarot Energy Forecast


This month we have a juxtaposition occurring between the  themes of ambiguity and clarity.  This month is likely to contain many moments where we may be able to feel in our hearts, with a sense of certainly, just what it is we need in order to be fulfilled, allowing us to step into the future with a greater amount of confidence and optimism for what is to come.  We may get an increased sense of what is and is not working in our lives, and will have the opportunity to begin to make adjustments so that we are living more in alignment with what we need to feel happy and fulfilled.

This increased clarity is informed from our emotional intelligence.  It is because our light is shining brightest for us at this time on the emotional level. This brilliant emotional state of being has a way of combusting our intellectual light because of its heightened brilliance.  This is true for the first half of the month especially. 

Therefore, those of us who are accustomed to leading the way with our intellectual intelligence may experience difficulties as we have to switch our trust over to a different navigational system.  Trusting our emotions to light the path will be a harder task for some than for others.  

The Fool RxGeneral Theme of the Month – The Fool Rx
The Fool is a card signifying a time of new beginnings that are met with a spirit of lightness, trust and openness to anything that may come across our paths at this time.  It is a period when we are able to step into the future without limiting fear.  This is a spectacular place to be because it is such a state of receptiveness that it allows the room for literally anything to present itself to us that desires to be given birth.  

Whatever it may be that would like to be given birth, we spontaneously embrace it because we have no expectations or desired outcomes of what the future should hold.  When the Fool is upright, it is a time of momentous change in our lives.  Going with the current of this change is how it is able to manifest.  It is not a period for pushing against the current of life or holding onto outdated ways of living in the world.  It is trusting that you are heading in the right direction – even if you are unsure where the current is leading you.

However, for the May forecast we see this card is showing up in the reversed position, altering its energy in some way.  When I take a look at the other cards showing up in the reading I can see that there are true blessings waiting to come into the forefront of our lives at this time.  They are cards marking a period with the potential for progress, growth, clarity and satisfaction.  

To have the reversed Fool as the general theme laying over everything in our lives like a thin sheet of film will have a bit of a muting effect on all of this goodness, but nonetheless, this is a month which holds a lot of potential for growth and happiness.  

How might the energy of the reversed Fool manage to do this?  One way may simply be timing.  Perhaps the celestial timing for the bold emergence of a new life phase is simply not quite yet ripe to Materialize.  Perhaps we need a bit more time for things to ripen.  Perhaps there are still a few lingering obstacles to be worked through,.  We still may be sorting out a few remaining areas of weakness, learning the unlearned lessons that would hold us back from taking the correct direction.  If so, it is not a time for taking the type of risks that the Fool energy requires, with a sense of openness and faith that we are being to a place of goodness.  If this is the case it is a good thing that the energy of this card remains on the back burner for a bit more time to simmer.

Another scenario that may be taking place for others of us is that we truly are ready to take the leap, yet we are still allowing our fears to hold ourselves back, or maybe there is an underlying conservatism  in our nature that keeps us from easily taking risks.  Maybe now IS the time to take a risk, to make a bold move and step into the uncertain future without a safety net but we have forgotten how to step into the future with the child-like innocence that was lost somewhere in the path of adulthood.

Trusting our intuition to give us the answer at this time is key.  This is especially true since the energy showing up around the intellect is a bit debilitated as I will discuss later in this reading.  

3 of Pentacles Rx, RWSSpiritual – 3 of Pentacles
In the realm of spiritual pursuits May is looking to be a month where we really have the opportunity to make a significant contribution to our growth and well-being.  

The 3 of Pentacles is a card that shows a foundation is being made in our spiritual lives.  It is a secure and stable foundation that has come about through our continued commitment to improve ourselves in this area over time.  It is a labor we are committed to and love doing because we are beginning to see the results of the work we have put forth so far.  We have been making the right kind of efforts, and now are beginning to see the positive results of these efforts in our lives.  We have managed to establish a secure spiritual base from which we can grow further.

In May, the commitment to work on ourselves continues.  It is slow, steady, positive progress.  It is a period of creating new ideas and implementing them into our lives.  It is a month where taking action in this area could produce noticeable results in our day-to-day lives, bringing greater amounts of love and satisfaction.

The the film the reversed Fool could lay upon this create a cloud that will hinder the growth to some extent.  However, the reversed Fool could be calling upon us to step up and take an even greater responsibility in this area as well.  Again, it is important for us to check in with our intuitive selves and see if we are coming from a place of excess caution or excess recklessness.  See if it can be one can be distinguished from the other and work on balancing the energy so the most can be made from the committed work put forth in this area this month.

3 of Cups rx, RWSIntellectual – Queen of Cups Rx
The intellectual realm is this month's weak spot.  This is because the highly emotionally charged Queen of Cups is operating from this place.  

The Queen of Cups is the queen of the emotional realm.  She has developed the ability to freely experience and express emotions, in all of their manifestations, and with a full expression.  She lives entirely from the heart.  

Because of this, an expert level of emotional dexterity has been cultivated, and she is able to ride through immense emotional torrents unscathed.  She feels/releases, feels/releases, over and over, without drowning in the tsunami created from the movement.  However, she is reversed.  She is also showing up in the intellectual realm.  What does this mean?  

When she is reversed, the emotions could take the form of chronic moodiness.  Alternatively, they could loose their ability to come and go likely the freeness of flowing water, showing up as emotional blockages and stagnation.  

Because it is in the realm of the intellect we can see that this emotionally charged energy could block our ability to effectively use our intellect.  We could lack clarity.  Our thoughts could become clouded by our emotions.  We may have a more difficult time than usual being able to use our mental faculties to effectively determine our reality and what is the truth in a situation.  

Intensity of emotions could lead to poor judgement, poor communication and lead to irrationality.  While in the face of our darker emotions the intensity could create conditions where we will act without thought and have later regrets.  We may lash out, hurt others and ultimately hurt ourselves as well in the process.

It could be that the debilitated intellect is the key element that is holding back the ability for the Fool to take that trusting and spontaneous leap into the unknown.  This card shows up with some intense Mars activity that is being predicted astrologically.  It may simply be a period where it is best to be careful with our words, think twice before we act and do our best to ride out the timeframe we are in.  

The Sun RWSEmotional – The Sun
 As we can see from the image, the rays of the Sun are shining upon us brightly this May.  If we look at the layout of cards, we can see that the placement of this card – between the intellect and the physical – is having an affect on the energies in those areas as well.  The bright, glowing emotional beams of light are shining out into the other areas of this reading, blocking our ability to think with clarity in the realm of the intellect, and they are actually offering emotional blessings to us in the realm of the physical.  It is an emotionally centered month in many ways, and for better and for worse.  

The Sun beaming its rays into the emotional realm this month is signifying that this is a month to feel its more pleasant effects in our lives.  It is a month of positivity, hope, joy, happiness.

In fact, the sun is astrologically located in the sign of Taurus for the first three weeks of the month.  Taurus is ruled by the planet Venus – an interesting echo is happening between the and astrological placement of our sun planet and the location of the Sun card in this reading.  Venus is the planet of love, harmony and beauty.  The Sun showing up in the emotional realm is signifying the same effects.  

The first half of this month looks to carry with it the potential to feel more emotionally satisfied, happier and lighter than we have been feeling recently.  We can feel more enriched in our lives and we can also use the optimistic timeframe to progress in the other areas in our lives.  

The Sun also has the capacity to bring clarity to things that have been muddled or confused.  Because it is showing up for us emotionally, this is not the type of clarity we are able to achieve with with our mental faculties, using logic and rationality.  It is a clarity brought about through understanding what we feel on an emotional level.  It is emotional clarity.  

We may see that our feelings around certain issues and areas in our lives become crystallized for us.  We will have better emotional understanding of where things stand with our lovers, our careers, our hobbies or anything else that carries an emotional weight in our lives.  

Make hay while the sun shines, as the old saying goes.  Make the most of the first few, more contented weeks, of this month as a source of additional strength and energy in your endeavors. Let your light shine brightly in an empowering, uplifting way.  Also, bring emotional clarity to the places in our lives we have been unsure so we can free the Fool to move forward with a spontaneous and light-hearted spirit.

The Ace of Cups, RWSPhysical – Ace of Cups
The Ace of Cups is another wonderful card showing up in the realm of the physical.  It is the realm of what is being materialized in our lives.  It is the realm of our career, our physical health, our resources, the material objects in our lives, the physicality of our relationships with others and the earthy rewards brought about by our efforts.

The Ace of Cups is showing the potential for new, beautiful, opportunities that could present themselves to us this month, leading to a higher inspired place in our lives.  What comes into our lives this month has the capacity to heal what needs healing.  It can bring about new levels of spiritual and emotional enrichment.  

It also can be indicating that we will be looking at what has already been established in a new way.  Perhaps it will be a new perspective, a new breakthrough, that helps us to appreciate what we have in our life at this time.  It indicates  a level of emotional healing can take place, causing us to be in more appreciation for what we have.

Notice what is new and the opportunity that it is to feel blessed.  Also, notice what what is beautiful in our lives that we may have been taking for granted.  Be in gratitude for all that is and all that  you have at this time.  It is beautiful.  It is an opportunity for inspiration and happiness.

It is a wonderful month for us to turn a new leaf in relationship with our bodies.  What we initiate this month, whether it be new fitness goals or a new self care regimen has the ability to easily grow and create abundance in our lives.  

Similarly, the people, experiences and opportunities that may present themselves this month can offer powerful and uplifting emotional rewards.

The Fool is acting as a layer of reserve that could keep us from these blessings.  Remember to keep checking in with yourself to see if it is reserve that is well justified.  Also, don't allow the intellectual uncertainty to lead to darkness and create a lack of movement.  If we successfully navigate through the obstacles there is a lot that can be done during the high points.   


Shada McKenzie
The Circle and the Dot
Deck: Waite–Smith