Moving Towards Unity • November 2015 Energy Forecast

November 2015 Tarot Energy Forecast, The Circle and the Dot

This month I am using the 4th edition of the Alchemical Tarot by Robert Place.  If you are a reader who has been searching for a new deck I would highly recommend this one, even if you are lucky enough to already have one of the previous editions.  They are gorgeous.  The 4th edition has a neutralized and lighter palette, which really gives the cards a classy feel. And the imagery is so rich with symbolism and depth.  It is quite effortless to step into the image and have the symbols begin to speak to you.  This is especially true if you have a basic understanding of the procedures and symbolism of alchemy.  If you don't, it is a great starting point for learning.  The Alchemical Tarot is quickly becoming one of my favorite decks to work with.  I cannot say enough good things about it.

Last month's reading had to do with picking up the reins of our lives and start to take control over the direction we were heading by properly managing and directing the oppositional forces within ourselves.  There was an opportunity to really begin reclaiming power in our lives by centering ourselves through the act of sheer will.  Taking back control of ourselves through effort and determination, and seeing the beginning of results.

This month there is the potential to expand this balance we have been attempting to create in our lives.  However, it is approached in a different manner.  We can achieve harmony by properly managing and giving equal attention to two oppositional forces within ourselves and our lives, looking for that center point where they are reconciled.  It is a very dynamic and fluctuating place.  Balanced is achieved in this way through the proper proportion of two separate but equal parts.  As soon as we have enough of one we have not enough of another.  It requires constant commitment and movement.  

The other way to create balance is through the merging of these two oppositional forces.  The two become one unified whole.  Doing this successfully creates a higher and more perfect state of being.  This is the concern of this month:  how do we merge and unite these forces within our lives and ourselves and create a more perfected wholeness?

2 of Vessels, Alchemical TarotGeneral Theme of the Month – 2 of Vessels

What we see in the image of the 2 of Vessels is the alchemical operation of solutio.  A man and a woman have been placed into a vessel and immersed in a solvent to be dissolved.  They are losing their form and identity as “man” and “woman” and are being brought back to their original, undifferentiated state.  This is required for proper unification.

I have mentioned already that balance can be created in two ways: through separation or through unification.  A sort of balance has already been created through their opposite natures – she contains within her all the traits of the feminine and he holds within his form all the traits of the masculine.  Through the balance of their separate attributes a wholeness is felt.

But through the second method, the dissolution and reunification, takes things one step further.   As long as they remain distinctly opposite in form there is no possibility for true unity.  Unity is created through the merging of the two and is only possible by dissolving them into one another.  This is how opposites truly unite.  They must lose their individual identity first in order to become something greater.  

Above them appears a single red rose, created from the vapors of the chemical operation.  The rose is the result of the perfect union.  It is their pure essences rejuvenated and resurrected.  The solvent used to break them down is love.  The rose is the result of the higher identity achieved.    

This month we are faced with a similar task in our own lives.  We are looking to create a more perfect and unified state of being within ourselves and within our relationship with the external world.  In order to successfully accomplish this we have to lose ourselves first.  We have to let go of what it is we identify with so strongly that it keeps us separate and distinctly different from the “other.”  We might feel like we are losing ourselves, like we are drowning or dissolving into an undifferentiated mass.  It may feel quite uncomfortable, especially if we resist.  We may fight to hold onto our individuality, our distinctness.  Whatever is larger than the ego threatens to dissolve it, and the ego sees it as a threat.  However, if we take on the painful challenge of losing the identity we cling to, we can be reformulated into a higher state of being.  A state where the ego and the self have merged and are working in cooperation and harmony rather than at odds.  

Solutio will occur in different ways for each of us.  Our unique features dissolved by and identification with a new, better and more complete viewpoint.  For some, our relationships could become more perfected as we heal what keeps us separate.  For others, it may show as a battle between our ego and our Higher Self.  It could look like the reconciliation between our thoughts and emotions.  However it looks for you individually it is ultimately the same thing: it is coming to the understanding that the many are one.  It is transcending the me/you, us/them mentality as we come to better understand ourselves within the universe.  It is what is needed to heal severed relationships, for forgiving and forgetting the past, evolving to higher states of being, sharing with others, understanding our proper place and living in harmony with ourselves and the external world we inhabit.  

6 of Swords, Alchemical TarotPhysical – 6 of Swords

If we take a look at the 6 of Swords we can see a boat has narrowly avoided danger by skillfully maneuvering through a blockade of six swords.  Had their boat been steered just a bit too far to either the left or to the right, the blades would have sliced through the boat's sail, leaving them out at sea.  However, it was not their skill used to navigate this unsafe passage.  They avoided danger by allowing a higher force to guide them.  

If you take a look at the card, you will see the wind above blowing its gentle breeze.  It is the World Soul, the personification of the benevolent natural world.  When faced with uncertainty, they lifted their sail and trusted that a higher force was needed to help them navigate through the danger they faced.  Its breeze blew in just the direction that was needed to steer the boat to safety.  

We often try to achieve our goals through our own sheer will.  This is often a useful attribute to have, but there are times when our will alone cannot help us to the other side of a problem.  We cannot always know what is best.  At times we have to let go of the need to control any outcome and allow our lives to unfold as the World Soul sees fit.  

What is the World Soul?  She is the light, the energy field, that is within us and within everything.  She is infinite possibility.  She is superconsciousness.  By tapping into her intuitive guidance we allow ourselves to rest and trust in her power.  She is all knowing because she literally is a part of all there is.  

We are not alone in creating our destiny.  This is a good thing because we each have our own complexes preventing us from seeing reality from a pure place.  If we tap into her wisdom we can navigate through difficulties safely and trust that through her benevolence we will be guided.  We can tap our individual consciousness into hers and act from a place of superconsciousness through her.  She can teach us how to see again – a way of being in the world that is somewhere between thinking and perceiving.  By tapping into her we reveal our own Divine Light, which is her residing within us.  

Unity can be created within our physical bodies and the external world around us by allowing ourselves to go with the flow.  Don't try to force your will upon anything.  This is especially the case if you find you have been trying to force an aspect of your life to look a certain way and have continually been unable to experience any results from your efforts.  Connect your will with the greater intuitive wisdom  that dwells inside of you.  Get your mind out of the way and let your inner guide lead.  Trust.

This is an aspect of the alchemical process of solutio.  It is the integration of the ego with the Higher Self.  Through this proper integration beautiful results could be seen in your material world.

The Sun, Alchemical TarotEmotional – The Sun

This month holds the potential for us to reach new emotional heights.  The Sun is the card of achieving supreme balance, again, through the process of unification.  

What we see is the image of a man and a woman embracing as the blazing sun rises, shining its light upon everything in the scene.  The moon has not yet set, and still hovers in the sky. Above them hovers a single crown that they share as one.  

The man and woman are the embodiment of the sun and the moon.  When the lunar energy is dominant, it is a time of darkness and fear.  As the light of the sun rises it transforms the shadowy and fearful world into valuable consciousness.  Lightness is awakened.  

The Sun and the moon are conjunct and embracing.  The opposites have united and the past is healed as they bask in the rays of the newly emerged sun.  Emotionally speaking, there is an internal illumination that can occur for you as you bring your masculine and feminine sides back into unity.  

How might this proper integration appear?  It could help you to be able to set healthy boundaries for yourself and your relationships.  You could be strong, but not aggressive.  It could help you see how to be honoring both to yourself and others.  You could give birth to new ideas and see how to direct them in your life.  You could give and receive with equal ease.  You could equally manage resilience and flexibility.  In other words you will not have to rely on one end of the polarity while facing life challenges.  

As you work towards bringing balance and unity to your oppositional parts of your nature, increased feelings of radiance, optimism and happiness are the result.   There is the potential to move away from self doubt and a lowered self-esteem and towards allowing your light to shine.

What are you most optimistic about at this time?  Cultivate it.  Where could you bring more happiness and joy into your life?  Allow yourself to open up to it.  Any doubts or low feelings can be evaporated as you work with the problem of unification.  

Your emotional state will be a good barometer for your level of success this month in merging these opposite forces within yourself.  If see yourself emotionally struggling it will be a sign for you to give up the hard control your have been using to maintain dominance.  Allow the dissolution to occur.  Trust that a higher, more evolved state of being will emerge.  This is what is needed to own the light-hearted and joyful emotional state that is being offered to you this month.  

The Hierophant, Alchemical TarotIntellectual – The Hierophant

The Hierophant is a card of spirituality.  He is not of the spiritual realm, rather he is connected to it.  He is the bridge between the physical and the spiritual.  The Hierophant is able to bring unity between the earth and the Heavens because he has taken measures to connect with it in this world.  He is our key to the higher realms as long as we have not yet found our own point of entry.  Because he has poked his head through the veil between Heaven and earth he has seen and knows what lies beyond the physical.  He can show us the way to do the same.  

November is a timeframe in which we can merge our intellectual pursuits with our spiritual aspirations.  We can deepen our spiritual philosophy and proactive this month through engaging with it on an intellectual level.

For us, connecting with the Hierophant might involve seeking out a teacher or a guide.  It might look like cracking open a book, exploring new avenues of thought and discipline you have yet to understand.  The idea is to use your mind to make a connection with the realm of Heaven so that an emergence of a new ideal can come forth.  Through the intellect you can create balance between Heaven and earth and get closer to self-mastery.

Use the mind to get a taste of Heaven.  Begin to sense the nourishment that can be attained from that realm.



9 of Coins, Alchemical TarotSpiritual – 9 of Coins

Nine is a number of completion, and the 9 of Coins is pointing to the possibility of spiritual investments paying off.  The seed has been planted, and now what we see in the image is a fully mature tree that is abundantly bearing fruit.  Half of the coins are gold and half are silver – there is a perfect balance between the masculine and feminine principles that is so much the focus for the month.  

All of the effort that was initially put into your spiritual work is beginning to pay off.    It is rewarding you with the beginnings of spiritual wealth and abundance.  You are beginning to be given what you need as you need it in order to continue to expand your horizons spiritually.  It no longer feels like a fruitless search for something that is out of reach.  The next piece providing the next step towards unfoldment is provided to as you need it.  

The start of spiritual health and well-being is the payoff for the work you have been putting in.  Things are coming to fruition and you will begin to appreciate accomplishment and spiritual prosperity.  It is an uplifting message that you are on the right path and things are beginning to pay off.

However, keep in mind to not expect perfectionism.    Intolerance to perfectionism could actually lea to a loss in what you have accomplished.  Be secure in your growing connection with spirit so that you will not  fear lack.  




Shada McKenzie ☉ The Circle and the Dot