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New Chapter • Monthly Tarot Forecast • the Circle adn the Dot


The FoolGeneral Theme for the Month Ahead – The Fool

As we take the first steps into the new year, we encounter a very auspicious card.  It is one that describes an energy that we all welcome, and enables us to feel a growing optimism and hopefulness for positive changes in the upcoming year.

The Fool is a card of new beginnings.  It is a card that indicates that when we crossed the threshold at the stroke of midnight, stepping out of 2016 with all its struggles and difficulties and into 2017, we were given the opportunity to leave it all of it behind and start again with a fresh, clean slate.  

The Fool is a promise that we are about to embark upon a new story.  We don't know as of yet what the outcome of this story will be.  We don't even know just yet how the story might unfold, but we do know that it is a fresh story that is exciting and new, and that just about anything can come of it.

What would you like to leave behind?  What is time to say goodbye to so that you can create the future without excess baggage?  What happened in 2016 that does not need to follow you energetically into the new year?  Say goodbye to this now and then be done with it once and for all.

This allows us the chance to lighten up about life.  We don't need to walk with the weight of past burdens.  We can take our first steps into the new year with a lightness and an openness.  The past is now behind us and the bliss that comes from freedom can take its place.  

If you look at the card, you will see the figure is about about to step off a cliff into a deep chasm.  It is difficult to tell of he is not paying attention to the potential danger that awaits or if he knows there is no other way to take this journey except to take the leap into it.  

The fool is willing to make such an absurd risk.  The is no knowledge of what might be faced at the bottom of this abyss with.  He doesn't know its depths.  He doesn't know what he will encounter at the base.  But to take this new journey it must be done.  The is no other way down.

We start the first month of the year with the same unknowns as the Fool.  We have no choice but to take the leap, and to do it with a sense of hope that things will be good and the journey will be a sweet one.  We need to believer that we have what it takes to successfully navigate this journey, with all of the twists and turns that are inevitable on any journey.  

It may not be an easy one, but to be able to leave the burdens of the past behind will lighten the load in an important way, allowing us to more easily face what is to come.  Trust the unknown.  Be willing to leave the past behind.  It is a moment of rebirth.  

Queen of Swords RWSBody – Queen of Swords
January is a month where we have the opportunity to use our mental faculties in a way that is useful and beneficial to us as we hit the ground and move forward in our lives.  

The Queen of Swords is a card of intellectual integrity and sharp perception.  It is about being able to see clearly what needs to be done in order to bring life to a state of fruition.  

The time spent in contemplation this month will create conditions where we will be able to live from a place of honor.  It is a card of independence.  It is getting on our feet again after taking time to become clear on what we want and need in our lives.

It is also a reflective time.  It is a month to prepare the ground for future growth in life by taking the time to think about logical and high minded solutions to our problems.  

With the Queen of Swords showing up, we can be more certain that we are not beginning the Fool's new Journey from a place of naivety or recklessness.  The Queen of Swords brings intelligence into the picture.  With this intelligence, this leap into 2017 takes a more calculated nature and potential dangers are more easily surmounted.  

King of Wands RxMind – King of Wands Rx
If we go back to the card of the Fool for just a moment, we see that one of the few things he takes with him is a white rose.  The white rose is a symbol for purity, trust and faith.  This are the ONLY things he needs to begin this journey.

However, in the position that describes the influences of the mind in the month ahead we encounter the reversed King of Wands.  Reversed, this card calls upon us to ask ourselves if we are TRULY proceeding into 2017 with this openness that the Fool demonstrates, or are we carrying the baggage of the past with us in our minds?

The King of Wands, when upright, is a card of passion, strength and ambition.  He is on fire and channels this energy in a way that is productive and powerful.  This positive use of his passion in his undertakings create conditions for growth and constructive change.

But to see the reversal showing up at this time suggests that in the realm of the mind, we currently have the propensity to be using this passion in a more negative sense.  We may feel untrusting of the future to the extent that we feel the need to protect ourselves.  Instead of inspired enthusiasm, we may be prone to suspicion and lying to protect our self interests.  

This is clearly the result of bringing the past into the present and disrupts the ability to take the leap into 2017 with a clean, fresh slate.  It is in our best interest to let go of the past and to look towards the future with the faith and optimism of the Fool.  Continuing to behave in defensive, self-seeking and even devious ways will thwart the journey ahead  of us.  It keeps us tied to the past in a way that is harmful.  Use the King of Wands energy in a healthy way.  Use your mind as a tool for creative vision for the year ahead.  

JusticeSpirit – Justice
The Queen of Swords, combined with the King of Wands, creates a hot/cold dynamic.  We are capable this month of putting our minds to use in a way that is cool-headed and rational.  If we do this the opportunity to create something of value for the year ahead is offered to us.  

However, if we are unable to drop our baggage, the hot temper of the King of Wands can keep us in a place of defensiveness.  We become self-serving and the fire could burn to brightly to constructively use our mental faculties.  The opportunities present in the Queen of Wands are diminished.

In the position of the spiritual theme of the month is Justice.  It is a card of balance, harmony and equilibrium.  It is our spiritual task for the month of January to balance these two poles and to get them to work together harmoniously rather than to be at odds with one another.  

The aim is to strive for balance in our lives.  It is to act with integrity in our actions and to accept responsibility for the choices we make.  To put others in the way of harm to protect ourselves will come back to haunt us.  To continue to make decisions purely out of self interest is to keep the scales out of balance.  In the end, we ultimately will suffer.  

Tell the truth.  Strive for balance.  Come from a place of integrity in all of your dealings with others.  Make right any past wrong-doings.  Do what you must to bring equilibrium to the scales of justice.  

Consider he decisions you are currently weighing.  If you bring Justice into the forefront of the decision you are allowing for spiritual growth to occur.

I hope you all have a wonderful month and year ahead!

Shada McKenzie • the Circle and the Dot