New Opportunities • October 2017 Monthly Tarot Forecast

The month ahead seems to be taking a pleasant shift away from the drama of the last couple of months.  It is a time in which we have the opportunity to use our experience as the nutrient rich humus from which we may plant new seeds.  We can use our recent difficulties as the fertile ground for new developments.  The beginning seedlings are able to take root at this time and there is promise and hope for future abundance.

Therefore, October is a month of potential.  The seeds of opportunity that arise at this time have all the potential in the world to germinate, grow and eventually flourish if we take the care now to see that they are intentionally cultivated.

The light of the Divine is making its appearance in two places in this reading.  Each card is wishing for us to see that through its presence, the Divine is here to help us in the manifest world.  In other words, we can use its presence to make improvements in tangible ways in our lives.  We  can use this timeframe to manifest goodness. 





General Theme for the Month of October – Ace of Pentacles
We see this favorable shift in circumstances mainly because of the appearance of the Ace of Pentacles.  All aces in the Tarot represent opportunities for abundance, and the Ace of Pentacles is showing this abundance to take shape in the physical realm.

In this card, the supernatural hand of God appears in a lush garden, offering us a gift.  The gift is renewal and the potential that always accompanies renewal.  It is showing us that our individual life experiences have created a garden for us to inhabit.  This garden has taken much time to cultivate, lifetimes, for we can see lush hedges and flowering plants that need time to develop to the state they are in.  They needed the fertility that comes from past experience. 

The hand of God now offers us a new seed to be planted into the garden's soil.  Now is the time this seed is presented to us because it is through the recent struggles we have encountered that we have a new plot of soil that is enriched by the decomposed humus our experiences have created.  The seeds planted at this time are being given all the opportunity to flourish if we accept this offering from the supernatural hand and give it the care it needs to grow. 

Therefore, it is important to notice these gifts of opportunity at this time.  Notice them and don't be too afraid to accept them.  Be in gratitude that your past has prepared you for this God's offering to you.  Receive it and thank God for this act of grace by appropriately handling each opportunity that presents itself to you.  We have been fully prepared to be able to make the most of this gift.

Physical Theme – The Star
In the position of theme for the physical, we see another appearance of the Divine presence in our lives.  The Star in this position is like an echo of the general theme – new opportunities await through the resources being made available at this time.

The Star is another card of renewal.  When darkness abounds and hope has been lost, this is when the distant light of the Star pierces through the blackness of the night. It is as if a pin pierced through the thin veil of darkness, reminding us that the light of God has always been present just on the other side.

With the return of light there is a return of hope.  This shimmering, glistening beacon of light in the darkness becomes our guide..   It orients us out of our dark phase.  It leads us away from our difficulties and promises goodness.  It promises freedom from the confines we have found ourselves in.

The Star is a source of light and is the symbol of Consciousness.  It is the representation of hope.  It is a reminder that our wishes and goals are attainable if we simply recognize and follow the Divinity that is making itself present during our dark phase, allowing it to take us towards the direction of goodness.  Accepting this light at this time allows us to have faith in the future once again, just as we had allowed doubt to set.

Because this card has made an appearance in the position of the physical, we can say that it is something that is referencing the physical world problems we have been facing.  It may have taken the shape of sickness, money and career issues or difficulties in our home environment.  The Star comes and offers healing and regeneration in these areas.  We simply need to allow this Divine light of goodness to orient us towards our recovery.

The Ace of Pentacles shows us we have the opportunity to manifest something new and amazing in our lives.  The Star shows us it is through acknowledging God's presence that such an opportunity exists.

Intellectual Theme – King of Cups Rx
The King of Cups rules the kingdom of the emotions.  Therefore, he has to experience the emotional realm deeply, and understand it well enough to not allow the emotional depths to overtake him.  In order to properly rule this kingdom he has to maintain a sense of order despite the capricious emotional environment his throne is placed on.  The card indicates that his throne is unstable because it rests on top of an ocean of turbulent waters, yet he remains unscathed.  His face radiates calmness and composure.

In order to do this, this king must have a solid grasp of the intellectual realm.  He must use his mind to have dominion over the emotions that risk toppling and sinking his throne.  This is how the King of Cups is able to rule – dominion of the emotions through the intellectual power of the mind.  It is the meeting and merging of the intellect and emotions.

For the month of October, the King of Cups is showing up reversed, indicating potential trouble in this area. When the card is turned upside down, the emotional stability could sink with his throne.  Because this is showing up in the position of the intellectual theme of the month we can say there is the possibility that our emotions are still on high alert from recent events that have unfolded.  Our thinking and feeling components are not working well together in a balanced way.  That meeting of the mind and heart needs to be consciously set back into place so control can return. 

With this heart/mind disconnect we may question the orienting light that wishes to guide us to safety.  We may miss opportunities to manifest new beginnings.  The way out is to use the Divine light that is present in our lives to guide us through.  Allow ourselves to experience the emotions, but don't attach meaning to them.  This is how to re-equilibrate ourselves.  Peace will return to us by following the Light. 

Spiritual/Emotional Theme – Page of Swords Rx
The reversed Page of Swords shows us there is a valuable lesson that needs to be learned this month in regards to our spiritual development.  This is the card that has to do with not being able to see the situation with clarity.

If you take a look at this card you see the page holds the sword in her hand and is quite eager.  The suit of Swords is the suit of the intellect.  Pages are learners.  Therefore, we can say that she is quite eager to take on a piece of knowledge and to tackle it with her sword.  She wishes to cut through this chunk of knowledge and to dissect it.

However, the card shows that her head is at the same level as the clouds in the sky.  She is being prevented from being able to see this with clarity.  This piece of spiritual knowledge she has difficulties grasping.  The clouds act as obstacles, obscuring understanding. 

With her sword (her mind)  she in normally able to slice through the obstacles that obscure he vision because the is intellectually on point.  But because this card is reversed, it tells us that at this time these concepts are still too far over her head to be able to see clearly.

We might say there is a spiritual lesson in all of this unfolding at this time that is still too obscure for us to be able to assimilate.  What could happen  because of this is that the lesson will continue to repeat itself until we are able to achieve a greater clarity. 

It is good to remain intellectually engaged.  However, there is more to the lesson that requires integrating the intellect with the heart.

Just as the reversed King of Cups in the position of the intellectual theme is showing a disconnect between the mind and the heart, the reversed Page of Swords is reiterating this disconnect in the position of the spiritual/emotional theme of the month.

The task is to use the light of the Star that is available to us at this time for orientation.  Follow the light, and don't let the mind and the emotions from steering you off course.

I hope the most wonderful new beginnings spout for you all,

Shada McKenzie • the Circle and the Dot