Opening to Guidance • August 2016 Monthly Tarot Energy Forecast

Opening to Guidance


There is a tremendous energy and potential in the woodwork that has yet to come to the surface of our lives.  August is about sensing into this potential, and making space for it, despite the fact we may not yet be sure of what it even is or when it might start to materialize in our lives.  It is about overcoming doubts that arise simply because we aren't yet seeing the results we would like to see; putting our trust into the hands of a higher power and trusting the timing of goodness as it is ready to unfold.  It is about keeping the faith that potential for manifesting beauty is very much possible, even though the manifested reality as it currently stands feels burdensome.  

It is a month of limitation in terms of being able to see the tangible results from the work we have been exerting.  Life has been a struggle for many of us.  But we need to stay strong in our resolve.  Our time is still coming.  Giving up on our dreams now will make all of the conscious work we have been exerting go to waste.  The time is not yet ripe for fruition.  Just like a gardener would not destroy his verdant bed of plants in the beginning of June because there is no ripe fruit to pluck form the vines, we should not destroy what we have already put so much of ourselves into.  Even though we have yet to see the results of our labor, our gardens are still verdant.  Trust the divine timing.  We are exactly where we need to be.

The Star RWSGeneral Theme of the Month – The Star
The Star is an extremely positive card representing hope and potential for good things to come.  It often appears after a period of intense difficulty and it is a reminder that there is a higher purpose beneath all of the difficulty.  It is a reminder to not give up on what we hope for because we have the power and the potential to manifest our hard work into reality.  

We look up to the stars for guidance during times of darkness and struggle.  For thousands of years we have used them to literally navigate our way through the night, and we have also used their predictable passage through the sky to help us understand that there is a larger clockwork that is relatable to the events that happen here on earth.  We have understood that there is a divine timing for everything and that there is a time for struggle and there is a also a time for well-being and manifestation.  

The Star is about giving up the need to control the outcome of our lives.  It is understanding that we are being led to the most beautiful places and that sometimes our interference gets in the way of manifestation.  What is difficult serves a purpose.

Coming to terms with this is an opportunity for cleansing and renewal.  It instills a new sense of hope where previously there was none.  It is a card of inspiration.  We know that we are being led to something much greater than what we have been able to accomplish solely on our own.  We are confident that everything will ultimately unfold beautifully because we are connected to this higher guiding spirit.  

We can actually be in communication with our guide if we open ourselves to receiving messages from our intuition, our dreams, consulting oracles and the little voice that speaks to us, leading us the best path to take in our lives.  

Good fortune and happiness is coming.  We are being taken care of and our potential is unfolding even if it feels like struggle at the moment.  

The Hanged ManSpiritual Theme – The Hanged Man
We have such a beautiful and inspired card in the Star.  But the next four cards display some sort of limitation, delay or difficulty.  We could very easily get discouraged by the limited visible results and loose sight of the fact we are being divinely guided through this period. The limitations experienced serve a purpose we may not entirely understand.   If we try to take the reins and “go it alone” we  may become entangled in the struggle.  

The Hanged Man reiterates the difficulties in where things stand in life at this time.  It has to do with the need to dramatically change our perspective so that we may come up with new ways of seeing our spiritual unfoldment.  

I have already mentioned the need to give up control and understand that there is a divine timing to all of this.  But the Hanged Man also calls upon us to be adaptable and to not be so rigid in the way we believe things ought to be.  It is a calling for us to let go of our need to control the outcome and to actually take a look at life from a different angle.

The Hanged Man literally reverses himself from the physical reality he normally sees by hanging from a tree upside down.  Instead of pushing, pushing pushing ahead, he takes some time to examine things as they truly are, which may not be what we think they are or what we think they ought to be.  He is able to see the truth through the fresh eyes the new perspective provides.

By slowing down and taking some time to reflect, it can ironically accomplish much more than barreling forward without a plan that is ill thought out.  If we take this approach, if we take our time we can see and learn important spiritual lessons that may remove the roadblocks that have been in the way of our spiritual growth and development.

Use this month as a time to reevaluate intentions, attitudes and priorities.  It will give us the opportunity to reconnect with our true spiritual values, or perhaps adjust them to fit who we are becoming.  This delay sets the stage for future growth.  If we feel we have been running in circles this pause could get us back on a more productive path.  

Let go of any frustration or negativity around where things stand at this time.  This is a testing period and there is a lesson to be learned.  While standing at the crossroads, we will be better informed to take the right direction in the months to come with a delay in activity.

Some of us may feel like we are caught between worlds, in a sense.  We see the new direction we would like to take, but we hesitate, still connected to our old ways of being.  Perhaps we are afraid to cross the threshold.  It is understandable to feel this without clarity.  Do what you need to do to get clear before you proceed with life.

10 of WandsIntellectual Theme – 10 of Wands
The 10 of Wands is a card of struggle.  It indicates that much of this struggle is the result of overthinking our lives.  Or perhaps it is struggle created from doing things inefficiently and not using our heads to clear the road.  

Again, taking some time to pause will be extremely productive.  If you take a look at this card you will see the individual is struggling to move forward with ten wands that appear to be slipping through his arms with every step.  Additionally, they are positioned in such a way that he cannot even see where his next step will lead because his view is obscured.  The movement forward is impractical and requres a great effort.

If this person just stopped for a moment and came up with a more efficient way, he could carry the wands differently.  They would become much less of a burden and he would complete his goals without all the struggle and suffering.  

Likewise, there is a way that we are interacting with our own lives that is quite inefficient.  The inefficiency make life feel like a heavy burden to bear.  We are not using our mental faculties in a way that will help to relieve the strain.  

This card is a reminder to slow down and take some time to think through the difficult situations we find ourselves in.  If we took the time to think about where we truly are at this time the sense of hope and optimism that the Star wants to imbue upon us can be enjoyed.  

2 of Wands Rx RWSEmotional Theme – 2 of Wands Rx
I should mention here that we have three cards from the suit of Wands showing up in this reading, along with the two Major Arcana.  Wands are the suit of ignition, passion and movement.  It indicates a strong desire for us to be individually moving forward in our lives in a fiery and passionate way.  But we have the 10 of Wands, a card that shows struggles in moving forward showing up.  We also have the other two Wands showing up reversed, indicating an inability to move forward in the way we would like to in those areas they appear.  We also have the Hanged Man showing up, with the ability to really stall any momentum or movement until the issues it brings up are properly contended with.  

These are the reasons for the struggles that are likely to show up for us during this timeframe.  A desire to move forward combined with the inability to be able to do so.  We have to return to the Star, over and over again, to remind ourselves that this is all serving a higher purpose with the intent on setting things up for optimal growth and living out our truest potential later down the road.  Be in gratitude for where things stand today.  Embrace it and allow the moment to instill ourselves with a sense of wonder for how divine timing works.  

In the emotional realm we see the reversed 2 of Wands.  The desire to achieve compiled with the inability to do so can really create a difficult scenario for us, emotionally speaking, if we allow it to be.  

Reversed, the 2 of Wands has to do with a potential loss of enthusiasm because things simply aren't moving forward the way we wish to see them progress.  We have a desire to expand our world beyond the limited world we find ourselves.  There is a growing desire and restlessness to take off and explore new possibilities, yet things aren't unfolding the way we had hoped. The momentum is stalled, leading to frustration.

Disillusionment is a potential result.  We may be doubting the plans and our goals.  This actually may be a good thing because this month we have the opportunity to reevaluate where things are headed and then make some abrupt changes if they need to be made.  

Instead of getting lost in the difficulty, losing enthusiasm and quitting, remember that we are being divinely led.  Instead of doubting yourself, you can be in gratitude for the opportunity to recollect and reorient. 

8 of Wands Rx, RWSPhysical Theme – 8 of Wands Rx
When the 8 of Wands is in the proper, upright position, it has to do withing forward movement, full steam ahead, without any hindrances.  It is momentum, manifesting ideas into reality.  If this card were upright, we could see an exciting time where all of our efforts resulted in seeing positive, tangible results in our lives.  

But this card is also reversed.  The energy that we put towards manifesting our plans and goals is likely to fizzle.  Again, this is simply about now being not the proper timing to see these things come to fruition.  It doesn't mean that we are on the wrong path.  There are still some things that need to be worked through, so the powers that be are slowing down the pace so we can have the time to make adjustments without running into walls going full speed.

Therefore, what is the point of expending needless energy if we are not likely to manifest our goals?  Perhaps it is better to turn this energy inward and to make critical adjustments that need to be made.  Perhaps this month, “progress” is determined by how well we can correct our miscalculations.   Perhaps progress has to do with slowing down, taking it easy, and reflecting upon where things stand.  

If we use this month to reprioritize rather than make the push to materialize we will be working in alignment with the Star that is guiding us during this period of slowed activity and progress.  Sit with this.  Be ok with where things are and allow this timeframe to replenish your stores and bring you back to a place of positivity and optimism.  This is how the most can be made of the month and how we might step into fertility of the time.




Shada McKenzie • The Circle and the Dot