Oscillations • December 2016 Monthly Tarot Forecast

Oscillations • December 016 Monthly tarot Forecast








I am trying out a slightly different configuration of card positions this month from previous in order to see if I can deliver the most important messages more concisely.  The general theme of the month tells us what is going on in our lives.  It is the main concern that has been percolating and is about to express itself in the month ahead.  It tells us what to expect in the coming weeks.  The other positions tell us how we are individually and collectively prone to responding to this dynamic.  The general theme tells us what it is we are responding to. 

Tower RWSGeneral Theme for the Month of December – The Tower Rx
The Tower destroys what has been built up.  It takes pleasure in doing so because whatever it is that is being destroyed has been built upon a foundation that is faulty.  Whatever comes collapsing down to rubble around us doesn't deserve to stand because it lacks the innate power to withstand the shaking.  

From the outside, this structure may appear to be vital and strong.  However, it is a false symbol of power.  It is the overinflated ego.  It is the oligarchy,  a few men in power who display their fluffed up military like the feathers of a chicken attempting to appear intimidating.  

But if the power is not innately within us, the Tower is going to take it down.  It loves to destroy such false expressions of strength and power.  It sees to it that whatever is rotten from the inside, whatever it is that has decayed at the foundation, will crash to the ground with one violent shake.  

It is a symbol for revolution.  It is freedom that comes to us at the price of discomfort, chaos and unrest.  The reversed Tower is showing us that this is a theme that we may encounter in the month ahead, both collectively and individually.  The reversed Tower imparts to us that whatever sort of trauma that transpires we can be assured things will never be the same.  It can be thought of as an extreme and radical form of healing.  It is the quick and extreme approach to bringing a return to balance in our lives.  

While we may not immediately see the lasting effects of these shocks that are coming in December, we can see from the reversed Tower that these structures are set to come down.  It is setting the stage for an opportunity to rebuild.  It is time that the consequences for past misdoings are to be felt.  

We can also see from this card's reversal that there will be a continued attempt to repair the cracks that are forming, perhaps without addressing the reality that things are rotten from the inside.  The collapse is inevitable and focusing on spackling the minor surface cracks is only serving to prevent the light from entering and exposing the decay that is inside.

Two obvious collective issues to keep an eye on in the United States are the Standing Rock demonstrations as well as the open displays of racism and sexism that have been surfacing since the recent election.  We can see in the month ahead how these issues will come to the forefront to be dealt with through the opposing forces that are at play.  Remember that one side is representing a false structure that is ready to collapse while the other is desperately trying to preserve the system of power that keeps it afloat.  Also look at what is teetering in our personal lives.  What are the personal structures that need to come down, based upon the false power of our own egos?  This is the first attempts at reinstating harmony in any area of life that is out of balance in this way.

7 of Pentacles RxBody – 7 of Pentacles Rx
When upright, the 7 of Pentacles represents pausing to take stock of how things are progressing in our lives.  It is about looking at a situation to see how things are going and what modifications need to be made to keep things growing steadily and smoothly.  It also implies a disappointment in the way things are progressing and a need to modify our behaviors and attitudes.

There is this idea of slow and steady progress through a making commitment to do things right.  And in order to do things right we need to occasionally take a pause to get clear on what it is that needs to be done differently.

Instead of taking the time to pause, reflect and assess, with the reversal of this card we can see that the response to the Tower theme described above is a tendency to abandon what has failed to meet our expectations.  It is not a time to pause and reflect about how we can make right what is wrong.  It is a time for taking action.  It is action without assessment.  It is just doing, and the action is sourced from a gut place of inner courage and strength.  

There also may be a dramatic turn around of the way in which we interpret these situations.  We may see a striking shift in priorities.  With this bold and action-oriented energy we may wake up and realize that our view of a certain situation is dramatically different than what it was the day before.  It is abandoning old priorities and replacing them with new ones that better suit our growth and happiness.

It is also signifying that enough is enough.  We have evaluated, talked, though, evaluated more, and then assessed again.  Enough is enough.  It is an energy that is calling upon us to take action once and for all.  It is calling upon us to be decisive and finally take action in changing what needs to change within us and around us.  

10 of Wands RxMind – 10 of Wands
While we are being shown that now is the time to fight the noble fight, the 10 of Wands appearing in the position of the mind demonstrates our mental fatigue and the heavy load we are carrying in our minds.  Do we have the mental stamina required to perform the heavy task at hand?

There is indication that pressure and burden is building within ourselves.  It seems there is so much presenting itself to be worked through at once and at times it feels like it is too much stress.  The struggle involved in working through this is great and we are nearing the end of our rope.  

We are taxed to the limit.  It is as though the shock from the Tower's impending collapse will be too great to bear.  The worries and responsibilities required to meet the pressures are substantial and are testing our limits.  We are embarking upon a stressful time.  

But at the same time, the suit of Wands is a a significator of a spark of vitality and passion.  The suits go from Ace to ten, and ten is the full realization of the suit.  In the suit of Wands we can think of the Ace as the initial strike of the match.  When we reach the ten we have come to the end.  The light is about to extinguish.

But the light is still there.  Barely.  But it is just enough required to complete what presents itself to us this month.  The 10 of Wands is saying that we are tiered of the struggle.  A part of us would like to throw in the towel and check out.  But if we keep going, if we keep pushing through, we can see this to the other side.  

Page of Wands RxSpirit – Page of Wands Rx
The reversed Page of Wands shows more resistance to what is coming our way.  None of these cards appearing for the month of December are reflective in nature.  They are each signaling the need for action, but it is an action that is not a pleasurable or easy one to take.  

The reversed Page of Wands points to this month being a frazzled time emotionally and spiritually.  It is about frustrations surfacing.  It is a negative response to the fatigue we experience.  It can specifically show up as discouragement or resistance when it feels like the odds are stacked against us.  What is coming to the surface may seem at moments  to be too much for us to keep our spirits energized and engaged in the battle.

It could be indicating upsetting news that will take the breath of fire right  from our fight.  However, it is important that we keep in mind that if we are pursuing and fighting for a return to balance and harmony within ourselves and our external situation that we will be the ultimate prevailers.  

If we are on the right side of history, if we are working to reinstate harmony within ourselves and within our relationships, if we are coming from a noble place of truth this month is setting us to succeed ultimately.  This may not be the month to see all of this struggle immediately pay off, but if we hold true to ourselves we will prevail.  Therefore, make certain your actions are geared towards justice and you will one day see that you were on the right side of history.

The reversed Tower shows us we have little choice other than to fight the good fight this month.  The results will make themselves seen with time.  And the 10 of Wands is a reminder that, although our fire is dwindling, we have what it takes to see what is surfacing through to the other side: success.  

I'm sending you all love and support.  It is my prayer that we can find our power within and summon it to the surface.  This is what this timeframe is all about.  

Shada McKenzie • The Circle and the Dot

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