Overwhelm • August 2017 Monthly Tarot Forecast


Two days in (I'm late wring this) and the month of August is already proving to live up to its theme. We are likely to experience the events that unfold this month through the lens of anxiety, apprehension and overwhelm.   As a consequence, we may find that we are living within the “problem solving” mode.  We may find ourselves disengaged from our bodies and consumed with trying to fix the external circumstances of life by thinking up a solution to the underlying problem.

But there are some solutions that cannot be easily fixed by the problem solving mind.  There are some things that need to come to us through being present within ourselves.  Some things need to come to resolution by making peace with the present moment and finding the quiet solitude within ourselves that is always accessible despite the chaotic outer world events that are transpiring.

Some of the things that are arising to our attention to be changed cannot be forced through our actions and force of will.  It is because, despite the tumultuous events in our lives creating these anxieties, the real  and meaningful change can only happen within ourselves. 

Therefore, we don't need to have the answers to the outer dilemmas we encounter that seem too big to solve.  Adjusting our outer circumstances is not the solution.  Instead, we need to go within ourselves to make peace with whatever is happening.  This inner peace is the path to authentic change.

This is the core issue of this month:  working beyond the external struggle by going within the Self and finding that place where we can find peace with things as they are, as difficult as things may be.

General Theme for the Month of August – 9 of Swords
The 9 of Swords depicts this month's potential for anxiety quite well.  The image is that of a person who has finally retired to bed after a day of busyness.  The busyness was used as a distraction to stay active so that the lurking anxiety would not creep in.  There was too much to do and no time to connect with the feelings lurking underneath.

But at night while in bed there is nothing left to distract the mind.  The feelings re-emerge and the anxiety becomes overwhelming.  The nine swords, representing the worries of the mind, have pierced through the darkness and have overtaken the room.

The general theme of the month describes the shade of the lens from which we perceive our experiences.  We can see from this card a possibility that our worries and anxieties may come to a head for many of us.  This person in the card is overtaken by them.  They have literally filled the blackness of his bedroom, showing us the proportion of space they have taken in his mind. 

The often unacknowledged gift in this is that it is an opportunity to make peace with the mind and to re-enter the body for orientation.  Check in with the heart center.  Sometimes all we have to do is pose the question to the Divine and then sit back and make peace with what is.  In its own time the solution to the problems will make themselves apparent. Not every problem has a solution that the mind can answer.

Physical – The Hanged Man.
This leads us to the energetic influence of the physical this month.  Here we find the Hanged Man, giving us the opportunity to to exactly what I just described above. 

The Hanged Man is a beautiful card that is about suspending the activities of life in order to take the time to quietly contemplate in silence and solitude.  Instead of being oriented towards the outward, the Hanged Man turns his attention inward and searches for meaning within himself. 

The Hanged Man understand that the external activities, the drama of life, is nothing more than a distraction that is keeping him from knowing himself.  It is preventing him from being in touch with himself and from accessing the true solutions to life's struggles. 

We look at the card and see the halo beaming from his head.  He has turned himself upside down (an initiatory act) in order to see the world 180º differently and has become enlightened as a result.  The Hanged Man has posed the question to solve his dilemma and then he pauses and waits.  He waits for the Divine guidance to come to him.  It will.  It will come to him from the Divine precisely when we need the answer. 

This is not a month to react to the external chaos that may arise around ourselves.  When we see this happening and feel the overwhelm as a resort we have the opportunity to consciously remove ourselves from the drama and wait for the answer to come to us in accordance to Divine timing. 

Mental – Queen of Pentacles Rx
The Queen of Pentacles is the queen of the material realm.  She is the caregiver.  She creates a place of warmth, security and comfort from which we will feel comforted and well nourished.  She promotes a sense of calm and well being within the home, from which we can feel a sense of security and explore the outer world.

Because she is showing up reversed for us at this time, we can see there is an uprootedness that is creating the mental havoc we will be engaging with this month.  Things aren't likely to feel secure.  It is a card of disruptions and, again, overwhelm. 

The foundation that this queen is typically able to create is being disrupted.  This leads our minds to go towards thoughts of doubts, anxieties and suspicions.  We doubt the security of our future. 

Her calm mind, care giving nature and sense of integrity are also disrupted, leading to actions that are more ego centered in nature.  She may turn to manipulation to serve her means.

Remember, this month holds opportunities within the apparent confusion.  It is the opportunity to retreat from the external events that are creating this dynamic and seek peace and solitude within.  Doing so will allow the answers we need to get through any difficulty to percolate to the surface when it is time to do so. 

Emotional/Spiritual – 6 of Swords
The 6 of Swords is a card of release.  It is the representation of a spiritual journey which is tinged with sadness because she is leaving behind something that was once valued and now knows there is nothing salvageable in what is being left.

There is also a sense of hopefulness in this card.  It is like the image of the refugee.  A refugee leaves her home reluctantly.  She does so only after experiencing great sorrow.  A refugee leaves when she understands that the comforted life she once had within her home cannot be recovered.  Therefore she makes the decision to leave behind what is ruined to seek out new opportunity in a new homeland.  A new place where she can rebuild, feeling a new sense of safety and security. 

In the same way, we may find that we will need to leave an old way of being in the world behind that is no longer serving us.  It is a spiritual belief or an emotional experience that is no longer giving nourishment.  We sadly let it go with a hopeful understanding that the new thing that takes its place will better serve the people we are becoming. 

The person driving the boat to the new shore holds an exceptional level of importance in this card.  He is the the guide, taking us away from our struggle and to a safer, ore secure place from which we will start afresh.  He is the anima mundi, the world soul, that takes over when we understand that our egoic selves cannot solve all of the problems of the world.

When we let go of our need to control the outcome of our lives ourselves, the power of the Divine takes over.  It is a time of humility.  Our ego haas to come to terms with the reality that it is unable to solve all of the world's problems, but from this humble place is a fertility and creativity that comes forth from the connection formed with this higher being. A growing trust is created.  We can cross the rough waters and be taken to a new place of safety by a guide that is fully aware of our destiny.

This is a powerful month to grow spiritually.  Take advantage of the opportunities that arise during the difficult moments. 


Shada McKenzie • the Circle and the Dot Tarot