Putting the Ego in Check • February 2018 Monthly Tarot Forecast

Christian Schloe










The forecast for February is a call to return to spiritual orientation rather than allowing the more shallow and misdirected desires of the ego to lead us to defeat.  When we place our trust in the light found in the center of our hearts we are being oriented by a more reliable guide than where the egoic aspirations will lead us .Returning to the light to be found in the center of our hearts is our call for the month ahead.

The Sun RxGeneral Theme of the Month – The Sun Rx
The Sun card is the depiction of light  It symbolizes how we shine out into the world with confidence, radiance and joy.  It is not only the representation of the Divine light that shines upon us, but also the spark of that light which shines within each of us.  Our inner light is a spark of the Divine. 

You will notice in this card the child is without clothing.  The restraints of the ego have been shed, and this is what is required to allow this inner light to come shining through out being.  It is the representation of our ability to let go of any attachment to our complex egoic edifices and the distractions they bring to us. 

This is how we manifest true joy and happiness in our lives.  It is allowing the Divine light within to radiate outward into our existence.  This is only possible without any pretense blocking the light. When we reach this state of being, the external world seems to be scheming to work for us rather than working against our best interests.  In truth, it is simply because we have gotten out of the way of ourselves.  As we learn to let go of our mistrust, the world opens us to the wonderment of a child, but also with the wisdom of one who has worked hard to receive conscious enlightenment.

For the month of February, the Sun is reversed.  The fears and desires of the ego eclipse the spark of Divine light we carry within ourselves.  This month we need to further investigate the nature of this.  Why are we choosing to live out of alignment with our inner light?  Why do we trust the armature of our ego to direct, despite all of the difficulties and suffering it brings, more than the inner guiding light?  What is the reason for our doubt and mistrust?

Why are you hiding your light?  How might you go about allowing it to reclaim its proper place in your life?  No matter how well you have cultivated your impressive ego edifice, no matter how beautiful it appears to others, it is merely a surface treatment.  A little less concern for external appearances is what you need to drop the heavy weight of the ego and to live with the unencumbered, child-like wonder as seen in this card.  Allow your radiance to shine out in the world in all of its purity and goodness.  This is your work for the month ahead.

Wheel of Fortune RxPhysical – Wheel of Fortune Rx
When the Wheel of Fortune is in the upright position, it suggests the possibility of a big breakthrough in the area of life it is referencing.  In this reading, the Wheel of Fortune is showing up in the area of the physical reality we live in.  It is the realm of the flesh, sweat, blood and bones of our body.  It is the  earth, stone and organic life we encounter in our environment.  It represents the extent to which we are able to experience abundance, pleasure, sustenance and tangible rewards in our life.

The potential for breakthrough this card represents is because there is much movement and activity.  The wheel is in perpetual motion, and the ups and downs of fortune are never ending.  It is acknowledging the perpetual change of life that we all experience. 

Within this state of continual flux, we desire only the times of opportunity and fortune.  Always, we run from the times of difficulty by desperately grasping onto what is positive and good in our lives, as if we might be able to stop the motion of life and prevent any further change back towards decline.  This is wasted, foolish effort because we cannot stop movement on the wheel of life.

The only way to achieve the breakthrough this card can offer is by realizing the quality of movement we do have control over on this perpetually spinning wheel.  As much as we try, we cannot put the breaks on this wheel, and the only way to slow the momentum is to move away from the outer edges of the wheel by and find its center center.  This is the place of calm within the movement.  This is the space from which we can experience lasting stability and success as the wheel continues to spin. 

The movement towards the center of the wheel is achieved through our spiritual growth and gained life wisdom.  This is the only way to truly hold onto the gifts life offers us with any permanence. 

This month, the Wheel of Fortune card is showing up in the reversed position in the position of the physical.  We are being presented with the opportunity to really get an understanding of how our foolishness creates suffering in our physical reality.  What are the ways we are behaving that are counterproductive?

We may perceive the experience as “bad luck” when in actuality it is just part of the natural rhythm on the wheel of life.  What goes up, must come down...and will eventually rise to the top once again.  We can become less attached to our fortunes and misfortunes in life.  We can break the cycle by committing to orient our physical reality towards our spiritual center. 

This is where we will find the big breakthrough, and it is closely related to the shedding of the egoic structure we have created that is blocking our light within.  This light is our center.  This is how we can transcend the worldly suffering that life inflicts. 

2 of CupsIntellectual – 2 of Cups
In the space of the intellectual theme for the month, we have a card that is deeply emotional in nature.  The 2 of Cups is a card that shows the possibility for uniting opposites.  It is the union of the mind with the heart, allowing for a fuller, more loving experiencing.

It is relating through the intellect.  Friendships and loving connections resulting from the sharing of the mind.  Our thoughts and ideas can bring us closer to one another.  This is a time to share your ideas and to respect the ideas of others.  Use them to find a common ground. 

Union of the minds is a great possibility if we take the time to listen to what the other has to say.  Union is possible if we openly share our thoughts.  Individual goals can merge, becoming a unified goal.  Emotional stability and harmony is the result of such efforts.

This is a beautiful timeframe for overcoming misunderstandings.  If you look at this card, each individual feature greets the other with a cup int heir hand.  There is an openness and a willingness to share what one has with the other. 

This merging of the minds can occur in any type of relationship: from romantic relationships, to business partnerships to those striving to find ideological harmony with those whom they see as thinking differently. 

Take the time to get to know where the “other” is coming from.    Disagreements can be mended and mutual understanding can be achieved.

10 of SwordsSpiritual – 10 of Swords

The 10 of Swords represents spiritual opportunity disguised as failure.  The reality of one's spiritual condition has set in, and the realization that we have created our condition of suffering must be faced.

Mistakes have been made.  We can only rectify our past mistake by choosing to live differently today.  But here in this card the failure to understand we have control over out suffering is evident.  In this card, we see the figure is wallowing in the pain of the suffering that he has created.  He is stuck in the thought pattern of limitation.

He is depressed, pinned down by the reality of his making, and is unable to see the darkness of the night sky is breaking to make room for a new day.  With each new day comes a new opportunity to turn our lives around.  Each day the light returns.  We have a new chance to realize the limitations of our past attitudes and to clearly set forth in a new direction.

With the light, clarity can return.  This is what the month ahead is wishes to teach us.  It wishes for us to see how to live in the Light and how to express ourselves with the Divine spark that is within us.  We must first learn to see the limitations of our ego to make this happen.  This card shows us just how low following the ego can take us.  We can learn through our failure.

Shada McKenzie • The Circle and the Dot