Reinvention • December 2015 Monthly Tarot Forecast

Reinvneting Youself • December 2015 Monthly Forecast, the Circle and the Dot

After laying out the cards last night for this month's forecast and sitting with them for some time, I received a call from my girlfriend.  She began speaking to me about a personal crisis, and how she believes this difficult timeframe for her is leading to a reinvention of herself.  It struck me immediately that this was the theme for the month as reflected in the cards: reinvention.  

Sometimes we get caught up in the belief that we are all headed “somewhere” – that all of the intensity and changes we have been experiencing lately are taking us to some sort of culmination, and as soon as we reach this place, this final destination, we can release one long, slow, stress-relieving, collective exhale.  And then we'll be there – the end of the journey.  

However, what happens after we arrive “there?”  What is it exactly we are expecting?  Is it the eternal party that some call Heaven?  How does that even make sense?  If there is a final heaven-like destination, it seems to be very much out of reach at this present moment, with the myriad of crises we are facing collectively and personally.  Therefore, with all our immediate concerns, why are we so focused on the culmination, the completion, the graduation?  Perhaps it is better for us to focus on goals that better address the immediate issues we face.  Maybe it is more realistic to not think in terms of heaven, nirvana or enlightenment – the ending point.   Rather to think about taking the next step towards the reinvention of ourselves, something that we will complete continually: by the minute, the year and the lifetime, as we continue to spiritually grow and evolve.  

Maybe enlightenment or heaven truly is the end goal.  But while we are so focused on merging with the One there is also an environmental crisis, a refugee crisis, a health crisis, a food crisis, a spiritual crisis and so on, happening before our closed eyes.  Tuning in does not equate with tuning out.  

This month is about taking the steps to utilize our creative fire and our industriousness in order to reinvent who we are and what our roles ought to be as we transition from one state of being to the next.  It isn't the culmination. It is the next step of our seemingly continual unfoldment.  It is a culmination that allows us to transition to the next phase of countless phases.  It is what we must do in order to face and overcome the myriad of immediate concerns that need to be addressed.  This is something we need to do repeatedly, but December is marking the ending point of one of these cycles.  It is a time of completion and of the passage into one more reinvention.

General Theme of the Month – 3 of Cups Rx
RWS 3 of Cups RxDecember, the typical month of holiday parties and indulgences as well as the hopeful and optimistic preparations for the upcoming year, is a month that is well described by the 3 of Cups.  The 3 of Cups is a card of celebration.  It is a card expressing the the tendency to come together with others to share in emotional bounties and joy.  It represents a sociable and lively time of harvest where our hearts are full and we feel an emotional connection with the others who share our lives.  The 3 of Cups energy honors this warm and affectionate connection.  It is the time for parties, high spirits and happiness; coming together with others and feeling secure and at home in their company.  

However, for us this month is shows up in the reversed position.  This could be showing up in different ways for us.  For some, it could be suggesting that although this is  the month of celebrations and parties, we are  best to focus our energies elsewhere.  Now is not the time for suspending our activities to celebrate with others as much as it is  to commit to finishing what we have started.  With December's parties, it awkward time to experience this because we are not yet free to celebrate.  There is still more work to be done.  

This could make participating in the holiday festivities seem rather shallow.  We may wonder why we are making such a fuss when there is still so much work to be done.  The holidays may seem like an inconvenient distraction from the real work that is still at hand.  Therefore, celebrations may feel disingenuous.  The 3 of Cups could also be pointing to the possibility of overindulgence.  Don't allow this month to pass by with empty, excessive partying and indulging.  Remember there is still immediate work at hand that need to be given your attention.  Be aware of this tendency this month and make the efforts to keep excesses in check.

When the 3 of Cups is upright it signifies some sort of completion – the harvest.  The hard work has been done and now is the time to come together with others and honor the achievement.  Reversed, the focus is turned inward.  Inner development is a priority.  What personal adjustments need to be made during this time of reinvention?  What are more appropriate life choices?  What plans need to develop?

Spiritual – Death

RWS DeathWith Death showing up in the position of the spiritual influences of the month, we can see clearly that thisreinvention taking place for us is spiritual in nature.  Death is the card of dissolution and the spiritual transition that will follow.  If you look at the card you can see the horse-mounted figure of Death in the foreground, taking up nearly all the space in the image.  This process may consume us in a similar way.  This transition is in the forefront of our lives, taking the majority of our attention.  For many of us this comes with a level of pain.  It may be difficult to accept there is something we need to let go of and leave behind.  The more attached we are to what needs to go, the more this process will feel all-consuming.

However, if you look towards the background you will see the rising sun between the two pillars.  This is a representation of the rebirth we will experience as soon as we are able to shift the focus away from what is being lost and towards what is coming into being – the reinvention of ourselves.

Instead of the light-hearted party, this holiday season asks us to let go of what is no longer serving us.  It asks us to allow it to quietly pass away and to accept the loss at hand.  It is by doing this that the space will be made for transformation and growth.  The more we hold on, the longer we stay in this transitional phase, keeping us from embracing what we are becoming.  

Ultimately, December is a month for the potential for immense growth on the spiritual level.  The changes in our life patterns can create the space for significant improvements and developments in the spiritual level.  This is a reason to celebrate.  However, the 3 of Cups energy is a bit immature until this transition is complete we need to be focused on the task at hand.  

The more quickly you are able to shift your focus away from the immensity of this Death image and look at the possibilities available to you with the new sun that is rising, the sooner you will be move forward and complete the reinvention that is under way.  What is changing within you requires a reinvention and a rebirth.

Intellectual – Knight of Pentacles

RWS Knight of PentaclesThe Knight of Pentacles is a rather practical card, and it seems to be indicating this month you have the opportunity to use your intellect in a very practical and grounded way to help you with this reinvention.  

Your intellect is the workhorse this month.  You can count on it to help you through this transitional phase and help you to make progress towards what you are becoming.  Many times our minds get in the way of what we need.  We are unable to tune into our deeper sense of knowing because we are busy trying to control the outcome with our thoughts.  However, during this timeframe our intellect acts as the stable element.  Our thinking is thorough, reliable, detail oriented, thoughtful, secure, stable and careful.  We can rely on it to create fertile conditions where new seeds can be planted and flourish.  

During this timeframe it is favorable to use your intellect to take a practical and sensible approach to the process of reinvention.  It is not the time to follow flights of fancy.  Rather, consider what ideas you have that are actually attainable.  Also, take the ideas that arise for you and look at ways they can be methodically manifested in your life.  

The Knight of Pentacles also calls upon you to use your mind to bring about progress through hard work and discipline.  Commit to giving your reinvention quality attention.  Work hard to make certain that you are on solid footing after the intensity of the Death card subsides.  Focus on steady, slow and deliberate process.  Taking shortcuts will damage the integrity of what it is you are trying to create.  This is how to best utilize your intellect this month.

Emotional – King of Wands

RWS King of WandsWhile the Knight of Pentacles is the workhorse, the King of Wands is the innovator.  This month it is your emotional body that can be used in this innovative way, and your emotions can provide the creative spark that will be put into being through the industriousness of the intellect.  

Listen to your heart.  Let it lead you.  Then allow your mind to turn your creative inspiration into reality.  The intellect itself is not the place for creativity right now.  You tap into your creativity by tapping into your emotions instead.

The King of Wands is not necessarily the energy that is good with follow through.  He has inspired vision, but without stability it can be scattered, and could be difficult to manifest anything from them alone.  He is highly intelligent, which is good because the Knight of Pentacles taking space in the realm of the intellect can be a but dull and unimaginative.  These two forces working together in harmony will help you to creatively create the next phase of your life and have the follow through necessary to see it come to fruition.  

Allow what your feeling to lead you to new possibilities for reinvention.  Tap into your emotional body and feel what it is you you need to do for yourself.  By listening to your emotions you can be led from the immediate spiritual crisis of this month to the new possibilities that await.  You can trust your emotions to give you brilliant and sound advice for how to proceed, and then trust your intellect to devise a solid and practical plan to carry it out.  

Physical – Page of Wands

RWS Page of WandsThrough the Page of Wands, we are even more able to see the necessity of the current changes that need to be made at this time.  If you take a look at this card you will see the figure is standing in the midst of an arid desert.  Even the three mountains in the background are devoid of any life.  What was once green and fertile is now barren.  The page stands alone in this landscape.  In his hands he holds a wand.  This wand contains the only bit of green in the image.  It is sprouting with new life.  This is what the page is intently focused on.  

With all of this transition and potential arising for us this month, the Page of Wands shows us the creative potential we have in our hands.  If we go back to the card we understand that the page does not yet know exactly what to do with this sprouting wand,  but he understands its importance.  He is excited by the possibilities of what can spring forth.

It is through our optimism, enthusiasm and energy that we will bring about this new manifestation in our lives.  It is a period of new beginnings.  New opportunities to create something exciting and beautiful.  This spiritual crisis we find ourselves in is merely the transition from one phase to the next.  A higher phase where lessons have been learned and with these hard earned lessons comes the potential to reinvent who we are once again.

This is not a month to forget the task at hand with excess booze, food and mindless holiday shopping.  There is something important transpiring in our lives and the distractions from this season can easily get in the way.

When you find yourself being led away from what you are creating reorient yourself back to the beautiful green leaves that are coming forth.  Allow it to inspire you to take action towards your reinvention.  We have reached the destination and are embarking on another new beginning.


Shada McKenzie • The Circle and the Dot
photography by Sophia Ajram