Relief • January 2016 Monthly Tarot Forecast

Monthly Tarot Forecast January 2016

Are you all happy to see December behind us?  Last month's parties and celebrations fell particularly flat for many of us.  It was a difficult month where we were faced with stresses and challenges fashioned to help us break free from old, outdated, ready-to-die patterns.  You may be exiting the year feeling a little emotionally battered and spiritually under the weather, but the potential for growth these challenges have provided open us for something much more healthy as we enter 2016.

General Theme of the Month of January – Wheel of Fortune
Wheel of Fortune, Morgan Greer TarotThe first month of 2016 brings some much needed relief to the pressure that has been building for some time.  In the realm of earth we are all subject to fortune and suffering.  Just as much as pain is the fate of every human, so is the eventual turning of fortune towards luck.
If you take a look at the card you will see two people of prominence enjoying the top of the wheel, blissfully unaware that the wheel of life they are on top of is in perpetual motion.  Life is glorious for them, and they care not to contemplate any end to the luxuriousness of their lives.  It is taken for granted as their birthright.  Below another figure is seen collapsing to his demise.  He was once also as blissfully unaware of the turning of the wheel of life.  As he was removed form his position of prominence to make room for the new, he lost his place without the grace that contemplation could have afforded him.  

This wheel maintains its motion through the divine action of fate.  Look at the image again and we see fate's hand coming from clouds to rotate the wheel.  From the hand of fate, we enter the earthly realm, rise to prominence and then have it taken away, over and over.  There is nothing we can do about this perpetual motion.  It is simply the result of living in this world we inhabit.  

How do we work within the perpetual cycles so that we can have some sort of control in our lives? How can we avoid suffering from the inevitable changes?  How do we manage to grow within the framework of a circle?  Where does free will come into play?  The Wheel of Fortune wants us to contemplate that fine line between fate and free will.  It wants us to consider how we might navigate between these two forces in order to make the most of the timeframe.  

The Wheel of Fortune as this month's general theme is showing an alleviating of some of the strife and suffering we have been recently going through.  For the time, fate is on our side, and we could see a significant lightening of energy. It is change for the better, a collective upswing.  It is an opportunity for us all to begin a new life process based on what we have all come out of.  This will come as a huge relief to those of us who have been feeling the effects of last month's heaviness.  December is typically a time of celebration for us all, but there was a flatness to it all as we struggled with trying to assimilate changes occurring to us on a spiritual level.

There is opportunity in this upswing.  We can reflect back and see the cycles that have been repeating themselves and consider how we might break this cycle.  How have our past lessons brought us to this present moment, and how might we best take advantage of this window of good timing that fate has bestowed upon us?

The period of fortune we are stepping into promise conditions for growth and opportunities that can improve our lives.  What do we need to do maximize the gain during this period?  What destructive patterns might we avoid during this circle on our journey?  How might we appropriately take action to plant seeds for a more fruitful future?

January is a good month to be forward thinking and use this favorable time to put new plans into motion.  It is the month of the resolution.  What is it you would like to see happen for yourself in 2016?  What patterns need to be broken in order to see your goal come to fruition?  The skillful blend of fate and your will can create positive changes in your life.  It is time to leave the dysfunctional past behind and focus on the new year with a new cache of learned spiritual lessons under your belt.  
Physical – 3 of Swords Rx
3 of Swords Rx, Morgan Greer TarotWhen the 3 of Swords is upright, it indicates a period of darkness.  We see a fully exposed and vulnerable heart hovering in the sky that has been pierced by three sharp swords.  A storm is brewing above that will soon be pelting this already battered heart with rain.  This vicious attack is the result of the vulnerable position it has been placed in.

However, this card is showing itself in the reversed position.  It is the beginning of recovering from this injury.  It is the fading away of the storm and the withdraw of the swords so that healing can begin. Whatever injury you have been experiencing in your world lately you can expect to see the beginnings of alleviation.

 If you have been experiencing physical ills, this month looks to have the opportunity for you to begin the process of recovery.  The worst is over.  While you may still be licking your physical wounds they are now in the healing phase.  In terms of other aspects of your physical realm it could be showing up as anything from your career, your home to your finances–whatever setbacks you may have been experiencing in these areas has the opportunity to begin recovering.  The Wheel of Fortune will begin the upswing and you will notice the effects in your physical body and surroundings.  

This is also a card of forgiveness.  Forgiveness is one of the initial healing steps.  What or who do you need to forgive?  Is it your body that has been failing you, despite your efforts for balance?  Is it an old boss that forced you from your position leaving you bitter and scared for the future?  Do you need to forgive yourself for bad decisions you have made?

Forgiveness is how you can utilize this favorable time the maximum way.  It is what you need to do to prevent another cycle on the wheel of fortune without repeating the same destructive patterns.  It is the first step that will stop the bleeding of your injured heart.  It is through the healing power of forgiveness, and of transforming problematic habits so that the worst of whatever situation you find yourself in will be over.

Emotional – Knight of Cups
Knight of Cups, Morgan Greer TarotThe Knight of Cups is the most romantic figure in the tarot deck.  He is on the perpetual quest to fill his cup with the sweet nectar that nourishes the heart.  He is looking for the perfect love and for the intensity of emotion.  The sad reality is that his quest is a never-ending one because he will never be able to find love according to his elevated ideals.  The King of Cups is the dreamer who never seems to have his dreams come to fruition.  This doesn't seem to bother him, however, because he is certain that the answer to his dreams lies just around the corner.  

The Knight of Cups this month is showing up in the reversed position.  This allows us to come back to reality a bit.  Objectivity reassumes its important position and we are able to see our emotional selves in a more balanced way.  We have the opportunity to become more emotionally stable this month.  Our unreachable dreams can stop deluding us.  We can use this month to start producing more concrete results in ours live that, while not as dreamy and romantic as they once were, are actually attainable.  

Because of this, January will likely not be a intensely emotional month.  We are able to balance the topsy turviness through an important dose of detached objectivity and rationality.  It is a month for striving to gain our emotional equilibrium.


Intellectual – 7 of Cups
7 of Cups, Morgan Greer TarotHowever, despite the fact our emotions have been tempered by our ability to look at things more objectively, the 7 of Cups in the place the intellectual theme for the month is showing difficulty in being able to see through he clouds.  What is next and also how to go about attaining it may not be immediately clear.

If we go back again to the Wheel of Fortune we can see the supernatural hand emerging from the clouds, turning the wheel.  We are at the beginning of this new, optimistic journey and our vision is obscured by this cloud of creation.  We cannot clearly see our path.  We sense things have taken a turn for the better, yet we are not sure what we should do next or which path to take.  

Intellectually speaking, this month is a time for dreaming.  While the reversed Knight of Cups is refraining from following the grandiose dreams of his emotions, the 7 of Cups in the place of the intellectual realm is showing that this is a time for us to daydream new possibilities.  

We do not yet have a clear path we are headed.  Use your intellect to dream a new reality into being, while at the same time keeping your emotions in check around it.  Dream, but stay detached from any outcome at this time.  Use this month to look at the possibilities and potentialities that lay before you.  Also understand that with the Wheel of Fortune as the general theme luck is on your side.  Use this time of confusion to imagine a new reality.  Wait until the cloud clears a bit before you take any concrete steps towards a new idea.

Spiritual – 5 of Wands Rx
5 of Wands Rx, Morgan Greer TarotWhen the 5 of Wands is upright it speaks of struggle.  Most of us have undoubtedly been experiencing this sort of struggle in the spiritual realm.  We have experienced the pains of transitioning from one old and outdated spiritual path while we seek out a new and better fitted path to take.  It has been the birthing pains of a new spiritual reality.  

Since this card is showing up in its reversed position, this chaos and struggle is coming to an end.  Just like the struggle of the 3 of Swords is being lifted this month, bringing a time for recovering from this discomfort, the reversed 5 of Wands is showing us that the struggles we have been experiencing around  the spiritual aspect of our lives is being alleviated.  The need to “get ahead” spiritually speaking is feeling eased.  There is a growing understanding that spiritual growth is not a competition that needs to be won.  

We have the opportunity this month to see that our growth happens just as it needs to.  There is no need for us to witness it at a certain speed.  It is a month of accepting who we are as we are.  Paradoxically, this is what we need in order to grow.  Our drive to succeed has been hindering our spiritual growth.  The reversal of this card shows us that we can exhale and stop trying to win this race.

Have a marvelous year ahead!





Shada McKenzie
The Circle and the Dot Tarot