Revisioning Through Revisiting • October 2018 Monthly Tarot Forecast

tarot Santa Fe New MexicoThis month, we are being given the opportunity to explore our deep emotional roots from our past, exploring how they inform our lives today.  We can use this time for review to see if our past emotional material is shaping our future in a healthy way or if we need to consciously reorient ourselves so we may forge new emotional territory that is better suited to who we wish to become. 

In other words, people, events, strategies, memories, or emotional content from our past may reappear at this time for examination.  How have they informed who we have become?  How much influence do they still have over who we are BECOMING?  Is our current relationship with our past healthy?   

6 of Cups RWS, the Circle and the Dot Tarot, Santa Fe, New MexicoGeneral Theme of the Month Ahead – 6 of Cups
The 6 of Cups is a card of nostalgia.  It demonstrates how we often look at our past through the lens of idealism.  The grittiness of reality has been washed away by time leaving only a sentimental remembrance.

Many of us, after successfully passing through a period of struggle, often omit the worst parts of the experience when the event is recalled.  We forgive and forget the worst.  Even our happier times of past had difficult moments, and these aspects of our experiences are largely forgotten.

Imagine recalling a night long ago spent under the stars with an old lover.  The sense of intimacy exchanged is remembered and cherished, but the fact that this lover may have been holding damaging secrets at that very moment is conveniently not included in this remembrance.  In other words, our romanticized memory of an experience may not be the full reality and this idealization isn't healthy. If we continue to use the idealized version of the event as the standard upon which we base all future experiences with all future lovers, we may find that we are dissatisfied by every future encounter.  Even if what we are basing it on is a false recollection, they all fall short of the inaccuracy of what we remember.

Another way we may consider this card as a representation of the general theme of the month is this month may bring up the ways in which the extent to which we are happy today is deeply rooted in our past experiences.   How does our past connect to what we feel today?  These topics, events, people and so on are likely to come back into the forefront of our awareness for some time.  We can reexamine them and correct any inconsistencies.  We are given the opportunity to make amends...even if it is making peace only within ourselves, so that ghost from the past no longer follows us into our future.

One more way in which we might interpret this card is the possibility that we may need to return to the warmth, love, and caring of the past.  We could do this through revisiting old relationships and reinstating a new love that is more mature and grounded in its expression.  It is a pure expression of love that intersects with a developed wisdom that has been cultivated with time and experience.

How does purity differ from innocence?  It is through the cultivated wisdom that protects us from the dangers of naivety.  Look for ways we can bring the love in our hearts to a more mature expression, without falling into a coldness or unkind actions.  In a similar manner, don't allow sentimentality to keep us from seeing where we firmly stand in the present.  Step forward into the future with a more mature emotional expression. 

How is our past serving us today? Appreciate how cherished emotional gifts from our past have built up our character, but be willing to let go of the notions that are overly idealized or preventing a more mature understanding of where we are headed into the future. 

Queen of Swords Rx, the Circle and the Dot Tarot, Santa Fe, New MexicoPhysical – Queen of Swords Rx
The Queen of Swords is the depiction of a person who values the truth gained from the objective, rational mind over what feels true to us in the heart.  She sees the emotionality as a thick cloud, preventing us from seeing through the clear lens of reality.

If you take a look at the card, you will see she sits alone on her throne, her gaze cool and distant.  The positioning of the clouds in this card is important in that they are positioned below her line of vision. She can see the truth with crystal clarity.

Above her, a single bird flies overhead.  This is the representation of how she interprets truth.  There is a single truth that can be understood if we are able to remove the cloud of sentimentality.  Some may call her cold.  She would likely call herself high-minded and unwilling to bend to the desires of the heart at the sacrifice of truth.

The Queen of Swords has a starkly different feeling than does the 6 of Cups.  But she is reversed in this reading and this changes the meaning of the card to some degree.  It can be read in two ways:

One way we can look at her, when combined with the general theme of the month, is that she is able to allow the heart to return to her experience.  Someone whom I respect has said, "justice without love isn't just."  In her unbending insistence on reaching Truth with a capital T, the Queen of Swords may have come to a deeper understanding of what spiritual Truth actually is.  Truth is justice and love is an inherent component of all that is just. 

How would this reflect on the physical?  This would show up in our interactions with others and ourselves.  We would see that we are treating others and ourselves with more love and compassion.  It is through the careful dismantling of the layers of protection covering our hearts that have been blocking its wisdom from informing our actions in the everyday world we engage in. 

The second way this card might be interpreted that we need to look out for is that this Queen runs the risk of engaging in the world with more iciness, the ice queen.  The clarity of objectivity she has relied upon has actually clouded her ability to love and be loved.  She becomes bitter and completely rejects the more positive attributes the 6 of Cups has to offer. 

If you see this Arctic coldness coming into your reality, work hard to thaw it.  Open your heart. I have seen many people headed in this direction after reacting to the testimonies of Christine Blasey Ford and Brett Kavanaugh.  Understand this reaction does not demonstrate objectivity.  It is the reaction of a suffocating heart that is encrusted by ice.  When you thaw your heart and get it properly aligned with your intellect, you will discover Truth. 

10 of Swords Rx, the Circle and the Dot Tarot, Santa Fe, New MexicoIntellectual – 10 of Swords Rx
Fortunately, the 10 of Swords has appeared in the reversed position for us this month because when it is upright it is a card of misfortune.  It is a representation of when a situation in our lives has gotten as bad as it can get.  It is depression, feeling trapped by insurmountable limitations. 

It is from the suit of Swords and all cards from the Swords suit are connected with the intellect.  Very much, the suffering this card represents is connected to the way we are thinking about our lives. 

Therefore, to see the reversal of this card takes this immense weight and lightens it.  This may be accomplished simply through the realization that whatever this situation is specifically, it is out of our control.  We cannot avoid the culmination of what's to come.  Letting go of the need to control the outcome is like a breakthrough, a release of pressure that has been building.  Peace of mind is the result.

This could also possibly be a situation in which we may find that we CAN avoid the worst case scenario from happening.  It is pushing through in order to avoid defeat.  It takes a certain amount of wisdom to be able to distinguish what we can and cannot change. Wisely distinguishing when it is time to give into our circumstances or to keep pushing because there is still a way to avoid the worst from happening.

This requires a certain amount of objectivity.  But the will can be a tremendous barrier to seeing things objectively.  The sentimentality of the 6 of Cups can be a thick cloud, blocking discernment as well.  Carefully consider which option offers the greatest opportunity for returning to a state of balance and wellbeing.

Tarot in Santa Fe, 7 of WandsEmotional/Spiritual – 7 of Wands
With that being said, the 7 of Wands is a card of fighting for ourselves and having the courage to stick up for what we believe in.  It is going against the odds, using our reserves to see to it that whatever conflict we come across will be surmounted.

We can see from this card the capacity to overcome the obstacles that present themselves this month can be overcome.  We have the fierceness to challenge what is unjust.  We have the fire and determination to succeed. 

So if we choose to not give in, if we truly believe that what we are struggling against is best to confront, the energy is behind us leading to a successful outcome. 

Returning to the 6 of Cups again, the struggle to be overcome may be related to something returning from the past to be re-envisioned in a new way.  The 7  of Wands gives us the force to push through successfully.

Shada MckKenzie
The Circle and the Dot Tarot and Astrology
Santa Fe, New Mexico