Revisiting and Revising • March 2017 Monthly Tarot Forecast

Revisiting and Revising  March 2017 Monthly Tarot ForecastAs we take our first steps into the month of March, we approach an upcoming Venus retrograde season in the sign of Aries.  Venus is currently stationing and will begin its journey backwards into the celestial terrain it has just traversed by the 5th of March and will continue on its retrograde path through the rest of the month.  

Typically, Venus is concerned with creating harmony in our lives.  There is a concern for affinity and compatibility in our relationships.  To have her retrograde this month, in the sign of Aries, she steps outside of her normal role.  There is a hint of rebellion in her actions.  She is not as concerned with harmony as much as she cares for authenticity and true self-expression.  If her typical striving for beauty and harmony interferes with the striving for this higher level of personal truth, authenticity will likely win.  

This month is a revisitation of our beliefs and ways of going about doing things in our personal relationships and our relationship with the society we live in and making necessary revisions in our actions if we decide we are not currently living in a way that is working for who we really are.  

March is about looking back, reassessing and revising.  It is about stepping into our power.  It is about bold spontaneity and novelty.  If fresh approaches to our relationship with ourselves, others and our society need to be adopted, we may see this changes getting implemented into our lives even if it is a bit chaotic and messy in the making.

7 of Swords, the Circle and the DotGeneral Theme of the Month 7 of Swords Rx
The 7 of Swords Rx fits nicely into this new paradigm that Venus is creating in her retrograde motion.  This card, when reversed, is also about a revisiting and revising our actions or the way we are thinking about a situation in our lives or they way in which our mind operates.  

When this card is in the upright position, it is a card that has to do with gain, but it is gaining without putting in the proper work that is expected of such a situation.  It is using dishonesty, trickery, manipulation or evasion in order to get ahead in life.  There is this sense that if one were to approach things directly he or she may not be able to get away with what he is attempting to gain.  Therefore it is easier to be evasive and to win through cunning.  

Swords cut and can do damage.  Attempting to handle a situation by indirect, opportunistic, ill thought means, one can put oneself in danger.  The suit of Swords is the suit of the mind and the intellect.  With this lack of discipline in of the mind, the way in which we think about a situation, we set ourselves up for mistakes.  We can create problems by trying to get ahead without valor or integrity in our thoughts and actions.  We put ourselves on the negative path and will certainly have to face the consequences of our actions at some point along the way.

To have the 7 of Swords show up for us in the reversed position as the general theme of the month shows us that through the looking back and questioning the way in which we operate, we can correct this disharmony by filling in the extra steps that we skipped over previously.  This month, we are given the opportunity to correct our misbehaviors before they come back to bite us in the ass.  We have the opportunity to return to valor.  If we didn't earn it through our own efforts it is not ours to have.  

Like Venus in retrograde, allowing us the opportunity to live in a place of more emotional authenticity, the reversed 7 of Swords gives us the chance to operate with more mindfulness, less negativity and more in control of our thoughts and actions.  

Where are you out of integrity?  How are you getting ahead by insincerity or manipulation?  If your deception were to be revealed, what would be the consequences of that behavior?  

Now is the time to right your wrongs.  Return what is not truly yours to have.  Examine how past manipulations have put you at an unfair advantage and vow to make things right.  

5 of Pentacles • the Circle and the Dot TarotBody – 5 of Pentacles
On the physical plane, the 5 of Pentacles indicates that March may be a period where our struggles are in the forefront.  This could be struggles within the body – illness, depression or fatigue.  It could be the struggles of experiencing a decline of our personal resources – feeling impoverished or financially strained.  It could be the struggles of loneliness or alienation – the consequences of a lack of faith.

The general theme of revisiting and reassessing will be good to rectify this place of being.  What actions have led you to this point?  Where have you attempted to take the easy way out and are now having to come to term with the consequences of your actions?  

Looking back at what has led to these circumstances will help you to reorient yourself in a way that can correct the imbalances.  We will shortly see that we have the Ace of Swords energy at our disposal helping to rectify what is out of balance in our lives, leading to a return in harmony.


Page of Wands • the Circle and the Dot TarotMind – Page of Wands
The Page of Wands conveys new opportunities on the mental plane.  We can use the predicaments that are presented to us as a springboard to have the confidence to tackle the challenges in new and original ways.

The Page of Wands is a card of fresh creativity.  It is the ability to come up with new and innovative solutions to our problems.  It gives us the enthusiasm to try out new approaches.  It fills us with passion and the belief that we can work through what we once viewed as an impasse.  

The Page of Wands also encourages us to take risks.  It is a challenge to try new approaches to life and to overcome limiting fears.

We can see the opportunities that come forth from the struggles we face.  This card is an indication that what is feeling like limitation and illness at the moment is actually a chance to grow beyond it.  The difficulties, instead of crippling us, in reality may instill us with a mental determination to seek out innovative solutions.

With this card there is a natural curiosity to  overcome obstacles, face challenges, sense your potential and be inspired to act upon this energy.

The Page of Wands is a particularly favorable sign that whatever difficulties we encounter this month could be transformed into opportunities with the creative and dynamic energy this card represents.  

Ace of Swords • the Circle and the Dot TarotSpirit – Ace of Swords
March is also a month for attainment of new spiritual truths.    The stumbling blocks this month presents are also filled with the opportunity to gain new strength within the adversity.  Something really positive and strong can come forth for us this moth.  This marks the beginning of a new spiritual path to be taken.  It is a path that leads us to greater good, and an increased beneficence operating in our lives.  

Out of the tests and trials, the ones we have failed we can learn from.  It is a more promising way of living life.  It is a new determination and discipline that leads us to goodness and new positivity.  It is the occasion to increase our consciousness, to understand that to live the right path is to invite opportunity and success.

It is a card of cutting away what is extraneous and not serving you.  It is the opportunity to see who you really are and to step into alignment with this Higher Self.  It gives us the courage to rebel against the things in our life that are keeping us from living in this higher centered place.  It imbues us with the determination to push ahead and surmount the obstacles of our own making.  

Shada McKenzie • the Circle and the Dot