Slow Start • October 2016 Monthly Tarot Energy Forecast

Slow Starts • October 2016 monthly tarot energy forecast


For many of us, last month brought about a series of inevitable breakthroughs in our lives that may be quite challenging, yet are serving an underlying greater purpose with the intent to bring us to new stages of personal, emotional and spiritual development. This month, as the current carries us away from past baggage and towards new life experiences, we may find ourselves encountering resistance. A fear of moving forward. A desire to return to old, easier ways of being. A sense of overwhelm as we float in the cloudy soup of uncertainty. Or it may show up as unexpected delays in our progress. The resistance may be coming from within, or it may be situational. It is our job to uncover the reasons for the resistance we face, and commit ourselves to navigate through or around it.



3 of pentacles Rx RWSGeneral Theme For the Month of October – 3 of Pentacles Rx

The reversed 3 of Pentacles addresses this specifically. When upright, it is a card of growth. It has to do with committing to a goal or a plan and seeing to it that our efforts pay off. When upright, it indicates that we are dedicated to building solid foundations so that something beautiful and stable can grow and flourish. However, this month we see this card showing up reversed. So many of us are experiencing major transitions at this time, yet we are in resistance to it. We don't feel ready to commit. We wish that we could turn back the clock and perhaps do things differently in order to avoid these challenges, yet they have arisen to serve our growth and we cannot go back. The 3 of Pentacles also has to do with effectively working with others in order to see a plan succeed. It is about combining the best of our talents with the talents of others in a way in which everyone's abilities are supporting one another. To see this card reversed suggests that we may be trying to wade through our challenges on our own, without enlisting the help of those who could be allies. We aren't utilizing those who have been placed in our lives to help us on our path. Some of us may have a go-it-alone mentality when it would be wiser and more fruitful to with others – seeking out the guidance of a mentor and connecting with those who love us and wish to see us succeed. It may all seem rather anticlimactic. After making a huge push last month, the energy seems to fizzle out and fall flat. Without establishing clarity on what it is we are doing or what we really want we have no real plans or direction. The momentum slows. Use October to get clear on a plan. Instead of feeling frustrated by these delays, we could use the time to really, really become clear on what we want, also, what we need to get there. Take stock of our situation and once we do, then commit to putting in the work. Form short term and long term plans for the future. We can adequately form them only after knowing what it is we are lacking and what we already have as an asset to work with. Also, allow the help of others during this process.

Knight of Swords RWSSpiritual Theme – Knight of Swords
With the energy represented by the reversed 3 of Pentacles, creating slow starts and delays, the appearance of the Knight of Swords as the predominant spiritual energy can feel rather crazy making with the dizzying juxtaposition they create.  The reversed 3 of Pentacles is showing that many of us are in resistance to the changes that have been put into action – for some of us this is a conscious resistance, for others we may be unaware of the brakes we are applying.  We are putting on the brakes, slowing down the process, yet there is a huge part of us that still wants to go racing forth towards our evolution.  We see the opportunity in what is unfolding  We may be chaotically racing towards something, but what is this thing we are racing towards?  Why the mad rush?  Do we even truly have an idea just yet where we need to be moving?

The Knight of Swords suggests a flurry of ideas racing through our minds, and a desire to put our ideas into action with a speed.  There may be an element of fear in this chaotic energy.  A fear of missing the opportunity.  A fear of losing ground.

The resistance that is the predominant theme of the month, coupled with this frenetic desire to push forward, may cause this energy to go to waste.  This is because we really need to take the time to get very clear to the extent that we are able to formulate a single-minded plan towards a goal before we charge ahead.  Without doing this we are ineffective.  

Slow down.  We need to tune into and listen to our inner guidance before we diffuse this tremendous energy that is building.  When it is properly directed, much more can be accomplished.  

The Magician Rx RWSIntellectual Theme – The Magician Rx
Again, with the reversed Magician we see the tendency to not move forward in the way we may wish to see.  The reversed Magician suggests an inability to effectively implement plans.  This may be because our plans are delusional or unrealistic.  It may be because we are too scattered in our minds, we haven't given our plans any thought.  We may simply not yet know what we really want.

Don't race towards a goal without first having a clear-headed well thought out one to follow.  Use this month to plan, and then to put purpose to all that has unfolded in our lives.  If we don't know what we want just yet then what's the rush to get there?  To get where?  Where are we even going?  What do we want to create?  This is the next step.  Get clear.  Once we have this we can ground into it and then take action.  

There is no power in mindless action.  We need to ground into something with a clear mind before we can become empowered in our lives again.  We need a mental clarity.  We need a vision.  What we are dealing with truly has great potential that will go to waste if we fail to become empowered in our minds first.  


5 of SwordsEmotional Theme – 5 of Swords
The 5 of Swords is quite a difficult card to be showing up in the position that reflects the emotional energy for the month.  It is a card showing the potential for  arguments, hurtful behavior, integrity lapses, emotional stress and abuse.  It suggests that the emotional walls are up high and that we may stoop to low depths in order to protect ourselves from hurt unless we take the reins and move through conflicts with a higher awareness..

It also shows the potential for us to be emotionally wounded by others in our lives.  There comes a point when we have to decide just to what extent we are willing to take the abusive behavior of another who is too afraid to take the emotional risks required to be vulnerable in the face of conflict.  

Expect possible communication breakdowns, both in our relationships with those we love as well as our adversaries.  Look out for, both within ourselves as well as those we interact with, aggression, hostility, manipulation and insensitivity in conflicts.  Look out for our own damaging and negative thinking.  Look out for fear motivating us to fall out of integrity in our relationships.  Look for rising tension and commit to circumventing it without harming those whom we love.

If someone in our lives is operating from a place of fear to the extent that they are bullying to stay “safe” then decide if you are better off walking away in order to prevent further harm.  We don't have to be put in the line of abuse.  Maybe later a reunion will be possible.  If not, the separation is better to be permanent.  


The World RWSPhysical Theme – The World
With a spread highlighting so many moments of possible conflicts and difficulties, we end the reading on a truly positive and uplifting note.  The World is showing us that we are exactly where we need to be and that we are, in fact, entering a time of greatness.  

Whatever transitions and completions that are arising at this moment in time are ultimately to bring us a greater level of harmony in our lives and in the world.  The final difficulties are carrying us to the successful culmination of our goals.  Our lives are progressing.  We are on the cusp of starting a new life cycle that will bring with it fresh experiences and new opportunities.  

The World is showing us that we are on the path to success.  If it feels like things are stalling this month it is not because we are truly stagnating in our lives.  It is a month of making adjustments and allowing the newness of what is shifting in life to settle in.  It is a month of learning to cope with what is new and getting clear on what we need for our continued growth.  It is a month of setting our priorities straight so that we are prepared to receive the rewards of our efforts.  

We are encouraged to do what we must so that we can take our proper place in the world we are creating for ourselves.  This preparation leads to contentment with ourselves and environment.  Rushing forward in a mad way is ironically postponing our dreams for ourselves because it is wasted effort.  

Take the time to lay the proper foundations.  Know with certainty where you want to be and only then take the steps toward it.  This is the way to bring forward lasting success into your lives.  From this place, new journeys await.



Shada McKenzie • The Circle and the Dot