Surpassing Denial • June 2017 Monthly Tarot Forecast

Surpassing Denial






This month we have the opportunity to experience a surge of momentum in our lives.  However, the potential to stunt this momentum is also very much present.  This is simply because of the propensity to steer this it into dead end directions.   If inappropriately directed, the result will be stunted or misdirected growth.

June is a month where our challenge is to honestly determine what we do and do not have control over in our lives.  If we try to force something to bend to our will that simply cannot be as we wish it to, life will be experienced through the filter of anxiety and frustration.  Our goal is to merge with the flow and work within it in order to make the most of this month ahead.


General Theme For the Month of June – 6 of Swords Rx
This is what the reversed 6 of Swords deals with.  When upright, it represents the wisdom of knowing when we cannot control an outcome.  It is about facing insurmountable obstacles by giving up our will and putting our lives in the hands of a Higher Will that has the power to see us through the tests and trials successfully. 

It is the mature way to handle the troubles that are too large to manage alone.  It is the way that is based in wisdom.  It is accepting circumstances are as they are.  From this place of acceptance we can re-assess our lives and make a new and improved set of decisions.  We can bravely move away from something or someone who is not, and can never be, the way we wish them to be.  We can let go of our desires and attachments around it and start fresh, working with the flow of our destiny.

If we receive unsettling news this month, or if we find that we are continuing to wage an ongoing losing battle, it is important to move away from a place of denial and allow what can be plainly seen before our eyes to sink in. 

Denial is often the default filter through which we view our life situations.  It limits us.  We must consciously take the more difficult path to transcend our limitations.  We must choose to look at our life circumstances with the clarity of acceptance and maturity.  It is the way to grow beyond our constraints.  It is the way in which we can reset our lives in the correct direction, heading to more positive and hopeful solutions.

The difference between being in the flow with our destiny or being at odds with it is wisdom  In wisdom, we work with what is unchangeable rather than fighting against it. 

What piece of news or set of circumstances are creating inner or outer discord in your life at this time? Take the blinders of your desire off for a moment and try to look at your situation again through the clear lens of reality.  Are you fighting a losing battle?  If so, allow yourself to let go of any desire to have a specific outcome.  Put the situation into the hands of a Higher Will and see where it guides you.

King of WandsPhysical – King of Wands
The King of Wands uses his will as an act of leadership and an act of love for those he touches in his life.  He is a man of passion, and he sources his strength from these passions.  This is not the passion that easily burns out, like the flame on a matchstick, however.  If you look at the image on the throne he sits upon, you will see the ouroboros.  It is the symbol of the cosmic energy that cycles forever, never dissipating, always feeding off of itself.  It is the symbol of continual renewal.

The King of Wands is the symbol also of the fiery and passionate lover.  It is the hot and steamy affair.  Astrologically, Venus will be making her way into the sign of Taurus, an earth sign, at the beginning of this month.  It is her natural domicile where she is able to regain her strength after a trying few months.   What we may see this month are the earthly sensual pleasures she represents while in the sign of Taurus mixing with the power and passions of the King.  It stands to be a very sensual month where we might find ourselves luxuriating the embrace of a new lover, for example,  who wishes to to gift an abundance of massages and caresses.  

We may also see an increased time of creativity where we are more freely able to manifest our passions into reality.  Both Kings and Wands are  very intuitive.  With the King of Wands in this position, his creative power and passion is grounded into the earth to manifest reality.  Therefore, this can be a month of achievement.

However,with this amount of creative power, it becomes even more important for us to look at the ways in which our will is in a place of denial, out of alignment with our higher good.  If this is a month of material achievement, yet we are misaligned with our highest good, what might be the result of this?  What do we have to do to use this powerful time in a way that is more in harmony with our Divine natures?  Ultimately, what good is it to have this period of empowered creativity if we misuse or misdirect it?

8 of WandsIntellectual – 8 of Wands
The 8 of Wands is a card of forward momentum.  Similar to the King of Wands, it is the momentum of our will and our passion, a great force that is at our disposal. 

June is a month where we could be seeing on the intellectual plane a great force and momentum that has the capability of hitting the target of our choosing.  Again, we see we have the capability to manifest our ideas into reality.  This carries with it a great responsibility because it has the power to transform our lives. 

We have this great force working for us, but we still have to contend with the obstacle that the reversed 6 of Swords represents.  We have to be able to recognize the areas in our lives where we are allowing ourselves to be held back by a stubborn desire to hold onto something that is not and will never truly work for our highest good.  Again, we have to be willing to let go of our will and allow the Higher Will to assume control in our lives.  We need to operate in harmony with this Higher Will to be able to fully engage the power and targeted direction this card represents. 

Without the ability to do this, the directed action of this card will be diffused.  The wands will scatter and fall from the sky.  Alternatively, the wands will descend into chaos and the energy will maintain the same force, but it will feel disruptive rather than productive

How might we differentiate the ideas that are truly serving us from the ones that could lead us into chaos?  How do we separate our will from the Will of the Divine? 

We have to give room for that little voice inside of ourselves to speak its mind.  We have to give it the space to speak and not stifle it every time it begins to say something that we do not wish to contend with.  This tiny voice is the voice of the Divine.  If we allow it room it will grow to its proper strength and become a true ally for us as we walk our life path.  Instead of shutting it down, make space for it.  Listen to its faint whispers and see what it has to tell you.

This month, practice letting go of ideas that are truly dead in their ability to serve you and allow the momentum of the birth of a new idea that truly contains a sense of purpose to take over.  Don't get caught up in dead ideas.  It will only lead to wasted time and energy. 

The Empress RxSpiritual – The Empress Rx
The Empress is the symbol of love, beauty, fertility and harvest.  She is the goddess of Divine bounty because she is connected to the Divine through her staff.

If you take a look at the card you will see her staff is pointed to the Heavens, yet her feet are firmly placed upon the earth.  She is able to channel the Divine, spiritual energy from the above and allow it to manifest. 

This ability to physically generate reality is a core theme this month, yet it is colored with the warning that what we create may not be serving us because we are looking through the lens of denial, preventing us from operating from wisdom. 

The reversal of this card highlights this.  Reversed, her staff is pointed towards the earth.  The connection to the Divine she normally enjoys has been cut off.  Because of this disconnection to her spiritual nature she cannot be lead in the direction the Divine wishes her to take. 

It is imperative that we reconnect with Spirit to avoid potentially disastrous results.  Without this, all of the movement in the physical and intellectual planes will be in vain. 

The idea that we are only as strong as our weakest link comes to mind.  Without rectifying this, the growth we experience this month will be spiritually barren.  We will need to revisit it later and make adjustments when the connection is regained.  At its best, it is wasted opportunity and potential because it is growth lacking the properly imbued spirit.  Our growth and insights will be shallow in nature.  Deeper work will need to be done at a later time.

Understand the opportunities that present themselves this month care only available to us if we courageously remove the blinders of denial.  Without doing this the growth we experience will lead us to dead ends.



Shada McKenzie • the Circle and the Dot