Taking Action by Taking Responsibility • November 2017 Monthly Tarot Forecast

Taking Action by Taking Responsibility • the Circle and the Dot Tarot


November's forecast is an interesting layout of cards.  First, if you have been reading the forecasts each month, you may remember the benevolent Star card appeared just last month, shining brightly down upon us, occupying the realm of the physical.  In November, we see the Star making an appearance again in the same position.  However, this month the light has dimmed with a reversal of the card.  We also see the two cards flanking the beginning and the end of the Swords suit, the ace and the ten.  I will go into the details of what these appearances mean as I dip into the cards individually.

I would like to begin, however, by saying that the month of November holds opportunities for growth and advancement.  But growth comes only from our immediate facing of reality.  Growth and opportunity will come from our ability to look at our lives with the sharp edge of our consciousness. It is only through our ability to look squarely and firmly at the issues we face, and to make the necessary cutting from our lives what does not serve us will we be able to encounter new opportunities that are waiting on the horizon.




10 of Swords Rx • the Circle and the DotGeneral Theme of The Month – 10 of Swords Rx
This is what the 10 of Swords is about.  I mentioned the flanking cards from the suit of Swords appearing in this month's reading.  Aces in the tarot always represent opportunities for new beginnings.  The ten is the card of the suit that shows us the realization of the matters each suit represents.  Therefore, what we see here in the 10 of Swords is a card showing us the moment of realization is present amongst us. 

What does the suit of Swords represent? The Swords suit is our interaction with our ideas, our thoughts and to what extent we are able to articulate them.  Swords constitute the various aspects of our intellect.  This is an intangible realm of our reality, but the effects of this suit can permeate our lives and shape the world manifest.  Therefore, what we think and articulate to ourselves and others is highly important.  It creates our reality.  The lesson of this suit is to use our thoughts and words with honesty, clarity and care.  It is a reminder to not allow our minds to wander down dark and dangerous paths, rather to stay aware that the Divine light of Consciousness continues to illuminate each thought we create.  This is how to keep our thoughts from becoming corrupted.

The 10 of Swords depicts what happens when we lose control over our mind, allowing it to wander too far from the lit path that Consciousness provides us.  Each one of the swords pierced in the back of this individual is a representation of a thought and depicts the reality of what our thoughts create when allowed to turn dark.  They get the best of us.  They create pain and suffering in our lives. 

This card shows us that we are the creators of our own suffering.  For the month of November, this card  has shown itself reversed.  It is the opportunity that awaits us when we have reached a place of defeat and start taking responsibility again for our thoughts, our words and our ideas.  It is the potential for renewal that awaits that comes from taking action through responsibility. 

The light of Consciousness is reappearing on the horizon.  The darkness is fading away and the path is being lit again, providing clarity and allowing us to self-correct our behavior that has gone so far off course.

The Star Rx RWS • the Circle and the Dot TarotPhysical – The Star Rx
I mentioned already that last month the Star also appeared for us, occupying the same position.  Here she is again, however, this time she is reversed.  The orienting light she provides has been dimmed.

The light of the Star comes to us when our world has darkened and we feel lost.  Its light is a welcome relief because navigating in the darkness can be bewildering.  It is disorienting.  The Star is the pinpoint light of God that returns to give us direction when we have lost hope.  It offers peace, inspiration and renewal in our lives. 

With this month's reversal, my attention is directed to the two jugs of water that she pours.  Water is a symbol of renewal.  What we water in our lives grows.  We see on the card that one jug is poured onto the earth, the other jug she pours into the pool of water.  She is giving equal care and attention to the conscious and unconscious aspects of her being.  She wishes to create balance and harmony in her life by not valuing one of these so much that she neglects the other.  This is through the guidance of the light that has returned to illuminate for her. 

In the moment of darkness before the appearance of the first bright star in the dark sky, she came to the crushing realization that the will of her ego can only take her so far.  In that brief moment darkness she lost everything

With the reversal, this balance and harmony, this care and attention, is being distorted because she insists upon her ego continuing to drive her life.  The light of the Star is ignored.  She continues to place herself above the light of the Divine.  Her jugs are empty and she cannot nourish either of these realms. 

Be careful this month of what you are creating in your life.  Notice who is in the driver's seat:  is it your ego or the light of Divinity?  You will be able to determine this by noticing the direction your life is taking.  Are you creating goodness around you?  Are you feeling hopeful for the future?  If not, know that finding the goodness you crave is as easy as letting go of the need to control the direction your life is taking, giving it over to the light of the Divine. 

Ace of Swords RWS • the Circle and the Dot TarotIntellectual – Ace of Swords
What happens when we reach the end of the suit, the ten?  We take what we have learned and apply it to a new cycle of growth. 

The Ace of Swords, in the position of the intellectual theme of the month, promises a new beginning, a potential for renewal in the realm of the intellect.  The symbol of this potential for renewal is being offered to us by the hand of God.  It is a gift showing the opportunity for new and fresh life. 

This comes to us as a new clear understanding of our reality.  It is a powerful new thought or idea that creates a set of circumstances the will seed the beginnings of success.  It is a new intellectual force that has arisen from our previous adversity.  It is the result of our lessons learned from the 10 of Swords.  What have we gained from our difficulties?  What have we learned?  What is the conflict that has been resolved?  How will we do it better this time?

Some new, positive intellectual force is coming to the surface for us this month.  It is a crystal clear idea that we can use to carve out a new path.  It is an idea that has not yet been adulterated by poor judgement or lapses in integrity.  It is the perfect seed for growth that will prove to be fruitful if we nourish it.

What are your current life goals?  What idea is important for you to cultivate?  Where in your life do you see the need for a new dose of your careful and thoughtful actions?  What is creatively inspiring you to act with new and fresh awareness?

This month we can take control over our thoughts and direct them in a way that harmonizes our lives rather than distorts and disrupts.  We can take the next step in our evolution by starting fresh on the right path.

6 of Cups Rx RWS • the Circle and the Dot TarotEmotional/Spiritual – 6 of Cups Rx
The reversed 6 of Cups is alerting us to a situation in which we may be attached to the emotional component of a past memory.  We are reluctant to let go of this emotional memory, so it has the power to continue to control our present moment lives. 

This may be either a pleasant or a difficult memory that we cling to.  Either way, it is creating an unreleased emotional charge, blocking us from living in the present moment.  Clinging to the past does nothing more than prevent us from living in the now.  It keeps us energetically blocked from what we could be experiencing at this moment in time. 

In order to make progress in our lives we need to allow this blockage to free up in our energetic systems.  This will prevent future manifestations created from the blockage; dis-ease, lack of joy in our lives, a flatness in our perceptions.

The reversal of the 10 of Swords mentioned earlier is creating an opportunity for us to address this clinging to the past.  It offers us the opportunity to perceive our past with a new clarity and to step into the present moment.  It is the present moment where the true joy exists. 

I wish you all a beautiful month filled with growth and increased wellness.


Shada McKenzie • the Circle and the Dot