Taking the Lead • October 2015 Energy Forecast

The Circle and the Dot, Charioteer


Let's face it, last month was intense.  Whether it was on the scale of being forced to leave your homeland after witnessing the murder of your friends and family, or maybe losing your apartment, boyfriend and job in the same month, or even simply feeling the results of how heightened global anxiety exhausts the body, we have nearly all felt the effects of a fierce energetic restructuring over the last month, the last several months, actually.

Despite the difficulty, one such positive thing that can come forth from turmoil is hope.  This happens because the eroding thing we have been tightly grasping onto for so long has finally been released, and we realize we are still alive and still breathing.  Not all has been lost.  With this release, we are free to be able to finally turn towards new possibilities in the future.  As long as we held onto what needed to be released this option remained unavailable.  It is a month of starting new goals.  But in order to be successful it is important that we choose our new direction wisely.  Rushing ahead with impetuousness can lead to false starts.





General Theme of the Month – The Chariot

The Chariot is the card describing the energy of moving forward and making progress in life through the balancing of oppositional forces.  If you take a look at the card, you will see the chariot is being propelled forward by two horses – one white, one red.  The white horse represents the feminine principle and the red one the masculine.  Each is turning their head in an opposite direction because it is in their nature to have divergent wills.  It is the job of the charioteer to reconcile these forces and be able to steer them in the direction he desires.  

It takes a certain amount of skill to find the perfect point of balance that will enable things that naturally want to drift apart.  Everything has a dual nature to it.  To be able to find that exact merging point where two extremes meet is quite difficult.  

Where does hot merge with cold?  At what point does night no longer exist and we start calling it day?   When does intelligent become stupid?  It is all a matter of degree and the Charioteer's responsibility, in order to succeed, is to find the point of reunion.  Furthermore, this is not a static place.  It requires constant and consistent readjustments.

Why does the charioteer need to find this spot?  It is in order to be effective in the world again.  It is so he can relocate his center and create peace within himself.  It is to connect with the unified field of consciousness.  It is necessary in order to successfully reach new goals and ambitions.  This is what this month has in store for us.  We have the challenge and the opportunity to overcome the conflicts in our thinking and desires so that we can progress and be successful in the world again.  Take a look at the card again...

Just as much as the Chariot is moving towards his target goal he is also moving away from something else.  With his back to us, this particular version of the Chariot really gives us this feeling.  We can see in the card that the Chariot's wheels are actually lifting off of the earth in order to reach for the sun.  The sun is a symbol for the wholeness of the Self.  He is hoping that through his disciplined and efforts and strength of will he will be able to become whole again.  It is the point in the Universe where all coalesces and becomes one.  This oneness cannot happen without masterfully merging our inner dichotomies.  As we continue towards our wholness we move away from our fractured selves.  This is good!

We all have the opportunity this month to begin moving forward in our lives again.  We can head towards whatever it is that fulfills us in a way that we feel more fully ourselves.  Take the initiative, and make progress towards achieving what you want.  However, make sure you steer the middle course though conflicting thoughts, feelings and desires.  The idea is to become a more holistic version of ourselves.  We cannot achieve this without addressing the areas where we remain unbalanced.  


Physical – 3 of Swords

Looking at the image of the 3 of Swords, we see an exposed and vulnerable heart that has been pierced by the three swords.  There is no skin, no muscle or even a ribcage to protect it from the wounding it has endured.  An opened, eye, fully aware and conscious of its condition, drips its bloodied tears onto the rose that lays below.  

The 3 of Swords is a card of wounding.  It ushers the arrival of an event that has brought about a great deal of heartbreak and injury.  The appearance of this card in the reading is highlighting the difficult space we have been in.  Such times are challenging for us physically.  Our immunity is down; our bodies have been on high alert; we are exhausted.  We are naturally going to feel the stress manifest in our physical bodies.  

Furthermore, the suit of Swords has to do with conflict within the mind.  It is through the mind that we create our reality.  The negative, sensitive, heartbroken disappointed and injured thoughts we have been attempting to protect ourselves from manifest for us physically not properly addressed – both within our physical bodies and in the external world we reside in.   

If we take a look at the card again, we can see a craggy, landscape below the heart.  Out of it grows a single red rose, an alchemical symbol for perfection. To see such a vibrant flower flourishing in such a desolate landscape is surprising.  It is only possible because of the bloodied tears dripping from the eye onto the rose petals that it is able to thrive in such conditions.  As difficult as it is, this pain and suffering actually serves a purpose.  It feeds our spiritual growth and future well being.  If we take our pain into our hearts for processing, the wisdom that results is our nourishment for later fulfillment.  

Healing from the wounding is one of the necessary elements for creating the the state of balance we need for our advancement at this time.  Our thoughts and internal landscapes will either be given the free reign to create a world in which we continue to suffer, or we can transform our suffering into wisdom, using this to create and elevated world of beauty.


Emotional – King of Coins

To see the Regal lion from the King of Coins showing up in the position of our emotional well-being is a very good sign that we will have some very supportive energy for us this month in terms of regaining a sense of emotional stability and security.

The King of Coins is the embodiment of stability.  He is able to take a calm and even approach to life.  After the discomfort, and for some of us turmoil, over the last several months, this energy wishes to reground us emotionally.  

This king will do what he must to create order in his world.  He is security-minded above all else and is uninterested in risk taking.  This is a good, stabilizing energy when combined with the assertiveness of the Chariot.  It prevents the Chariot energy from becoming impetuous.  While the Chariot is pushing outward into the world, the King of Coins balances this energy with a solid, conservative, and traditional role.  He finds success through the orthodox, tried and true methods.  He makes sure our bravery doesn't turn into bravado, or that our ambitions do not become our compulsions.

The energy of this card is likely to feel like a relief for us all.  It will help us work through the physical issues that are the result of such weight we have collectively been carrying.  We need this.  It will be an aid to our recovery and will help create the balance that we need as we navigate through the month.    



Intellectual – Ace of Vessels

The gorgeous Ace of Vessels is here to help us balance our hearts with our minds.  Like I mentioned, this is a month were we can really begin moving forward again in our lives in a strong and powerful way if we are able to balance the conflicting dichotomies in our lives.  The Ace of Vessels is here to bless us and bring healing to our minds by connecting it with what our hearts desire.

The ace of every suit shows us possibility.  It is to be thought of like a tiny seed that contains within it the fully realized potential of the flourishing and flowering plant.  In the case of the ace, all of the potential is there, but it is untapped at this point.  It requires care and commitment to see it grow to fruition.

If you take a look at this card, you will see a fish coming to the surface out of the depths of the unconscious.   On its back it supports a vessel containing a heart – it is the same heart we saw in its suffering state in the 3 of Swords.  Here, the blood from its wounding has been collected, and is used to nourish the burgeoning grape vine.  

The heart is a symbol for our soul.  It is being nourished in this image, and from this care great things are beginning to come forth.  It is with great care and attention to our heart's desire that we are able create emotional fulfillment in our lives.  

This card is showing up in the position of our intellectual selves.  This month we can begin to bring our minds into harmony with what it is that is our soul's destiny and purpose.  We can use our mental force to carve out a new life direction that is more fulfilling and in alignment with our Selves.  Remember, the charioteer is driving his cart to the sun, to the center of his Self.  

We have a great opportunity this month to bring our minds into alignment with our heart's desire, which is actually our true calling.   


Spiritual – King of Swords

We have two kings showing up as supportive energies for us this month.  Kings are the mature, fully embodied representation of the suits they inhabit. They take the energy of the suit they rule and use it with wisdom.  

The King of Swords is the ruler of the intellect.  He is able to use his mind to think abstractly, see through the clouds and look at the world with an unbiased, analytical mind.  He can sum up a situation quickly and is able to come to a resolved state that is typically unavailable to us because we can get stuck in the muddled emotions of a situation.  

The King of Swords, like the Charioteer, has ambitions, however this king assures they will be sought after with a commitment to integrity and justice.  Objectivity and strength of character are some of his greatest gifts.  

Being placed in the position of the spiritual, the King of Swords will see to it that our spiritual well-being is connected to some sort of philosophical truths.  Our spiritual awareness can grow through the study of different systems of spiritual thought.  It is a month for seeking new forms of spiritual insight, uncovering hidden spiritual truths.  It is a good month for study and contemplation.


All the materials are here this month to be able to expand and grow in beautiful ways.   So what if you are not feeling this balanced energy coalescing yet in your life?  Are you still trying to bury your suffering rather than consciously taking it in to be healed and using it as an opportunity for your soul's flowering?  Are you the charioteer whose desires are so out of control that your will becomes misdirected?  Are you lacking intention when it comes to balancing the duality in your life?  Remember, everything has a dualistic nature to it, but it can be unified with our consciousness.  If you are not feeling this  supportive energy look honestly at how you might be sabotaging it.  Use your will to consciously redirect yourself back to harmony.  


We are given maps to orient and navigate us through this process.  This reading is one map; your dreams are another; there are many others.  Use them, and you will find your way.

Shada McKenzie ☉ The Circle and the Dot

Deck: Alchemical Tarot