Tarot Forecast for June 2015: Inspiration



Explosives are a big thing where I live.  They are fully embraced by the culture and used for both sacred and profane purposes.  On holy days the churches will ignite them by the hour – day and night– in order to drive away the evil spirits that might want to interfere with the celebration.  On birthdays, they are ignited outside of the window of the person before she even rises out of the bed.  They are a part of every parade.  They are an integral part of Christmas celebration.  Weddings, anniversaries, store openings, house parties – you name it.  Basically, fireworks are everywhere and a constant here.

So as I sit at my desk, at the break of dawn, and listen to the explosives erupting at various locations throughout the city, when I think of the theme for the month of June, inspiration, I cannot help but to think of the fireworks analogy.  Fireworks are an explosive spiritual symbol of sudden and dramatic inspiration and transformation.  The fuse has been lit, it is burning bright, and there is still a small window of opportunity to act this month before the the moment extinguishes.

Fortunately, the window of transformation that we have been experiencing is still open and available for us all to pass through, But the fuse is getting short.  We have to act fast and for some of us we may wish that we have used our time for preliminary planning more wisely.  Now it might feel like a scramble to get everything in line for this moment of inspiration so that we do not get burned by recklessness of acting without thought in the moment.  With that being said, however, June is a month with the potential for accomplishment and sudden growth and transformation. It is a month for potential to shine out brightly into the world.  

You may have heard the proverb, “make hay while the sun shines.”  The sun is overhead and is shining brightly right now.  Now is the time to get it done.  Take advantage of this window of opportunity that this month is providing.  

General Theme For the Month – Son of Wands
Wild Unknown Son of WandsWhat a gorgeous card this is, from the beautiful Wild Unknown Tarot deck by Kim Krans!  The snake, a symbol for rebirth and transformation, is on high alert as he slithers up a blazingly bright wand.  The wand has been lit and he is positioning himself to strike upon his desires.  This is an action that must be handled with speed and precision.  The fuse has been lit, the opportunity to strike is upon him, but it is short and is burning hot.  

The Son of Wands is a highly creative card.  Moments of creativity come to us in a flash of inspiration.  The flash is so bright that it quickly burns the fuel.  It cannot stay lit for long – it ignites, blazes and quickly consumes – much like fireworks.  This card has to do with a window that will not stay open for long.  It is important to make use of this window of creativity that we still have available to us and to act upon our inspiration with the confidence and boldness of a snake that is about to strike upon what his eyes have been set upon.

This is a month to embrace what you are passionate about fully and to forge ahead with it.  What feels hot to you right now?  Where do you feel the burning desire to forge ahead in your life?  Seize this time.

After the strike of the snake comes the possibility for transformation – the shedding of the skin.   The shedding of the outdated ways of thinking and being that no longer serve a meaningful purpose in our lives.  It is through the primordial energy of the snake that we can strike upon our creative impulses, and then allow the creative act to transform us.  Now is the time to take a hold of the opportunity.

The suit of Wands is the suit of the spirit.  It represents our passions and desires to rise above the limitations of the physical realm.  This month's reading consists of four out of the five cards in the suit of Wands.  It is a month for a significant potential for transformation, once again.  It is a month of the divine spark that creates dramatic change through overcoming the impossibilities of the physical realm.  If you are still feeling stagnant now is the time to shake things up and get the current of your life moving again.  

There is also a potential challenge to this month that is contained within all of this fiery potential.  The Wands energy is not an energy that is connected to the intellect or the emotions.  The divine spark that creates inspired change needs to be intentionally balanced with rational thought and connection to our emotional selves.  When we do not have this connection we can act impetuously and make reckless mistakes.  The challenge of this month is for us to consciously bring back in the connection with our others selves  This balance will not be made harmoniously.  Check in with your intellect and your heart often.  Make sure that your actions are in alignment with your other faculties.   


Physical – 3 of Wands, Reversed
Wild Unknown Reversed 3 of WandsThere is a world of possibility to be experienced.  It does not manifest until we take the important steps necessary to act upon this potential by following through with our actions.  The 3 of Wands represents the moment when we decide to take action, turning our dreams into tangible goals.  

What we see in this card is something of a portal into another reality that cannot yet be clearly seen.  It is a thin and murky veil that seems to promise a reality that is much more vibrant and full of potential.  

Like the Son of Wands, the 3 of Wands is a fiery card of transformation and possibility.  The difference between the two is that with the 3 of Wands a tangible foundation can be created with the decision to follow through.  It is the moment of accepting the challenge before us and transforming it into an opportunity to create something within the physical realm.  This card supplies the fire that is needed to commit to a plan and follow through.  It is the  foundation upon which something tangible can be birthed.

However, this card is showing up reversed for us this month, pointing towards potential challenges for us in this realm.  With the reversal comes doubt or a lack of direction.  What might happen when we hold the burning firecracker in our hands if we have not made plans as to how we need to manage it?  It can quickly turn to a dangerous circumstance.  Or what if we are afraid of the potential dangers and decide to to not even take the risk of lighting it?  Then we miss the opportunity that is before us.

The potential to break into new opportunities  and begin to create something tangible is upon us.  Do not squelch it with doubt or lack of direction.  Like I said, make many efforts to connect with your intellect and heart for guidance.  Embrace your vision and turn it into something tangible with out self-doubt or proper planning interfering.







Emotional – 10 of Wands, Reversed
Wild Unknown Reversed 10 of WandsThe reversed 10 of Wands is pointing to a really great opportunity for emotional unburdening this month.  Whatever it has been that has been keeping you feeling weary and has been draining on your emotions can be worked through.  This will come as a relief – especially if you have been taking on others' baggage.  The conditions that have been emotionally depleting can be unloaded this month with less resistance than what we might normally face.

What emotional burdens have you been holding onto?  The general theme for this month is to strike while the flame is lit and shinning brightly.  Do you have relationships that need forgiving?  Take this month to work through them.  Let go of the heaviness that you chronically have been allowing to weigh down your spirit.

Do you have a habit of waking each morning filled with resentment, guilt, shame, regret, anger, sadness, anxiety, hatred, longing, irritability, indifference, hostility or hopelessness even before you rise from your bed?  Let it go.  These burdens are not necessary to carry anymore.  You can lighten this emotional load and feel the freedom from having to trudge forward through life without such heaviness.  It is as easy as making the choice to do so.  

I say this with the understanding that letting go can be such a difficult choice to make.  Some of our emotional baggage we have been carrying with us our entire lives.  It is so easy to justify our emotions.  But understand that these justifications are keeping us chained like slaves.  These justifications keep us out of reach of joy, peace, tenderness, optimism, radiance, enthusiasm, tranquility, openness, love, wonder, gratitude and passion.  The emotions we carry with us hold vibrations that profoundly impact ourselves and those who we share our lives with.  What sort of vibrations would you like to influence your personal environment and wellbeing?

This month make the decision to let go of the old, outdated emotional baggage and expose yourself to emotions that raise your vibration.  Practice improving the quality of your thoughts.  Ceremoniously bury the old energy.  Or cut your connection with it with it using this cord cutting ritual.  Take advantage of this month's window of opportunity.





Intellectual – 7 of Wands
Wild Unknown 7 of WandsIntellectually, this month is also burning bright and hot.  This is very much a passionate month and within the realm of our mind and intellect there is no exception.  

If you take a look at look at this card we see a wand that is blazing so brightly that it is paling all of the other wands that cower beneath it.  The other wands part to the sides in order to create room for such a potent surge of pure intellectual energy.  The flame pierces through the darkness.  It illuminates.  

June is a month to shine brightly into the world.  It is a not a month to take a position on the sidelines – especially intellectually speaking.  Be inspired by your mind and project it out into the others.   Illuminate and inspire with your thoughts and ideas.  Forge ahead with what you have been cultivating intellectually and share it with the world.  Test your ideas.  Put them into action.  Burn with a bright confidence.  Self-doubt belongs in the realm of darkness and there is no room for darkness with such brightness of thought.  

This card is encouragement for you to share your unique vision with the world.  Write a blog; put a new surge of energy into your dusty old website.  Share your thoughts and ideas on Facebook, with your circle of friends and in other public and group venues.  

The time of previous contemplation and reflection, when you had the space to formulate your ideas,  can now reshape this month into an active opening and an active engagement with the the larger world.  Constraining your beliefs to stay small keeps this light dim.  If you focus on the bright areas of your intellect there will be space created for you to be able to shine, intellectually speaking.  Proudly share yourself in this way.  

If we look back to the 3 of Wands, reversed, representing the challenges in the physical world we see that self-doubt can be a prohibitive obstacles in keeping up from shining. Be a nonconformist.  Allow your unique self to overcome the self-doubt.






Spiritual – 8 of Swords
Wild Unknown 8 of SwordsThe 8 of Swords depicts someone who is on the cusp of metamorphosis.  It is the last agonizing moments of oppression before a major shift happens and you finally begin to fully realize the power you have.

What you see in this beautiful image is a chrysalis.  The monarch butterfly is already fully formed within the chrysalis, yet it is still contained within it.  It is trapped and does not yet understand what it has become.

What will it take for you, like this butterfly, to break free from your constraints?  It needs a transformed awareness and understanding of what it is that you truly are.  This veil between the world of spiritual confinement and spiritual freedom is extremely thin.  I would venture to say that the veil has completely vanished, but you still have not gained the courage to stretch your wings.  What will it take for you to realize that it is time to stretch out into your new reality?  When will you gain the courage to wholly maneuver yourself beyond your mental constraints?  

I imagine that what this monarch butterfly is seeing in its confinement is the rainbow swirl, the colorful vortex, that we see in the 3 of Wands.  The thought of stepping into that reality is so inviting but extremely terrifying at the same time.  Do not allow fear and doubt to withhold you from being what you already are.  The flame is burning brightly.  Let the inspired theme of the month detonate as freely, and with as much of a celebratory spirit, as the morning explosions of fireworks in the Mexican highlands of Chiapas.