Tarot Forecast for May 2015: Emergence


Beginning this month, I will be offering a free monthly Tarot forecasts that look at the dominate energies at play each month that affect our lives on the individual and collective levels.  They will be available on the website and my Facebook page on the first day of each month.

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April has given most of us a heavy shaking, leaving some of us feeling exhausted and guarded while for others it has allowed us to let go of what we have been tightly holding onto and to be more open and accepting of whatever is coming next.  This shaking is ultimately good because it has loosened up the areas where we were stuck and attached.  Freeing us.  Opening us to new perspectives and new ways of experiencing reality.  For those who have managed to hold tight, you will find yourselves deeper in the rut.  You are falling behind and the dislodging from your attachments could prove to be even more traumatic when it finally happens.  Are you still holding on or are you free from your attachments and ready to embrace the future with openness?


General Theme – Judgement

judgement rwsWhat a powerful card to rein us into the new month!  The Judgment card is not about a final judgment being thrown down upon us. Rather, it has more to do with an opportunity to let go of our own self-judgements and the external judgements we place on others and our physical environment.  This is because we are finally beginning to realize our unity in spirit.  May is a month of opportunity for awakening to our consciousness, letting go of the past and embracing the new with open and extended arms.  The “new” being a more unified consciousness.

If you look at the card you will see that these people are not hiding from the trumpet blast in fear.  They are welcoming it fully.  They have shed their attachments and are asking to be lifted out of the judgements that have kept them bound to a defensive mode for so long.  The sound of the trumpet reverberates through their bodies like a sonic cleansing.  They have awakened.  They are alive and they are finally free.  It is the last call to step into a new life.  April may have been a bumpy ride for us all, but it provided the opportunity for this level of breakthrough in May.  

This is the month where we can answer the calling to a new awakening.  The lids to our caskets have been shaken off so that we can rise together from our graves and feel the collective inspiration for change.  

If you have been grasping to the lid of your coffin for fear of the pain and difficulty that can accompany dramatic change then you are about to miss the boat. Complacency, over attachment to your old ways of doing things or waiting for others to rescue you is keeping you from the much higher vibrations of inspiration and interconnectedness that is being offered in this time frame.  

This is a month with an enormous potential for spiritual upliftment.  It is a month where we have the opportunity to answer our calling.  It is a month of personal and collective evolution.  The energy is ripe for beginning a whole new way of living.  Allowing fears and attachments to hold you back is missing a huge opportunity to move forward together.

We are being summoned.  What happens if we fail to rise to this call?  The very difficulty that we hope to avoid by re-closing the lid to our box becomes fully and painfully known.  At this point it is actually more difficult to continue to hold on tightly to our attachments than it would be to just allow ourselves to be shaken out of our ruts.  It is time to emerge and work on letting go of our judgements we place on others and ourselves.  It is time to release the control the judgements of others have over you.  

All of this beautiful energy does not mean that this is going to be an easy month.  There is the potential for a lot of intensity to have its way with us.  This energy can carry us away, rip us apart and beat us down if we are not careful.  It is an extremely liberating energy, but depending on how well you have prepared for its arrival it may be as immensely difficult as it is liberating.  Think of it as all of the light of the Universe coming in and flooding you all at once, illuminating your soul.  You might not want to expose what is being illuminated.

The next four positions have to do with potential challenges we might face or opportunities that we can seize to make the most of this month:


Physical – 8 of Wands, Reversed

8 of wands, reversed, rwsThe physical here has to do with ourselves in connection with the physical world around us.  The 8 of Wands reversed is showing us the potential to become ungrounded physically from our surroundings.  If you take a look at the card, you will see 8 wands all moving swiftly through the air in the same direction.  When this card is upright the movement is optimal and is likely going to hit its intended target.  The intense period of activity it alludes to is meant to bring about something interesting and useful into our lives.  

These arrows are moving, yet are reversed.  This lively activity that we are engaged it has the potential to be misdirected, missing its intended mark.  Therefore, the energy put forth becomes wasted and meaningless.  

The advice here this month is to consciously slow down when the energy feels frenzied.  Things are moving forward quickly and our bodies may have a hard time adjusting to this level of activity.  We need to slow down and re-prioritize what it is we would like to achieve this month.  

Meditation, yoga or other body centering activities are highly encouraged.  It is a good month to set down the cup of coffee because the month already has the potential to be highly overstimulating.  Do what you can to balance the adrenals.  Make sure you are getting enough sleep.

The movement and drive that the 8 of Wands symbolizes is an impassioned  and inspired movement.  There is a lot of inspiration being projected out into the physical realm that wants to be expressed.  When the passion is misdirected it can lead to havoc.  We will see this potential within ourselves as well as in others and the physical environment around us.  Consciously harness this passion and temper it slightly so that it does not burn out too quickly, rather ignite your projects in a more sustainable way.  Make sure there is enough fuel to see it through.  Slow down and recenter so this energy does not become wasted or worse yet destructive.

I will mention now that one element that is missing from the cards this month is the element air, representing our ability to logically think through all the beautiful intensity that Judgment is bringing.  It will be up to us to make the effort to think before we act upon the physical world.  Is what we are creating making sense?  Is it good?  Does it provide longevity?  Again, slow the pace and find your center to avoid mistakes.


Emotional – 5 of Pentacles

5 of pentacles, rwsThe 5 of Pentacles points to an emotional vulnerability this month.  There is potential for emotional suffering, especially if we are still in resistance to the energies that are wanting us all to shift collectively.

There is a further element to this card that not only is there the potential for emotional vulnerability, but there might be an underlying belief that we do not deserve the illumination that is coming our way.  There is this great potential for warmth and comfort, yet we refuse to accept it as ours.  The self-judgement is a very tricky thing to let go of, but now is definitely the time to do so.  

Judgement reveals what is hidden.  That is why the figures in that card are unclothed.  Everything that we once were able to keep under wraps is now open and exposed.  Everything is revealed for all to see.  There can be a lot of shame in this if we continue to allow ourselves to be judged for our past actions.  We may feel unworthy of the moment that is being offered to us at this time.  

Whatever is coming your way, whatever the opportunity is, whatever it might be that is emerging in our lives it is coming to us because we deserve it.  The past has been cleansed from our spirits by the blast of the trumpet.  We need to believe in ourselves.  We need to believe that we are capable of handling this new, higher powered energy.  

Now is a time  for coming together with others and forming partnerships.  It is not a time to cast ourselves out.  Accept emotional support if it is offered to you.  The energy of Judgement is extremely powerful.  When it comes we may feel terrified by what it is that it might see within us and we might want to hide.  Allow the energy of Judgement to come into contact with you and enter your heart, even if it is little by little.  This is the way to give birth to all that has been gestating within us for the last several years.


Intellectual – 3 of Wands, Reversed

reversed 3 of wands, rwsI have already mentioned that the element air that resides over ability to be mentally sharp and rational is not making a strong appearance this month.  This is suggesting decreased mental capabilities at this time and more effort should be put forth to stay on track.

The 3 of Wands, when upright, has to do with the energy of planning with the intentions of successfully acting on our intentions.  It has fire and passion, but it is stable and grounded and it properly using the powers of the intellect to foresee any potential problems so that they can be dealt with before they arise.  There is a forward thinkingness about this energy when it is upright.

However, the 3 of Wands, reversed, introduces doubt.  The clarity of the intellect is being muddled by all of the change and intensity.  Therefore, we just cannot wrap our minds around all of the dramatic newness that is being introduced into our lives at this time.  Planning for the future is difficult because we no longer can use the past as a reference point.

Both of the Wands that show up in this reading are reversed.  There is a potential unproductiveness of the energy that they produce.  The fire can become wasted before it produces results.

The advice of this card is to stay flexible.  Our plans could change.  Make smaller goals that we can more easily wrap our minds around.  


Spiritual – 10 of Cups

10 of cups, rwsSpiritually speaking, we are on the cusp of turning a new leaf.  For those of us who have been diligently doing the spiritual work the rewards are now upon us.

If you compare the 10 of Cups card with the image of the Judgment card you will see that in both images their hands are raised up to the Heavens in gratitude over all that has been given to them – the whole experience.  All of the suffering along the way is starting to give way to the experience of love and joy.  It is a time of recognizing our blessings and giving thanks to the entirety of our experience that has lead us up to this point in time.  

May is a month where we have the opportunity to bond with others on a spiritual level.  The energy is ripe for us to forgive and be forgiven.  Bridges can be mended.  

If we look back to the energy of the emotional realm for the month symbolized in the 5 of Pentacles, we can see how the difficulty arising from that may be helped by the joy and peace that is radiating from our spirits.  Likewise, as long as we hang our heads in shame the spiritual gifts offered in this card will remain unavailable to us.  We need to let go of the past completely and open ourselves to the new birth that is being offered.  A new chapter is opening in our lives.  It is a moment of gratitude and celebration.

Much love to you all this month!