We • September 2018 Monthly Tarot Forecast

We • September 2018 Monthly Tarot Forecast








September is a month of exploring connection and intimacy through partnership.  It can be a partnership amongst friends, co-workers, lovers, and spouses.  It is about exploring the possibilities that become apparent when we join forces with others in a cooperative manner that seeks out harmony and balance.



The Lovers RWSGeneral Theme of the Month – The Lovers
The Lovers is about just that.  It is a card of partnerships and making choices that will illuminate the capacity to which we can engage in our varied relationships in an intimate and vulnerable manner.  It illuminates the harmony that can be experienced when we operate our lives by moving away from the egoic perspective of the "I" and see how possibilities open when we choose to affiliate with others through merging the individual identities.  The desires of the "I" subside and we begin looking at our actions in terms of "we."  Union.  As a result, we begin to harmonize with a higher vibration, recognizing the whole that we are together. 

This is a time of an increased potential for merging opposite viewpoints not only in our relationships but also within ourselves: merging the head and the heart, the masculine and feminine, allowing and willing, passion and discipline, the spiritual and material, the inner and outer.

In this way, we are able to gain a deeper understanding of ourselves.  We can better know who we are.  With this understanding, union can exist. 

The opportunity is present to become more intimately connected with our true selves and our relationships with others.  It is a card of unconditional and universal love.  The situations arising this month give us just another level of understanding of what this universal love is that unites us all. 

If you look at this card, you will see the archangel blessing this union of opposites.  His arms are stretched as a gesture of Divine blessing.  It is also can be seen as arms extended as an opening, allowing the two to come together to unite. 

The differences we experience with others and within ourselves is an illusion.  Our connection to each other is reality, our points of disconnection is an error of perception.  If we use this month to operate with the intention to unite with each other, to settle our differences, to see one another as brothers and sisters of the Great One, we can relieve the tension created through the error of thinking we are separate with separate needs and desires.

Seek out commonality whenever there seems to be separation and antagonism.  Choose to make choices that increase peace and harmony.  Choose to connect whenever you can. Examine the ways you can use your relationships as a springboard for exploring what love truly is.  Ask yourself if the choices you are making harmonizing or divisive.  

THe Hierophant RWSPhysical – The Hierophant Rx
The Hierophant, when upright, is a card of conventionality.  It is choosing traditional institutions and values.  It is the guiding doctrine.  It is loyalty to the doctrine, the tried and tested path; conducting ourselves from this place that has been proven to be virtuous, again and again, over time.

The issue with the energy of the Hierophant is that even though it is a force that gives us a sense of direction and purpose in life, it can also eventually lead us down the wrong path if the reasons why we follow it are not sometimes examined.

The Hierophant shows us the way – a straight path.  But perhaps the convention or the doctrine we align with is inconceivably off from this Ideal line.  What if the tradition we follow over time needes a re-adjustment to assure that it stays on this path to goodness?

It is like driving a car on an endlessly straight road.  We don't have to think too much.  We can just point our car in the direction we wish to go and then rest our minds a bit.  But if we do that for too long we will see that eventually the car will take us off the road and onto the shoulder anyway.  Therefore, we need to check in from time to time and make minor adjustments to our steering wheel to assure we stay on the path.  

Traditional conventions are here to serve us because they have repeatedly worked.  But we need to stay aware of the reasons why we follow these conventions so that we can recognize if and when they no longer serve us.

This month, the Hierophant has shown up reversed.   This is suggesting a breaking away from the way in which we normally do things.  It is about bucking the status quo, changing routines, acting in ways opposite to the norms we have established. 

Is this a good thing?  Examine whether or not it is time to shake things up or if you are behaving in ways that are contrary to what you know is right and good.  Sometimes it is good to challenge tradition with alternative thinking and ways of being in the world.  Sometimes it is best to trust and follow the path that has been set out before you with the understanding that it is benevolent. 

making this distinction, however, requires that you think for yourself and consciously engage with the decisions you make.

With the general influence of the Lovers card, this may be an examination of relationships and how they are or are not serving you.  Perhaps it is paradoxically more harmonizing to physically separate.  Or perhaps it is more harmonizing to step outside of the expectation to conform to a traditional path and try out a new and innovative approach to relationships in order to remain united.

Page of Swords Rx RWSIntellectual – Page of Swords Rx
The suit of Swords is the suit of the intellect.  It is the capacity to which we are able to use the logical mind with the clarity of thought.  It shows our capacity to articulate our thoughts with skill.  The sword is capable of cutting away illusion, revealing truth.

If we consider the energy of the Page of Swords in connection with the general theme of the month, we can see a that she is on the attack.  She is holding the sword in her hand, mind fully engaged, and is ready to defend herself from any potential threat with the swing of her weapon. 

This is a defensive posture that doesn't serve the month's overall reaching goal of uniting what has been separated.  In other words, your thoughts and words can get in the way of creating the union we seek.  The words and throughts can be used to defend a position rather than to seek out understanding.

Here we see that the card is reversed.  Additionally, the card is reversed, adding to the likeliness that our thoughts may not even be clear enough to defend the position appropriately.

Our words and thoughts could get in the way of achieving what we want in our relationships.  Therefore, do your best to avoid impulsivity, reacting defensively to what you are thinking.  It may not be true.  Allow your thought to have time to be carefully examined before you quickly resort to a verbal response.  Examine your perspective and choose your words carefully.  Look for any underlying aggression that could prove to be counterproductive if you allow the words to escape from your lips. Ask yourself if the words you speak will create a climate of harmony or antagonism if you speak them.

8 of Swords Rx RWSSpiritual – 8 of Swords Rx
The reversed 8 of Swords is a very hopeful sign that this month holds the potential for spiritual healing and evolution.

When this card is upright, is relates to feeling trapped, stuck in unpleasant circumstances, feeling victimized by them.  Perhaps you have allowed your spiritual side to become restricted to the extent that you have felt stunted and unable to grow in some manner.  Life circumstances may have had you feeling trapped and the ability to break free from this restrictive situation has alluded you.  More likely than not it is the result of fear or being stuck in victim mentality.

With the reversal of this card, the realization returns that we have dominion over ourselves.  This returns the power back to our hands.  We have the opportunity to take control of our spiritual development.  Hope is restored.

This is a sign this month has the ingredients to enable our spiritual power and development.  We are not victims.  The opportunities and challenges we come across are put here to empower us on our spiritual journey.  We are being given the freedom to explore the parameters of our spiritual path.  It is a straight line.  Are we veering?  How do we stay centered?

It is through the release of negative thinking.  It is through mental strength, recognizing our interconnectedness.  It is through taking control and responding to life rather than reacting to the dramas that present themselves.  It is through believing in ourselves, through making effort.  It is through facing our fears.

Shada McKenzie • the Circle and the Dot Tarot