Where is the Flow? • June 2018 Monthly Tarot Forecast

Shada McKenzie • the Circle and the Dot Tarot

June is a month where we can break a lot of new ground if we are able to notice the areas in our life that are creating movement and which areas of our life need time for pause.  Everything we experience in life has a Divine time to unfold.  Sometimes we can get caught up in what is not moving,  We try to use our will to push past what is perceived as a limitation.  This perception and this tendency to insert our will can be out of step with what Spirit has in store for us. 

Look for what is harmoniously growing and put the attention there.  Likewise, look for what is moving in your life, but is also difficult.  Put your attention there too.  If you see movement in the difficult things, now might just be the time to make a lot of headway, pushing through what has been obstructed, and releasing the blockage.

A river's flow moves not only through the gentle current, but also moves through periods of rapids, making things tricky to navigate.  This does not mean that we are to turn around and try paddling upstream to avoid the difficult passage.  If we continue to move with the flow of the current, whatever it is, we are in step with the Divine WIll that guides us. This force will help us through; there is no need to paddle against the current.  There is also no need to swim to shore and look for an entirely new river to ride.

We have the drive and energy this month to accomplish a great deal if we stay aware of where we need to direct it. 

7 of Wands • RWS • the Circle and the Dot TarotGeneral Theme of the Month – 7 of Wands
The 7 of Wands is the card indicating this forceful energy.  It is the card of a fighter.  He stands up for his beliefs.  He stands up for himself.  He will stand up against great opposition to see to it that he protects what is important to him.

With this energy, we can face and overcome great obstacles.  We can look at the Inferior straight in the eye and courageously overcome it.  It is a feisty forceful movement that can accomplish considerable things, personally and collectively.

But it is important for us to use this energy wisely.  Don't waste this precious force by channeling it to stagnant waters; it'll kill the momentum.  You will be fighting something that is not yet ready to move.  Those waters may need to sit a while waiting for the next high waters to rush through, bringing that area of life renewed energy for growth.

The 7 of Wands can be an aggressive energy that allows one to make it through the tough times.  This is a wonderful thing when we are fighting a big fight.  But it can also be thought of as vitality and can be used to fully enjoy and appreciate what is harmoniously moving in our lives.  We need not take anything for granted when we have this life force moving through ourselves. 

Fully love and appreciate what comes your way.  Give it the brightest fire and most empassioned ambition you can stoke from within yourself.  Don't waste it by directing it towards something that isn't ready to grow.

7 of Pentacles • RWS • the Circle and the Dot TarotPhysical – 7 of Pentacles
The next three cards show us what is and what is not yet ready for your firmness and conviction.  What is ready to manifest and bear fruits is not one of these areas.

The 7 of Pentacles is a card of impatience.  It is about wanting to see results today and feeling disappointed to see that more time is needed before the manifested version of your desires is ready.  In other words, we stand more of a chance to bear intellectual and spiritual fruits than we do actually see the physical manifestations of our efforts. 

What have you been working hard to achieve in your life?  This work is good and noble, but if we refuse to yield, and expect immediate results we are misspending our valuable energetic resources that can be more effectively channeled elsewhere.

Many of us have started a garden over the last couple of months.  We prepared the soil for a seed, planted it, watered, weeded and now we are seeing the seedlings emerge.  Do we expect it to bear fruit June 1st?  If we do, this will only result in frustration because like I said in the introduction, everything has its Divine time to bear fruits.  Expecting to enjoy luscious, ripe tomatoes from your garden today is foolishness. 

Pay attention to what is ready and not ready to manifest in your life.  Don't force a premature harvest.

Your test is to see to it that you will be pateint and allow what is not yet time to harvest to stay on its proper course, neither your interference nor your abandonment.

The Devil Rx • RWS • the Circle and the Dot TarotIntellectual – The Devil Rx
Intellectually speaking, June can be a month where we will find we are riding the flow through an invigorating and challenging stretch of rapids.

Perhaps there is something we have been afraid to face.  Perhaps this fear has lead us to try to paddle against the current in hopes that we can somehow manage to avoid the difficulties that are to be met head-on if we accept the challenge.  This is swimming against the flow.

The Devil is a card of restriction and fear.  It has to do with allowing ourselves to behave in ways that are contrary to our growth and development.  The fear of facing this shadow part of ourselves is so great we come up with expertly disguised methods of avoidance.  We dissassociate.  This is moving against the flow of our lives.

Instead of facing the difficulties that need to be encountered for our own growth and development, we may instead do such things as turn to drugs, alcohol, food, sex, immersing ourselves in other people's dramas.  We may create our own unnecessary dramas as an elaborately disguised attempt at turning our focus away on what we need to address within ourselves.  All this results in is getting stuck in the muck of the muddy backwaters of the river of life.

This month we see the Devil reversed.  The flow of life is helping to give us a push towards the direction of facing what it is we have been avoiding looking at.  This is related to the intellect, therefore, it comes up at a thought pattern, a fear, a memory that brings shame, or perhaps acknowledging and examining the projections we have slung onto others. 

It is a challenging month in this way, but it is also a month with great potential for liberation and the freedom that comes from finally freeing ourselves from our own shackles.  Now is the time to break free from a heavy mental weight we have been carrying.  This is done through the bravery, boldness, and courage the 7 of Wands represents. Face it head on, even if you feel like you could lose. In truth, there is no better time than now to liberate yourself from it. 

3 of Cups • the Circle and the Dot TarotEmotional/Spiritual – 3 of Cups
This month we have not only the opportunity to liberate ourselves from restriction, but we also have the opportunity to experience the richness of emotional and spiritual joys and harmony. The energy represented by the 3 of Cups is here to support and uplift us.

The 3 of Cups is the sustenance and love that comes from our family, community, and friendships.  In this card, we can see, through the toasting of the raised cups, the contents contained within each individual splash into the cups of the others.  It is sharing what brings us peace and well-being with those who are closest to us.  It is experiencing the love of our friends and family.  It is about feeling deeply nourished by these connections.

This is also a month we need to allow these connections to grow, the expansion of the love and joy they bring is greatly facilitated.  Who is important to you?  Who do you wish to have in your inner circle?  Who will stand by your side as you tackle life's challenges?  Who in your life do you have something of yourself you wish to give?  Who in your life needs to know that you are their ally?

If the physical garden in your life is slow growing at this time, the emotional garden is bursting and wanting to thrive with your attention.  Fully give your love.  Allow miraculous breakthroughs to occur with those whom you have been struggling with.  Give your heart fully and open it enough to receive what others wish to share with you.  Be brave.  Be bold.

It might be that the releasing of restriction, as indicated by the reversed Devil, is closely tied into this. How are you allowing the fears an restrictions you have been harboring prevent you from opening your heart to others?  In what why are your insecurities holding you back from a mutually loving exchange?

Spiritually thrive this month by extending your love and goodwill to others.  The 7 of Wands is encouraging you to be bold and fearless.  This is in accordance with the flow and movement of life.


Shada McKenzie • the Circle and the Dot Tarot