Will, Karma and Transformation • June 2016 Monthly Tarot Energy Forecast

Card Layout • the Circle and the Dot


One of the special and unique things about the deck I used for this month, The Primsa Visions Tarot, is that each of the four suits of the Minor Arcana are meant to be laid out in order to create a single, larger panoramic image.  Placed together, they tell the story of the suit.  This means that context is sometimes needed to fully understand the meaning of the cards.  I have placed additional images showing the preceding cards laid out in order below so that the story taking place will become more clear.  

Primsa Vision • The MagicianGeneral Theme of the Month of June – The Magician
I love this card.  The Magician is the card that single-handedly sold me on this deck.  What we see in this image is the silhouette of a figure against the drop cloth of an enormous full moon.  If you look closely, you can see that in his hands is a much smaller figure who is being roughly controlled and tossed around.  Within the silhouette we can see the greater cosmos.  It is as if the Universe resides within him.

When I see this image I am reminded of the Hermetic principle of Correspondence: as above, so below; as below, so above.  It is here to let us know that we have the power and ability to be able to manipulate the forces of nature in order to have an effect on our physical reality.  In a sense, we can think our world into existence by simply creating our desires in our minds first.  We cannot actively create what we do not imagine first.  

However, there is another aspect to this card.  We are creating our reality while at the same time being at the mercy of a “greater” mind than our own.  We are both simultaneously masters of our world and the puppet acting out the reality of the Greater Mind.  We are unwittingly creating a reality much more vast than the minuscule one that we can create with our own vision. We  cannot have full control over the outcome of our lives.  In order to make something beautiful and good we must discover this sweet space where we are working harmoniously with our fate and our will.  

In many ways, our fate is also determined by our actions.  It is our karma.  We can learn something about the origins of our “fate” by looking at how we operate in our lives.  Are you coming from a place of integrity in our actions?  Do you manipulate appearances in order to attempt to gain power over others?  In what ways and for what reasons are you altering your reality?  If we are honest with ourselves, when we are at the mercy of our fate it is many times simply the results of our misaligned actions and irresponsible use of our power.  

June is a month that calls upon us all to consider how much control and influence is necessary to create goodness in our lives.  Where is that sweet spot where we give a part of our will over to fate while also take visionary action in our lives.  It is a month for determining what is we can consciously create for ourselves in our reality and when we need to hand over the control to God and trust.  

Knowing what we can and cannot control is the key to having an inspired month.  It will require us to have adaptability at times, and at other moments it will call upon us to utilize our will and power of intention.  

Primsa Visions • 3 of PentaclesSpiritual Theme – 3 of Pentacles
Spiritually, June could be a month of laying new foundations and witnessing solid growth and potential, especially if we are able to harness the powers of the Magician without falling into its more negative qualities.  This is a month of spiritual creativity in a practical sense.  It is about building a spiritual knowledge base by applying yourself to the task.  

What we see in this image is a mason building the foundations for a temple.  He diligently constructs with the intention that one day he will be able to use it as a place of worship, inspiration and spiritual refuge.  Clearly, the highest standards are aimed for with such a lofty project in mind.  This is an energy of integrity in your work.  It has to do with caring to make sure what efforts you put forth will yield magnificent results.  

It is a very practical card may take form in your life in the following ways:

  • Starting (and sticking with) a meditation practice
  • Deciding to take on an in-depth study spiritual scripture
  • Setting aside time for fasting and prayer
  • Surrendering to our fate and deciding to use it as a tool for growth
  • Seeking out and joining a spiritual group
  • Befriending someone to act as a spiritual teacher or guide


The 3 of Pentacles is demonstrating that practical steps made towards developing yourself spiritually has the chance to pay off.  However, at the same time it is important to question your underlying motives for this.  Make sure your emotionally committed to whatever you might be undertaking.  Status or outside pressures of the family or society is missing the mark, and it is possible the motivations could be coming from too much of a practically-minded place rather than genuine inspiration to build yourself in this manner.  

Pentacles Suit

Primsa Visions Tarot • TemperanceIntellectual Theme – Temperance Rx
Temperance is a card that represents the energy of being able to find a place of calm and balance in the midst of extremes.  It is accomplished through combining, blending or merging disparate elements until  the perfect mix is achieved and they come together in harmony, creating something new and better than the contrary parts could every be on their own.  It is the card of alchemy.  

It took me a while to see that there is actually a figure in the center of these two crashing waves.  At first, I thought the two chalices were hovering mid-air.  If you look closely, hat is happening in this image is that two opposing waves have come crashing together, creating one single wave.  The merging of the two has allowed the figure to raise out of the oceanic depths.  He is able to fill his two chalices with the newly formed wave.

It is a card of transformation, rebirth and healing through reconciling opposite parts within the self.  Allowing them to come together and creating something new and better. It is showing up as the intellectual theme for this month and it is reversed.

Intellectually speaking, there may be conflict for us this month.  Something may be out of balance or in excess in some way or another.  

It could be conflict found within the self – internal conflict.  Perhaps you will make a new discovery that leads to a radically new way of thinking about yourself, others or the world as a whole.  It is something so new and bold that it is unable to fit in with the world view you have already established for yourself.  It is an awakening.  Instead of being able to harmoniously merge the new understanding with your current life, an internal struggle may erupt.  A paradigm shift is needed, but before it does you may feel a sense of agitation and indecisiveness.  You will have to reject certain parts of your current world view in order to make the shift successful, crating a level of struggle until the merging occurs.

Another way this could manifest is in a conflict with another person in your life or society at large.  It could look like open hostility between opposing viewpoints.  It may be a situation where you feel you are against a political platform, a social convention or religious values.  

Whatever it looks like specifically, we can see how the Magician's energy could be misused if there is too much resistance.  Also, keep in mind that many misfortunes often attributed to fate or bad luck are in actuality of our own doing.  

I recently met someone who is a Flat-Earther: she truly believes the world we inhabit is flat.  She insists upon this belief to the extent that she refuses to allow anyone else's logical argument to sway her away from her belief.  She won't even consider an alternative.

Where in your life do you share the same level of rigidness around your current belief system?  Where could you use a little bit of softening to allow room for new ideas to inform your world view?  Such rigidity

Work towards openness.  If something feels too uncomfortable to allow into your mental landscape, sit with it for a while and genuinely consider the opposing viewpoint.  Try to make room for both ways of being to find a place where they can sit comfortably together.  Do this even if you vehemently resist the other way of thinking.  This is how you can transform the conflicting energy.  It is how true healing can occur between what seems to be a lost cause.  It is how to remove chronic levels of stress that may plague you.  It is the way to health, harmony and beauty.

Primsa Visions Tarot • Queen of SwordsEmotional Theme – Queen of Swords
In the realm of the emotions, we have a card that represents a person who lives entirely from her intellect.  For the Queen of Swords there is absolutely no room for the messiness and ambiguity of emotions because her one and only priority is the clear-headed truth.  She is willing to endure many hardships to see that these principles are upheld.  Because of this, she is able to see better than any other card what is truth.  She lives her life from this place.  It is a life of integrity, but it is also a life of loneliness.  

If you take a look at the panorama we can see a scene being depicted where there is a malefic, fearsome, dangerous beast-like bird that intends to destroy all in its path.  We see people who have died at its hands.  We see people bravely but ineffectively standing up to it.  But when we come to the queen we see that she has captured its young child.  She ties its mouth shut so it cannot go on the same rampage as it matures.

In the tarot, birds are representations of our thoughts.   Our thoughts can become overwhelming and take on monstrous proportions.  Only the queen has the power to subdue our thoughts because she is able to utilize the truth.  She is the only one in this scene with the clarity of thought to be able to disarm this ferocious beast.  She does this and is able to do it with a calm, almost nurturing demeanor.  She recognizes the animal's suffering, but her conscious prevents her from taking pity of the malevolent duckling.

In the place of our emotional theme, this is quite an energy devoid of emotion.  Like I said, she values the power of the intellect over emotional understanding.  She uses it for the ultimate good.  But this is not a month of coming from the heart.  

Decisions may be made because they seem like the best thing to do, despite a sense of sorrow and sadness.  It could be a difficult month for relationships, both romantic and close platonic in nature.  The feelings of others take a back seat to logic and reason. Our own feeling make have to take a back seat as well because they are just too fuzzy for this logically-minded queen.  

We may come off as cold and heartless.  We may actually be cold and heartless.  This may be an element of what the reversed Temperance is struggling with in the previous card.  Remember, true intelligence comes from a blending of mind and heart.  There is a higher truth than the truth obtained from the mind.  There is the truth than can occur when our heart-centered values merge with intellectual brilliance.Primsa Visions Tarot • Swords Suit

Primsa Visions Tarot • The TowerPhysical Theme – The Tower Rx
The Tower is a card of abrupt, unexpected and undesired change.  It comes up in our lives when there is a flawed way we have been operating in the world.  We may have built our entire world around this flawed way of being, yet it is highly unstable.  

When this occurs there comes a point when the flawed foundation is too weak for continued growth.  Change is necessary.  However, with the investment we have made in this flawed foundation, we are reluctant to willingly walk away from it to start afresh.  We stupidly ignore the inevitable disaster that brews.

This is another card for this deck that I absolutely love.  The inevitable collapse is brilliantly depicted as a house that has been built on a bluff, too close to the edge.  The oceanic waters have slowly been eroding the foundation underneath.  It is only a matter of time before the house is taken away.

The Tower is showing up for us in the realm of the physical and it is reversed.  This may look a number of ways.  It could be showing that something literally in our lives, such as our physical belongings, our bodies or even our relationships or careers are on the verge of collapse.  Because it is reversed, the Tower could be showing that this impending disaster can still be averted with our attention and willingness to change whatever it is that is creating the weakness.

Again, we go back to the Magician and ask ourselves when and how our vision and decided action can help ourselves.  What is it we have power over?  How can we effectively utilize our power as a force of goodness in our lives?

Another way this could show up for us is that we could see some level of collapse, but because it is reversed it will be a lesser degree.  It may look like a diagnosis of an illness that can be overcome with lifestyle changes.  Perhaps a major repair is needed to the house or the car.  

At this point you could take action, preventing further damage, or you may still continue to ignore the warnings.  You may decide to deny dealing with the discomfort of what you must do in order to fix the problem.  If you do this you can expect down the road a total collapse or an emergency situation.

Lastly, the reversed Tower could signify and end to a disrupting time, especially if you have been facing the issues that have been arising in your life over the last several months.  If you have been taking care of business, this could be the month where the constraints are finally lifted.

The Magician reminds up that we have the power to make the needed changes we need to see in order to feel a new state of equilibrium.  

Shada McKenzie • The Circle and the Dot

Deck:  Primsa Visions Tarot