Wisdom Through Contemplation • December 2018 Monthly Forecast • the Circle and the Dot


As each year winds to a close, we are given the opportunity to slow down and contemplate the nature of our inner reality.  When the light of the Sun is furthest away and the days feel cold, brittle, and short-lived, we can maintain a close contact with this source of illuminated vitality by connecting with the Light within.

This opportunity for contemplation becomes most pronounced at the Winter Solstice point, the time of Saturn.






General Theme of the Month – The Hermit

The Hermit is the card that speaks of this inner illumination.  Burning in his lantern is the externalized Light that always accompanies him in his heart.  It is a tiny spark of the Divine Light.  This is the Light we all carry within ourselves.  It is what animates our fleshy bodies.  It is what orients us to do good.

The Hermit has placed this Light in the lantern in order to study it.  He wishes to understand it.  His close examination of this tiny spark that dwells in the center of his heart enables the development of wisdom.  By studying this Light, he refines himself; his consciousness is raised.

There is something about the Winter Solstice, this turning point of the year when the north axis of the earth is faced outside of the Sun's reach, that we have a greater capacity to understand God.  This time of year, we are furthest away from the Light, yet it strangely has the capacity to be more accessible.

I see this as distance and separation creating a desire to know it.  In the midst of darkness, our ability to see the Light's arrival is more pronounced.  In the darkest part of the year, we are able to recognize the Light because it is viewed from the dark backdrop.  And the closest source of this Light is contained within. 

The Hermit is connected with Saturn.  Saturn rules the sign of Capricorn, the sign that ushers in winter.  Saturn is the furthest visible planet we are able to see with the naked eye.  He is the furthest from the Sun, our center.  He is the outcast.

Yet winter is the season where this Light returns.  Each new day, we are blessed with just a sliver of increased time with this giver of life.  Saturn recognizes these almost imperceivable changes from the distant reaches and patiently waits, reflecting on his true nature. 

Physical – 3 of Vessels
The 3 of Vessels is a card of friendship and togetherness.  As mentioned above, December is always a special time of year where we can pause to contemplate our true nature.  However, before the turning point of the year, we are in Jupiter's sign, Sagittarius.  It has a much different quality than Saturn's sign, Capricorn.  The month of December is always a month of contrast.

While Saturn is the planet that feels the limiting effects of darkness and patiently waits for the return of the Sun's light and warmth, Jupiter has a much more jovial and celebratory nature. 

In December, we also come together with those whom we care for in order to celebrate the pleasure of being alive.  We recognize the abundance that we have in our friendships and families. 

Three is a number of syntheses and the 3 of Vessels stands for the union that we find in community.  There is value recognized in this.  We honor community by celebrating, by rejoicing in togetherness.

It is important that when we make the shift from Jupiter's time to Saturn's time we remember they are both gifts from the Divine, one for us to celebrate in community, the other given to us for contemplation and self-examination.  Being aware that both are sacred will help with the graceful transition from one to the other.


Intellectual – 10 of Coins
Nine is considered a number of completion.  Therefore, ten is a number that suggests one step beyond completion.  The suit of Coins represents the things of the physical world.  It is the world manifest.  What happens in the suit of Coins when we have gone one step beyond the natural completion of the suit?

It is matter devoid of spirit.  In this card, we see a figure with coins embedded in his hair and face.  It is obscuring his true nature.  Money is an obvious representation of something from the material realm that causes us to lose touch with our true spiritual essence.

This figure has two coins even placed over his eyes.  It reminds me of how we close the eyes of a body after the spirit departs.With our eyes closed, we remain ignorant of what is all around us.

Placed in the position of the intellectual theme for the month, we are warned of the temptation to reject the deep spiritual opportunities to connect with those we love, to connect with ourselves and to connect with God. 

This is what December always offers us, the chance to deeply connect with Spirit.  But there is also the lure of over-materializing the timeframe.  While out shopping for presents, remember your presence.

Keep in mind the general theme of the month is that of the Hermit.  Don't deaden yourself to your true nature with mindless activities. 

Spiritual – Ace of Coins
Another beautiful quality about this time of year, this turning point, is it brings with it an energetic shift.  We can let go of the past year, all of its high and low moments, and start fresh. 

The Ace of Coins acknowledges this shift.  All aces in the tarot are representations of new beginnings, new opportunities, new possibilities.  The potential contained within the suit of Coins is that of abundance and prosperity manifest. 

Each year, we are given a new chance to make something of our lives.  We are able to review where we are, where we have come from and what we would like to see blossom before us next.  We are given the chance to see what we can leave behind in the closing year and what we might wish to take with us into the new year ahead.  We are given the opportunity to align our material lives with our spiritual lives.

We see this depicted in coin on the card.  It is the circle and the dot.  From the  timeless, limitless, ideal perfection of the spiritual can be found the pinpoint of creation.  The dot is a seed, a portal that expands into the universe.

In the card, the coin is nestled into a lush and verdant hill.  Our eyes are drawn to the center, the point where possibility unfolds.  Where might we find ourselves if we enter into this space?

Much love to you during this sacred time of year!


Shada McKenzie • the Circle and the Dot Tarot & Astrology