You Have Everything You Need • September 2015 Energy Forecast

Monthly Tarot Energy Forecast, Spetember 2015

Things are changing.  We've all been saying this for a while now, yet nothing really feels dramatically different.  We see events come and go–some of them quite major in scope–yet we continue on, living within the societal structures that have been put into place for us even before we entered this planet. None of us chose this way of being, yet we have all been molded from an early age to fit as seamlessly as possible within it anyway.  It's like taking a piece from a jigsaw puzzle and cutting its edges with scissors until we are able to force the piece to fall in place with the others.  It might fit, but it is not a match.

This is us.  In a similar way we have been carved to fit this structure we inhabit–a structure we didn't chose.  Some of us might live successfully within it.  We may have many happy moments, achievements and dreams for ourselves within it, yet even still we are beginning to recognize it wasn't made for us, rather we were made for it.  

So we wait.  We hear these buzzwords being thrown around like “transformation,” “shift in consciousness” and “collective evolution,” and we hold a sliver of hope in the back of our minds that things might change.  We do this while continuing on with our lives as it is and making only minimal changes within ourselves.  

Unfortunately, this isn't how it works.  We have to be participants in this change.  Instead of holding on tightly to what we have and wait for something to happen outside of us that we can seamlessly step into, WE have to do the dirty work within ourselves.  

You might have been hearing the calls for change for a while now.  Maybe in response you have been making minimal adjustments in your life, but overall you continue on, hoping you won't need to change too much or make too many sacrifices to the lifestyle that you are used to.  But more or less you have been ignoring the call.  The problem with this is that each time the trumpet is sounded the potential for crisis becomes greater.  If we fail to heed the early warning signs the potential for devastation and difficulty only increases.

This tunnel-vision way of operating in life is ridiculous because nearly all of us would like to see something better.  We are simply allowing fear to cause us to continue operating as if everything isn't beginning to crack all around us.  We are afraid of taking the risk.  We are afraid of losing what we have built around us that helps us feel secure and stable in the world.  But in reality, we already have everything we need.  


General Theme of the Month – The Tower

The Tower, original Rider Waite Smith

The Tower is a card of crisis.  It has to do with building on a shaky foundation that is destined to collapse because the early signs have not been tended to.  Because of this purposeful ignorance, as soon as the next crisis hits things come crashing down to their foundations, shocking us out of our complacency.    

The Tower is also a card of cleansing and renewal.  All things superfluous are shaken to the ground and destroyed, leaving us exposed and bare. This can be an amazing time for awakening because we will soon realize that after all our holding on and resisting for fear of losing what we have built, what is left is all we need to create the future we would like to see.  We have everything we need.  The Tower allows us the opportunity to release all of our past attachments.

The Tower is also a card of enlightenment.  Once the obstacles fall away we understand we have always had everything we needed.  Our security was like a prison that prevented us from understanding this.  Once it goes we are shocked out of our complacency, see things as they truly are and are able to start over–fresh.

This month holds many opportunities within it.  There may be some painful truths to be reckoned with but once we allow this individual and collective humbling to occur we will be able to begin the process of transformation.  It will be easier because there is nothing unneeded that is left from the past to hold onto.  

The dominant energy of this month could show up in countless ways.  It could happen on the individual scale as well as the collective.  Despite the discomfort this energy creates it is a blessing.  The calls have been largely ignored and things need to be shaken up and crumbled away in order for us to see the light.  Whatever you see falling away in your life understand that it is meant to fall.

What in your life seems ready to fall away so you may be liberated?  What feels more constricting than useful?  What stops you from experiencing the life you really would like to live? These are the things built upon insecure foundations.  They are the parts of your life that will liberate you when they collapse.  

Is there still time to take steps to avoid the Tower-like collapse?  I don't know.  Make these changes on your own free will and see what happens.  


Physical – 10 of Pentacles

10 of Pentacles, original Rider Waite Smith

The 10 of Pentacles represents a material fullness.  If you take a look at the card you will see that it is rich with imagery.  With the exception of the little patch of sky, the card is entirely filled.  In the Tarot, the suit of Pentacles has to do with the material realm, and tens have to do with near completion.  Therefore, what is being shown here in the 10 of Pentacles is matter at its final degree of development.  It is over-ripe.  The living spirit that animates all things material has disappeared or has been largely forgotten.  The focus is on matter over the animating force contained within.  We are accumulating without appreciating.

This energy needs to transform with a burst of new creative energy.  This is where the Tower comes in.  If you take a look at that card again you will see the lightning bolt striking the tower. It comes in like a flash of inspiration, helping us to clearly see what we have been ignoring in our lives.  

This month we have the chance to see all we should truly be grateful for.  The over-accumulation of abundance has trapped us and created a lazy complacency.  We are ready for the flash of inspiration to get us off of our feet and see the reality as it truly is.  We need this flash to reanimate our lives.




Emotional – The Devil, Reversed

The Reversed Devil, Original Rider Waite Smith

Emotionally, this month holds a huge opportunity for release and growth.  The Devil represents the parts of ourselves we deny, suppress and displace onto others.  It is the aspects of who we are that we we are ashamed to acknowledge.  We shove it into the shadowy depths of our subconscious so we can avoid the work necessary to heal it–the idea of doing so seems just too unbearable. They become our “inner demons.”  When we fail to be consciously aware of these darker aspects of ourselves they have control over our lives.  They secretly rein from the subconscious depths of our being, filling us with despair, shame, jealousy, fear  and doubt.

If you take a look at the card you will see the inverted pentagram placed above the forehead of the beast.  The top point of a pentagram is symbolic of the spiritual.  It is placed on top because it is given a higher level of importance.  It is reversed.  Again, we see a focus on the material at the expense of forgetting the spiritual contained within ourselves and all things around us.

However, this card is showing up for us this month in the reversed position.  We are being given a immense chance here to release ourselves from the negative emotions that are controlling the way we are living our lives.  The lightning bolt that strikes the Tower can illuminate the shadows liberating us from our oppression.  This could be both internal and external oppression.  

What enslaves you?  What will it take to free you from this condition?  What are the fears in your life that you allow to have control over you?  This is a month for conquering those fears through self-awareness and throwing off the restrictions.  Allow the light to come in.


Intellectual – 3 of Pentacles

3 of Pentacles, Original Rider Waite Smith

The 3 of Pentacles is a card of synergy.  It has to do with being able to join forces with others to combine your talents in a way that makes what you have to offer even more effective because it is working harmoniously with the unique gifts other people are bringing to the table.  

If you take a look at the card you will see three figures who are working on the plans for a renovation of the cathedral.  The first figure is the artist who is able to offer his technical abilities and artistic vision.  There is the clergyman who understands the sacred geometries and other religious symbolism that needs to be incorporated into the design.  We also have the town official who is funding the project and makes sure all plans stay within budget.  Without the contribution of all of these aspects the remodel would be unsuccessful.  Only by working together can they make it happen.  

This card shows us this month we can join intellectual forces with others in order to create opportunities for solving the problems we face.  Our world is in a desperate need of a remodel.  It is something we cannot do isolated from each other.  We each have something to contribute.  What each of us input has value.  It is a month with opportunities for sharing ideas, problem solving and crating solutions.  

We need to bring fresh, bold and inspiring thoughts to the table.  And we need to do it together.  We have passed the time we we can continue to expect others to solve our problems for us.  


Spiritual – 6 of Cups, Reversed

Reversed 6 of Cups, Original Rider Waite Smith

The 6 of Cups has to do with reminiscing fondly about the past.  It is about looking back at a time when we were young, innocent and were taken care of by others.  We were shielded from difficulties and had a very naïve and child-like vision of what “reality” entails.

We often look back to this period in our lives as times when things were “simpler.”  We hold it in our hearts with fondness and wish we could go back to the carefree days of the past.  It was a time in which we were able to be blissfully unaware of any problems we were facing.

To see this card showing up in the position of the spiritual in its reversed position is a huge sign that we have to awaken the the realness of our circumstances.  In order for us to continue to evolve we need to mature and rise up to the realities we face.  The Tower is going to fall and it is going to create a permanent ending to the belief we can stay blissfully naïve and longer.  

We need to grow up.  Put the past in the past.  It cannot be recovered.  Live in the moment as it is and face the future.    

Remember, when your personal Tower falls or the collective Tower we all have been upholding collapses, what is left is everything you need to rebuild and succeed successfully.  Don't hold onto what can no longer be (and wasn't even real to begin with).  Come together with others and share what you have to offer. 




Shada McKenzie ☉ The Circle and the Dot