3 Card Reading

3 card reading


The Three Card Tarot spread is useful for any question you may have.  Despite its small size, troves of information can be uncovered for investigation and reflection.  This is still an in-depth reading (750 word minimum), and it is excellent for uncovering the current energies in your life and how they may be affecting your specific issue.

Additionally, the card positions can be customized to fit your specific needs. Here are some examples you may choose from:

• Past, Present, Future
• Mind, Body, Spirit
• Issue, Obstacle, Solution
• Situation, Action, Outcome
• Situation, Challenge, Solution
• Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow
• Strength, Weakness, Advice
• You, Your Relationship, Your Partner
• Stop, Start, Continue

If you have difficulty in deciding which to choose from, just tell me your question and a little background on the issue and I will help you decide.

When ordering, please send me a message with your question and any background information you would like to offer.  The more information you give to me the more I can customize the reading to fit your specific issue. Also include how you would like this spread to be customized. 

The PDF file containing both your reading and images of each of the cards will be delivered to your email address (if provided) and to your inbox within 5 days after your purchase.



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