The soul spreads are designed to help you explore where you are in your spiritual growth and development.  They help you to identify and and access your greater wisdom, and to overcome anything blocking your development so that you may clear the path for transformation.

The Year Ahead Tarot Reading

The Year Ahead Tarot Energy Forecast, the Circle and the Dot

The Year Ahead Tarot energy forecast looks at the general themes you are to be facing in the coming year.  This in depth Tarot reading (2,250 words minimum) dives into the year's principal challenges and opportunities, your hopes and fears, and gives lots of good and solid advice that will help you to move forward on your path with the least amount of impediments so that you can make the most of the 365 days ahead. When ordering, please send me a message with your question and any background information you would like to offer.  The more information you give to me the more I can customize the reading to fit the specifics of your life. The... more


Strengthening Your Relationship Tarot Reading

The Strengthening Your Relationship Tarot Reading is an excellent tool to enable you to reflect on ways in which you can improve your relationship with your significant other – any relationship in your life – making it stronger, healthier and happier.  It is designed to help you make proactive changes that will improve the health of your relationship. This reading is useful not only for those who are facing a crisis in their relationship, but also for relationships that are more stable but are going through some sort of transition or period of stagnation, or for those who cold use new strategies to deepen the bonds of intimacy.   This email... more


Chakra Health Tarot Reading

The Chakra Health Tarot Reading is a seven card spread delving into the current state of each of your chakras.  Through this reading you will gain awareness of each chakra's individual level of wellness, their individual needs for balancing and also how they are all functioning together as a whole. Also included are suggestions for different actions to take to bring back harmony to any areas that may currently be in a state of unbalance.   1. Root Chakra – to be.   Issues of survival, security, power and energy levels.   2. Sacral Chakra – to feel.  Creativity, sexuality and emotional issues.  How you connect with others. 3. Solar Plexus... more


Direction From the Four Elements Tarot Reading

The four elements associated with the Tarot – earth, air, fire and water – are also linked with different aspects of the human experience – doing, thinking, intuiting and feeling. This Tarot spread is designed for you to look at a problem with all of these aspects of yourself in mind so that you may get a larger understanding of your current issue and come to a well considered decision. Each of the elements have both an inherent weakness as well as a way in which we can connect with our higher selves. The Direction From the Elements Reading will give you practical advice on how you can rise above these potential weaknesses and make the best... more