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Astrologer & Tarot Reader


About Me

I understand there is an interconnectedness to the entire universe which manifests through symbols and speaks to us via its unique frequency. I love to walk alongside heartfelt humans who are seeking to live richer and deeper lives by guiding them to tap into this timeless wisdom through the use of tools of divination. 

Life challenges can be met with grace and gratitude for the lessons they provide, and we can use the divinatory systems of tarot and astrology as catalysts for personal and spiritual growth. Working together, we can connect to the deeper meaning and the lessons therein, and I am here to help you see the larger significance of your circumstances with any eye towards deeper self-understanding.
I physically reside in Santa Fe, New Mexico. If you happen to be in this corner of the globe, I'd be happy to meet with you for an in-person consultation. I also offer Zoom, email, and telephone sessions for those living outside of the area.  


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