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"I found both your astrological reading and the tarot reading to be exceellent and comprehensive. They both resonated with what I was feeling/intuiting. I also found that you were truthful yet very empathetic. This was an excellent reading and I will come back for more."

- Chantel


"This was one of the most beautiful readings I have ever recieved. I love your insight and how artistically you share a message. Much love."

- Bridget


"I am so greateful for Shada's support & wisdom. Our convo was so helpful & clarifying. She is an amazing source of fight & a guide through darkness. I will never be able to properly express my gratitude for who she is."

- Helen


"Wow! That's so much insight! I have read your analysis several times and each time it incites new inspoirations adn confidence. With your clear, warm guidance, I now feel more resolute,. Thank you for this amazingly informative analysis! I will definitely come back when new things come up for me."

- Eva


"Shada is equally excellent at doing astrology as she is at tarot. I leanred so much. If you are like "WTF?!?!?!?" these days, I HIGHLY recommend her for both readings."

- Groen


"I feel like I finally received closure and can let go after a long healing period. What Shada described was what I felt but could not accept and confront. "

- Ahn
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